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Scale Your Impact

{SYI} Lesson 1: The New Oracle

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you might desire to drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

There’s a Reason It’s Not Working

I’ll start this off with a warning…

This Incubator Program is not going to make you feel good or tuck you in at night.

It’s also not going to give you a quick fix “tactic” to scale your business into an Oprah-level thought leadership brand in 2.25 weeks.

{If that’s what you’re looking for, you won’t find it here.}

What this program WILL do is 1) offer you a different perspective on your part in the global narrative of social change and 2) light a fire under your gorgeous ass to take radical and inspired action around it.

So you can disrupt the current State of Affairs in a way that completely turns on your soul… and become the intoxicating obsession of your soulmate tribe along the way.

{I’m talking **BEY HIVE fangirl status here, people. Don’t sleep!}

And I’m Going To Tell {And Then SHOW} You The Secret Behind The Curtain Right Up Front

The secret that will completely shift your capacity for your impact, mastery, and freedom.

There’s a significant {and dare I say URGENT} difference in how I create and share my art in front of an audience and the way that most other Creators, Artists, and Thought Leaders share theirs.

And this difference is the reason that I’m able to be orgasmically filled up from my business and mission rather than drained and dried out from it.

Because what happens between you and your art is a direct reflection of what is happening between you and your yoni {yeah, I said it.}

I get to help my clients and audiences do this and I want to see it happen for you as well {which I totally believe it can}.

And, once you see this secret, I’m going to ask you to do something.

I want you to really sit with what you see in this course.

Don’t just read, watch, and listen… endeavor to actually drop it into your body and expand who you ARE.

OK, So Here’s That Secret:

The reason I’m able to create from my overflow is this:

I create from the Oracle Between My Thighs and not the Lizard Brain Between My Ears.

I don’t think about or analyze what I “should” create or talk about on stage… I track my breath and sway my hips and undulate the message THROUGH my body.

Read that again.

In all actuality, I only spend about 5% of my time planning and strategizing my message. The majority of my time is invested in what I’m doing {and who I’m being} BEFORE I even sit down to create or walk on stage.

It’s ridiculously intuitive, isn’t it? When you stop and just breathe it in?

And this means that whenever I walk into a room, I end up…

1) Speaking from my Genius not my wounded inner child

2) Turning my audience ON rather than boring them- and myself- to tears {which would ruin my RELATIONSHIP with my tribe, other artists, organizers, etc}

3) Getting invited to speak on panels and lead primal embodiment practices with globally renowned experts without even being a “household name” {yet}

Seriously. Who even DOES that?

But, I mean… wouldn’t you WANT TO?

Imagine having the ability to attract the exact people on a daily basis who want what you’ve got and who want you to share it with THEIR people…

And you just get to keep showing up in your Genius and creating from the most turned on, primal pleasure you’ve ever known.

You down for that kind of impact, desire, and expression in your life?


Let’s begin.

“If we go for the deeper, the darker, and the less known... we will touch the bones.”


There Is An Idea That If We Fully Commit To Being “Down Here”, We Won’t Be Able To Maintain Our Sacredness

…And that we will lose touch with the Divinity from which we all came.

We tell ourselves that in order to maintain the Ability to See, that we must avoid {at all costs} the experience of Being Human.

{I have a name for this phenomenon and I’ll share it in Lesson 2 of SYI.}

It’s as if, once we touch down too deeply, we will become that thing we have always feared:


Now, I’m sure you’ve heard various segments of people talking about why being normal isn’t so bad and how maybe we should all try to be a bit more like everyone else.

I’m calling B.S.

When did being normal become a badge of honor?

It’s Like Passing Out Medals For “Participation”

Just... No.

Because if you are here to actually grow a global brand of social change, then “normal” is your **kryptonite.

Normal is your Resistance.


And “normal” is also the One Thing that will steal your dream right from underneath your nose {before you even recognize that you’ve been had}.

You Are The Truth

While it might seem as if following the advice of all the Online “Goo-Roos” is the way to elevate your social impact and brand awareness…

I can assure you nothing could be further from the truth.

How do I know?

Because I’ve tried it.

For years actually.

And my clients have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the hacks and systems that promised to grow their email lists, help them become Media Darlings, and have the top “influencers” in their space falling down at their feet in brand envy.

How do you think that ended?

Here’s a training I recorded on Healing the Mother Wound.

It’s a great place to pause in this lesson and reflect on how what we’re being taught has nothing to do with the actual problem at hand.

Let’s continue…

The reason we are required, as Ones Who See, to fully be down here is because we have the ability to light a path for those who cannot.

And the deeper we are willing to go to touch down… the further into the mystery we are willing to fall… the greater our impact in this world and to the people who matter to us most.

I have something to tell you.

And you’re not going to like it.

Because Once You Hear This, You Will Have A Decision To Make

To take the blue or red pill.

AKA to turn back now…

Or to “see just how deep this rabbit hole goes”.

Decisions, decisions…

“Conventional methods of making love kinda bore me...”


This is the Remix

So, I need to share this before we get into the Big Bad {aka the thing that will forever change how you create, lead, and show up for your Genius… aka the Red Pill}.

Don’t worry, I’ll reveal all in Lesson 2 of SYI.

But First…

There is a “normal” way to talk about scaling your brand into a global empire of mass domination.

It actually reminds me of Pinky & The Brain.

You remember that cartoon, right? If not, it was basically a couple of rats {read online goo-roos} trying to “take over the world” every morning, trying new tactics and spins and hacks… but always being thwarted in the end.

You Don’t Want To Be A Rat, Do You?

Well, that’s pretty much what everyone else is preaching, when you really stop and FEEL into it.

Take your brain out of the equation for a minute.

And just settle into how it actually sits in your body to keep doing the same Pinky & The Brain thing over and over {and over} again.

To continuously get the same result.

And to then go out and TEACH this “method” to anyone who will listen {I mean they even give it their own NAME, as if they’ve stumbled up on some golden egg of a solution and aren’t just regurgitating the same thing they learned from their mentor/“goo-roo”}.

But the problem {well, at least the FIRST problem} with this is that once they start spewing the same tired company line across the airwaves… well… nobody wants to keep listening to them.

Because, hold on to your seat here…

They came out the gate with some played out “branding” dogma that everyone has heard before.

And, just like the last time we heard it, we’re bored.

Like we’d rather be shackled-to-a-desk-living-the-9-5-GRIND kind of bored.

Anyways, if you’re anything like me {and my clients/audiences… and even the hand selected mentors I have now}… you just might be interested in taking that red pill… and seeing how conventional “wisdom” is ruining your chances at ever breaking free from the Creative Hamster Wheel of Doom.

I do things differently…

If you are also this type of Rebel Creative Soul…

Let’s Dive Into {SYI} Lesson 2: The Unconventional Mystic

Click Here To Continue...

Here’s to your Untaming,



If you’re wondering why this, why you, and why now…

Look at the current State of Affairs.

Children being ripped from their families… genocide after genocide... systemic racism affecting generations... forced sterilizations... tens of thousands of animal species being wiped out because of a pervasive lack of consciousness for other beings… First People being denied the right to vote {on their own Land}…

Artists were created for a time such as this.

To stand out and fully inhabit our own lives so that we can speak a Truth that raises the vibration of our planet.


Are you with us?