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{SYI} Lesson 6: The Ancient Goddess Archetypes, Part 2

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you might desire to drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

The 5 Ancient Goddess Archetypes

Below You Will Find The Archetypes In All Their Glory

But, before you dive into them, I have an interactive piece here {in the form of a 12-question “quiz” that will open once you click the button} so that you can uncover your unique Primary and Secondary Ancient Goddess Archetypes.

Once you complete the quiz and total your answers, only then move on to read about the characteristics and how to integrate them into your art and brand.

Remember, no right or wrong here… simply the cultivation of deeper awareness around how you can best serve and intoxicate your tribe {and yourself}.

NOTE: Here’s how you will “score” your answers…

Just keep track of how many a’s, b’s, c’s, etc you have. Open up your notes app on your phone or grab your journal and favorite pen.

Pretty simple. ;)

Once you finish the quiz, hit SUBMIT to see the “value” of each response and which archetype they correspond with… so you can uncover your Primary and Secondary archetypes.

Let’s get it.


𓆃 Take The Quiz 𓆃

{Once you've taken the quiz and recorded your responses, just click the button to come back here and dive into your Archetypes.}

Taken The Quiz?


Let’s dive into the bones of each archetype.

Ancient Goddess Archetype #1: The Crone/Wise Woman

Lineage Bearer, Wisdom Keeper, and Teacher of Truths

She is the One who holds the ancient ways in Her body and speaks our Remembrance into the world.

Seeing: Infinite Possibility and Initiation

Crone brings with Her a deep hunger for understanding the world and Her place in it.

She craves wisdom and the tools with which to embody that wisdom for the highest good of all.

When faced with the dragon {problem}, She seeks a deeper level of understanding rather than transformation.

Crone asks us to drop into a Remembrance of our ancestral lines… to Know and be Known.

When Crone is ascendant, we can enjoy the boon of non-attachment and freedom from needing to be in control.

Crone helps us to cultivate a deeper awareness of what IS and to return to the ancient ways of living in cycle with the Natural World around us.

She shows us that the answers we seek are dependent upon the questions we ask… and the capacity we have developed to discern what those questions need to be in each moment.

Shadow: Callous & Judgmental

When Crone is in Shadow, we often feel cut off from those we want to matter to and, therefore, can become very bitter and resentful towards those we love {in our personal and professional life}.

This feeling of separateness then becomes an open loop, bringing in more and more experiences that reflect back this “aloneness”.

There is doubt and mistrust… and an almost gleeful rush at “proving” others wrong.

And we will do everything we can to avoid moving towards our next level of soul’s work and/or deeper intimacy in our relationships.

When Crone has fallen, we become addicted to our “absolutes”… no one can tell us anything and we believe that we are righteous in our vindication and dogma.

Element: Air

This is the element of possibility and creation energy.

It brings with it a softening of our armor and allows us to breathe in the curiositywe have spent a lifetime shutting out.

Air is the elixir that can move in the Between Spaces.

It can not only bring change but help us to ride the waves of that change with reverence, beauty, and grace.

Air shows us how to embrace what it is… while at the same time welcoming what will be.

Because Air helps us see that change is simply change. It is neither good nor bad… those are the labels we place upon it because of our attachment to what “was”.

And with this insight, we are able to Walk Softly Upon the Earth, recycling and renewing along the way.

Energy: Solar, Yang

This is the energy that allows us to move forward, take action, and connect with the world {and people} around us.

Direction: East

This is the way of the sunrise, new beginnings, and a light for our path that allow us to honor the connection to Great Spirit within ourselves.

Brand Stand: AKA Your Living Legacy

How will you incorporate this wisdom and consciousness into the way you create and lead?

What are three insights you can invoke to support this?

Torch Bearers: Maya Angelou, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Oprah


Crone shows us that we must first have a lived experience of the Truth beyond our perceived external reality.

With this wisdom, She helps us move forward with our Genius, helps us to release our addiction to perfectionism and procrastination… and shows us that the path to what we seek has always been within.

Ancient Goddess Archetype #2: The Mystic/Medicine Woman

Edge Walker, Dream Weaver, and Veil Piercer

She is the One who calls down heaven to earth and speaks our world into existence.

Seeing: Observer Consciousness

Mystic holds the power to transmute Herself and the world around Her from one state of consciousness to another.

She bears witness to both sides of the veil, having spent much time with each.

Mystic faces down the dragon with the Medicine of Her soul, alchemizing and shifting what was into what needs to be.

Our greatest desire when we are attuned to the Mystic is a deep, reverent relationship with the Divine… and to allow that elixir to help us become the change we wish to see in the world.

Mystic strives to make the unconscious conscious, to cultivate such a deep intrinsic sensitivity to the veil that we are able to become almost translucent… to shed the barriers that imprison us in our own false identities and keep the unconscious as “separate” from the body.

And this then serves to amplify our portal into the Spirit World.

When Mystic is activated, we are deeply attuned with our intuitive Knowing and able to See between realities in order to transform the fabric of our Universe.

Shadow: Aloof & Ungrounded

When Mystic falls into Shadow, She becomes the Manipulator and, as such, must be careful not to descend into the realm of narcissism and negative magic.

Because Mystic is so connected to all realities, She has a tremendous amount of power to wield when She chooses to influence others.

When Shadow reigns, that influence is often for the good of the Ego and not the Soul.

It does not serve the Collective and pulls us further away from the people and opportunities that would assist us in moving back to Truth.

Mystic will then fall into turmoil because Her Truth is so opposed to hurting the Cosmic Consciousness.

And from this turmoil, Mystic will fall further away from Her path if She refuses to use Her powers to See Truth and instead focuses on encoded, destructive patterning.

Element: Aether

Aether holds the pregnant pause, the stillness that shows us who we are… and who we are not.

This element bridges time and space… and everything in between.

It is our guide into the Underworld of our psycheand lantern for our Walk Home.

The vibrational frequency of the Universe resounds in Aether… and in our capacity to sit with the Ether.

Notice any emotions that are carrying a charge in your body… use your connection to the stillness before and after all things to drop you into a Deep Knowing of Who You Are.

From there, release attachment to the “form” of the emotion or situation and instead, come back to the liquid, cosmic darkness.

Empty yourself of the need to control and figure things out and trust that Aether will show you the way through.

Energy: All and None

The Mystic walks the Between Spaces as a way of life. There is solar and lunar… and also neither.

This is the energy of Conscious Presence and the shape of the void.

Direction: Center

The Center brings you into communion with God/Divine and a deep intimacy between your soul and all souls.

When we are called to the Center of All Things, we must drop off the luggage we have been carrying.

We must empty out and surrender to what we find in the Center… and to that which we do not find.

This is walking in your luminous Light Body and dreaming a New World into Being.

Brand Stand: AKA Your Living Legacy

How will you interweave the Known and the Mystery into how you show up in your life and brand?

What are three rituals you can practice each day to support this?

Torch Bearers: Marcela Lobos, Anita Sanchez, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Arwen {The Lord of the Rings}


Mystic has the Power of Naming… She is able to release {and catalyze} our old identities and make way for that which now serves the Collective.

Name your Truth and imbue it daily with the magic of the Beyond.

Cleanse your Temple steps {physical body} to fully awaken the healer that is Mystic.

Ancient Goddess Archetype #3: The Wildress/Wild Woman

Moon Stalker, Rage Bringer, and Woman Untamer

She is the One who catalyzes Truth through the rebirth and reclamation of the Ancient Feminine.

Seeing: Flow State of Death & Rebirth, Passion, Visionary Transformation

Wildress shows us the True level of our own domestication.

She unravels the layers of mores and obligation that are suffocating our pleasure and midwifes us into a Remembrance of who the fuck we ARE.

She strips us of shackles and undulates Her hips into the Deep Magic that resides in our most sacred vessel… The Oracle That Lies Between Our Thighs.

Wildress defeats the dragon by stalking it into submission.

When Wildress is leading the way, we will burn, we will hunger, and we will be set free.

The Old Ways will come to the forefront once again, piercing the modern armor of society and showing us how to Walk as Woman.

Wildress requires, nay DEMANDS, our surrender.

And once we give even the tiniest whisper of “yes”, we will be stripped bare for the world to see… and we will like it.

Once Wildress is in the driver’s seat, we understand that there is pleasure in the death and the rebirth… and all the places we touch along the way.

This is where we find a reclamation of our most Instinctual Nature… where we recognize the Lost Child, the Wounded Child, and the Scared Child… and offer them our healing and promise of protection.

We then integrate our fragmented pieces through our most Primal Self… awakening The One Who Sings Over the Bones… and the one who knows Her way home.

Shadow: Unconscious Destruction & Chaos

Destruction is seductive and when Wildress falls, we begin to court that destruction above all else… We tear down without remembering we must also construct.

It is in this place that we feel the hollowness of a life without music, without vibration.

A life that only serves to ruin and fragment us even more.

We become the Pain Bringer, so distraught in our fall that we begin to revel in the destruction of anything we can get our hands on…

And then we dance on the grave of that which we have courted into the Oblivion.

When Wildress is in Shadow, we forget that we are Divine… we forget that we are the Deep Magic… we forget that we are anything more than the pain.

And if we descend for too long, we forget that we were ever anything other than Ruin.

Element: Fire

Wildress and Fire drop us into the Deep Psyche, the Stillness and Knowing, the Wild and the Sorrow… the Stories and the Hunger.

Fire ignites a passion in our bones… and sucks the marrow dry of anything that stands in the way of our freedom.

When this element comes to play, we are able to stand in the power of our Vision and soul’s path.

We can See what was once buried in the muck and make the conscious choice to set ourselves free.

Fire dances in the crown of our hearts… it shows us what needs to be purged for our Highest Good and reveals to us the True Nature of Who We Say That We Are.

We can dance with fire or we can die in the flames… either is welcome.

But we must learn to channel the passion and catharsis or we will not rise from the ashes of who we once were… we will simply remain a charred corpse in the embers.

When we learn how to play with- and focus- this element, we are rewarded with the capacity to make manifest that which we most hunger for in the depths of our Soul.

Energy: Solar, Yang

This is the energy that allows us to move forward, take action, and connect with the world {and people} around us.

Direction: South

The portal for our souls to “touch down” and come to earth.

When we face South, we are asked to Wildcraft a True Reckoning of who we have been

To witness ourselves with clear sight and presence and to allow the trappings of the external to purge from our Being.

Move deeper into the flame you hold inside and ask what it would have of you in this moment.

Brand Stand: AKA Your Living Legacy

How will you anoint your body and mind with this passion?

What are three old beliefs you can burn to set yourself free?

Torch Bearers: FKA twigs, Sevdaliza, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Queen Hatshepsut, Luzclara


Bring the fertile powers of the Ancient Feminine into how you create, love, and lead.

Allow the power of your freedom to burn away all residue of your taming… and howl your Name to the Moon once more.

Ancient Goddess Archetype #4: The Muse/Erotic Woman

Lover, Sensualist, and Creatrix

She is the One who incubates story and love through the temple of Her womb’s blood.

Seeing: Intuitive, Psychic Awakening, Inspiration

Muse drops us into an awakening of the senses, a playful and experiential longing for satiation and delight.

Muse shows us what it means to truly be ALIVE… She calls to the sense of belonging and Creation that lives within us all.

She sees the dragon and playfully creates a new way of reaching Her desire.

When Muse is lighting the path, we are able to nurture and fulfill our own needswithout waiting for anyone else to do it for us.

We are connected to a powerful and visceral trust in the choices we make and the desires we hold in our bodies.

Muse is about the Soul, a sacred way of Walking the edge between artistry, activism, and solitude.

When we touch Muse, we are touching the Blood that wends its way through our Truth, the Blood that washes away our false identities and clears the path for a passionate and erotic connection to the Work we are here to do.

Muse opens us to the most potent vulnerability and intimacy with ourselves, our soul’s medicine, and the people who matter to us most.

She weaves Her way through our unmet childhood needs, applying the salve for our healing along the way.

When Muse ascends, we are able to step into a sensual exploration of life, love, leadership, and Soul.

Shadow: Shapeshifter, Loss of Boundaries

When Muse drops into Shadow, our creative force turns cold and we begin to fragment our pleasure from our art and purpose.

We blame the loss of sexual appetite and creative passion on the external circumstances we have unconsciously called in… and cannot see the difference between Soul and Ego.

When Muse falls, we will do anything to avoid real commitment, instead we throw ourselves into work in a way that drains our energy and seek love partners who we Know hold no “real” danger to our heart.

We begin to shapeshift into a loss of Soul Identity, amalgamating into a hybrid of our Ego and the people who surround us.

When Muse has fallen, we cannot touch down on earth… we cannot experience the totality of life or our own Truth.

And if we allow Muse to remain in Shadow, we deny our Calling and instead become content to walk a Shadow Path... sometimes for the rest of our days.

Element: Water

The cooling elixir of Water reminds us to soften into our desires, rather than trying to force them into existence.

Water brings with it a memory… of a memory… of how to float in the silence and heal the psychic wounds of our heart.

Remember, water is life… and womb’s Blood flows at the watery edge of Sand and Soul.

…And from this we understand how to touch down into a body who Knows and feels and bleeds and Remembers and loves through it all.

Water provides us with the Sacred Chalice that will hold our deepest sensitivities and alchemize the tendrils of dreams asking to be birthed through us now.

This is the element of Imagination and mythos… the space for us to dive into the depths as we salt away anything that has not yet fully been healed on the psychic and Soul level.

Energy: Lunar, Yin

This is the energy that allows us to drop in, listen to our own Essence, and connect with the world inside of us.

Direction: West

Here we find grace in the endings as well as the beginnings.

The veil becomes thin, heightening our power to Hear the Divine within us.

Allow the calming tranquility of this Direction to imbue you with a calm resiliency for all that is, was, and shall be.

Brand Stand: AKA Your Living Legacy

How will you bleed your soul onto the world?

What are three ceremonies you can practice every week to consciously move this through your body and brand?

Torch Bearers: Alicia Keys, Nayyirah Waheed, Rupi Kaur, Esther Perel, Anaïs Nin, Ava DuVernay


We must become smitten with who we are and what we are creating in the world.

Muse gifts us with the fully awakened pleasure and Orgasmic Reality we need to cultivate an ecology of thriving and freedom.

Allow yourself to experience each day with an embodied devotion to your own sensual and visceral connection to your body, your breath, your art… and the world around you.

Ancient Goddess Archetype #5: The Warrior/Sovereign Woman

Battle Walker, Change Bringer, and Freedom Activator

She is the One who leads from the front and wields the Flame of the Ancestors.

Seeing: Aligned Action, Activism, & Leadership

Warrior is the Queen of Her Domain… and Her domain is whatever and wherever She says it is.

She seeks to escape the prison of others’ expectations and demands by whatever means necessary.

Warrior will not- CANNOT- submit to anything less than victory… and She knows how to not only win the battle but also strategically win the war.

When Warrior has Her way, She will slay the fuck out of any dragon She meetsand dare it show its face in Her presence again.

Warrior allows us to actualize our dreams and to actually shift the fabric of our world with the Medicine of our Souls.

She has drawn a line in the sand for what matters most and She will do everything in Her power to follow through on Her mission.

When Warrior has ascended, we are free from the imprisonment of society, ancestral baggage, and mores that shackle the majority of the world…

And from our own freedom, we are able to break the chains of those around us.

Shadow: Stagnation, Lethargy

When Warrior falls, She begins to rail against everyone and everything, even when She has no cause to fight.

And once She has exhausted Her supply, She succumbs to the stagnation of one who can no longer discern between the battle in front of Her and the IDEALISTIC GLORY of simply being in battle.

The only options appear to be to “run, fight, or be destroyed”… and because She is so exhausted  at this point, She cannot remember any other way.

When Warrior falls, She can become ruthless and tyrannical… obsessed with winning at all costs.

And, at this point, even friends become foe and the Warrior is truly alone.

Element: Earth

Earth asks us to shed and die… to release what no longer serves so that we may actualize into what does.

Release it all the soil, the mountains, the jungles, the sand… and be willing to step into the next evolution of your Soul’s Truth.

Earth IS the global narrative… She reflects back to us the state of our own consciousness, how we treat others, the Land, and ourselves.

Allow your old Self to be laid to rest and rise from the muck as the Primordial Selfyou came here to Be.

Slow down, feel more, and root into your foundational Essence once again.

Energy: Lunar, Yin

This is the energy that allows us to drop in, listen to our own Essence, and connect with the world inside of us.

Direction: North

North brings us down into the protection of our Truth, our Land, and our many Peoples.

It gifts us with the cleansing and strength to withstand all challenges with grit and grace.

North asks us to cultivate an inner ecology of wholeness and tribal remembrance.

This Direction reminds us that we are not alone, nor have we ever been.

We are a part of the Whole and each step we walk plucks the web of all that is.

North gives us the fortitude to take the sacred actions necessary for the Great Task at Hand:

Affirming our own innate {Re}Sourcefulness so deeply that we activate those around us and live in flow with the Natural World.

Brand Stand: AKA Your Living Legacy

How can you cultivate win/win situations in your relationships, brand, and life?

What are three strategies you can execute on each week to create the structure and systems you need to support this?

Torch Bearers: Michelle Obama, Audre Lorde, Wilma Mankiller, Harriet Tubman, Nina Simone, Gloria Steinem, Serena Williams


The world needs you now… just look around at the Current State of Affairs.

In your country… in your culture… in your own backyard.

You are here for a time such as this… to use your power and voice for those who cannot yet use their own.

Ask yourself the deep questions, own your shit… and get to work, Wild One.

And there you have it.

I hope you can see how IMPERATIVE it is for you to integrate your own Nature into how you are scaling social change.

When we understand how to apply these archetypes with discernment and experience, we unlock the depths of our power, significance, mastery, and freedom

And we cultivate the most exquisite presence…

In the stories we tell… the love that we make… and the difference we are here to catalyze in the world.

Well, now that you’ve taken a full-on dive down the rabbit hole, I’ve only got one thing left to share with you…

Let’s Get Into The SYI Finale: It Opens At The Close.

Click To Continue...

Here’s to your Untaming.



So, I simply must know…

What Are Your Primary And Secondary Ancient Goddess Archetypes?