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Come Thru Drippin'


The Sessions

Day #3- An Evocation At The Edge

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you can hit the "x" in the upper right corner to return here and drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

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Session Notes

No notes today!

Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts

➤ What if there was no difference between that which you know inside and that which you are seeing/experiencing in your physical reality?

Notice {and write out} what comes up for you and then ask:

➤ What else might be true?

➤ What else do you want to be true?

➤ And, what do you now decide gets to be true for you?


➤ Who are you when you have laid down your arms and there is nothing else to do… no battle to fight… no war to be won?

➤ What might happen if you were to walk through the world as a completely free you?

➤ Who and what do you fear in that much freedom?

➤ If there was nothing and no one to fear, then what does life become for you, starting now?