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Sexual Alchemy & Excavation

Session 2- De-Armoring Desire

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you can hit the "x" in the upper right corner to return here and drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

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Session Notes

No notes today!

Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts

☞ What were you taught to believe about desire?

☞ What did you encode "desire" to mean? About you? about your partners? About your gender/sex/intersex/color/race/family line/etc?

☞ What false identity did you adopt as being your own truth?

☞ How is that Adopted Identity continuing to control your sexual expression, desires, pleasure, wealth, creativity, success, etc? {Break them ALL down}

☞ What aspects of your own love language have you disowned and/or denied?

☞ What do you have on your love language?

☞ What do you have on your partner's love language {or previous partners if you're single}?

☞ What armor is standing between you and how you truly desire to be met in sex, intimacy, and love?

☞ How is this inhibiting your expression in your art, mission, partnership, body, voice, etc {break them ALL down}?

☞ What judgments do you still hold around pleasure and desire, that might not even be yours {ancestral, familial, cultural, societal, etc... break them ALL down}?

☞ If you fully believed and trusted in your capacity to HAVE all of your deepest sexual and intimacy desires... what would your life, art, relationships, health, impact/mission, spirituality, and expression look like RIGHT NOW? {Again, break them ALL down} What would your daily actions look like? Who would you be BEING?