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Scale Your Impact

{SYI} Lesson 4: The Art Of Primal Self Re-Integration™

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you might desire to drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

The Art of Primal Self Re-Integration™

I’ll begin by telling you what PSRI {Primal Self Re-Integration™} is not.

It is not a quick fix to help you reach one million dollars or followers or clients or fans overnight.

…It is not a means to play games in relationships or to see how many men/women you can string along and boost your ego because you’ve wowed them with your sexual awakening and power {nor is it for you to manipulate your current partner into doing what only YOU want in the relationship}.

…And it is NOT something I share with you lightly.

So please use this ONLY if you are a soul-led creative who is 100% committed to doing your own Work first and from there shifting the fabric of our Universe into a higher consciousness for all.

If you are just here to bypass your own responsibility and are looking for yet another “hit” in your addiction to chaos and “squirrel” behavior…

Please Exit This Program Now

Still reading?

Sweetness… I will trust that you are in integrity with your own Knowing and are truly committed to your path and this Work {woot woot!}.

So here’s what PSRI actually is:

A large part of our work together is making the scaling of your impact exquisitely intuitive, erotic, and turned on AF.

And Primal Self Re-Integration™ {the bones of it all} is body-based, deep consciousness re-encoding that works to untame the primordial essence of your Erotic Nature, excavate the Wild Remembrance riding your bones, and liberate the fuck out of the Medicine of your soul… so you can actually do what you came here to do.

Read That Again.

The Problem With Your Mind

When I first started getting up to speak in front of groups, I was in high school.

And it sucked.

By that I mean I sucked.

I was so in my head that the message of whatever I was sharing was completely lost on the audience.

Just for fun {and more CONTEXT, of course}…

It Went A Lil’ Something Like This:

{See if you can relate and if this is anything at all like how you’re STILL sharing your message to this day.}

I was shaking and sweating… and I really just wanted it to be over.

That was my life.

Every single time I had to give a presentation in school.

The teacher would call my name and I’d just sit there for a moment, telling myself I wouldn’t lose it this time.

I Was, Of Course, Lying To Myself

Because I knew I’d lose it.

Just like I did every other time.

And so I’d walk up to the front of the room and my armpits would be soaked with sweat.

My teeth would be chattering and my jaw was shaking so bad that it was hard to get the words out.

But really, the teeth chattering didn’t even matter because my throat was so dry that I couldn’t speak anyways.

And so I’d just stand there, looking at my friends {nope, this wasn’t some torturous room full of evil strangers, just the people I hung out with every freakin’ day}… and just wish I could be somewhere else.

Anywhere else.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour {but was really only like 20 seconds}, I’d start stuttering and croaking my way through whatever stupid thing I had to talk about that day.

And then I’d walk slowly back to my seat and try to hide my pit stains and sweaty palms.

…And I’d pretend that I didn’t have to ever do it again even though, as before, I knew I was just lying to myself.

But One Day…

I realized that when I talked to my body and actually tried to slow down my heart and connect to my breath, I’d forget about my fear…

And I’d remember who the fuck I was.

Because that’s the problem when we’re on stage or writing or recording in the studio… or even just trying to have a difficult conversation with someone we love.

We forget WHO WE ARE because we’re frantically trying to make it through the moment at hand.

…Instead of dropping in and finding a space to breathe and just… feel.

Say it with me:

Our Body Isn’t The Enemy

Even though we’re usually taught that She is at fault for pretty much everything that has happened between “Original Sin” and today.

When in reality, She is our fortress against the storm and the temple that allows us to be a clear and open portal for the Divine.

OK, so back to sharing your message and being in front of an audience…

Picture Them Naked

You’ve heard stuff like that before, right?

This is the kind of useless shit people tell you to do to overcome “stage fright” that never really helps you at all.

Wanna know the REASON it doesn’t work?

It’s this:

The only way to INTOXICATE your audience {and yourself} is to stop thinking your way through and start FEELING your way through.

What I mean, and what I need you to understand, is that most people teach you to lead and create from your mind…

Which is incomplete and, frankly, a bit reckless.

Because You Can’t Find Presence Through Mindset Hacks

…And presence is what you need if you want to own any stage you walk on.

And by “stage” I mean anywhere you are sharing yourself and your Genius… be it the bedroom with your lover, the boardroom with your VCs, or the world-renowned theatre hosting thousands of soulmate peeps you want to intoxicate and serve.

So when you invest tens {or hundreds} of thousands of dollars to understand the latest mindset, morning, or military “tactic” to turn yourself into an unstoppable beast… you’re missing a key ingredient.

One that will allow you to actually INTEGRATE what you’re studying THROUGH your body.

…That missing ingredient {and the answer to the final question in Lesson 3} is this:

Your Primal Pussy Power

This is that power on stage.

The only way I was able to completely shift from a sweaty hot mess on stage to a sensually alive and turned on Goddess was to drop into desire… remember the Ancient Wild as a way of Being… and ground my energy through the most powerful portal I had available…

My Pussy

Now, I know… She’s gotten a bad rap.

The word itself can evoke such shame and discomfort that we want to run and hide from our own body.

As if, just by NAMING the body part between our legs, we have acknowledged and AGREED to a dirty little secret.

One that we are taught to ignore and, at the same time, make available… primed, wet, and ready… for someone else’s pleasure.

Da fuck?

And we wonder why we have trouble creating consistently.

…We wonder why we have trouble owning the fact that we have a divine birthright to our own greatness.

…We Wonder, None Too Gently, If We Ourselves Are Dirty Little Secrets

{Doesn’t that make your soul just… ache?}

And so, when the “goo-roos” of today are teaching us, as women, to do “better” and operate like men, is it any wonder why the fuck we can’t get it “up”?

And by “up”, I mean our voices.

And by “voices”, I mean our Truth.

And by “Truth”… I mean our everything.

Allow me to retort.

This is why I am the Embodied Commitment to this Work… to doing my part to shift the consciousness of who we ARE as Women.

Because that other paradigm of hacks and tactics and checklists?

It is not, and CANNOT, be inclusive to anyone like me.

I am a BIPOC… or even more specifically a BIWOC {that would be Black Indigenous Person of Color and Black Indigenous Woman of Color, respectively}.

If you didn’t know what those were, let’s pause for the cause and let that sink in.

You, as an Artist, Creative, and/or Thought Leader, have a divine responsibility to change the global narrative of inclusivity and love.

…And the old way just can’t do that.

It doesn’t have the CAPACITY to do that.

And so if I were to blindly accept business as usual… if I were to try to get on stage or put words to page… in the way that the industry tells me I “should”…

I Would Be Disrespecting My Soul

And I am not willing to kill my own spirit like that.

And you?

What are you willing to ignore and wait for someone else to “handle”?

And, on the flip side, what are you willing to draw a line in the sand for?

The reason we must learn how to re-encode our consciousness of who we are… to create a massive SHIFT in our own psyche and surrender our old identities of who we once were… is this:

We Cannot Create An Impact That We Are Not Willing To First Live Ourselves

Read that again.

And so if I want {need} little Black and Brown girls to grow up knowing that their bodies are their own and that they have a voice and that their voice MATTERS

If I want them to know and trust that they have a place at the table and are WANTED…

I must first be willing to live Soul Wide Open and SHOW them what I stand for by LIVING it.

And because my Work in this world is so big it actually scares the shit out of me {as it should}, I needed to have the most EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE method of sharing my message and leading my tribe possible.

And when I couldn’t find one…

I created it.

So there you have it.

Primal Self Re-Integration™

Well, the bones of it, anyways.

As you can see, this is the culmination of the decades of my work in the psychological and physical trenches with artists, athletes, executives, celebrities, and financiers.

And there is A LOT OF IT.

But I wanted to help you have the correct CONTEXT before we got into the ACTIONportion of this project.

I go soooo much deeper into bespoke application and ascension of PSRI inside my offerings here, but you can already take what you have learned here and completely transform the way you show up in your body, your art, and your brand.

Alright, alright… that’s enough to tide you over for now.

In the next Lesson, we dive into the five Ancient Goddess Archetypes.

You will interact and muse upon each of the archetypes and their roles in your life, brand, and soul’s work.

And then we will apply them to your art and message… and you will see how to interweave them into your own preeminent platform of social change.

This is a game changer.

Get ready.

This is what you’ve been waiting for…

Let’s Dive Into SYI Lesson 5: The Ancient Goddess Archetypes, Part 1

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Here’s to your Untaming,



Remember, clarity comes when you take aligned + consistent EMBODIED action on what you say you stand for.

Tricksy little Universe, huh?