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Idea To Done


Day 1

Day 1- {Re}Pussifying The Project & The Process {Accelerator #3}

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you can hit the "x" in the upper right corner to return here and drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

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Session Notes

Why the fuck would you sit down to the magic if you think the creative process OF the magic has to be this dried up and boring AF way of business and art? Here we go beyond the concepts of artistic “blocks” and get into the nitty gritty of the real.

Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts

Build the stage:

➤ Decide on the idea

➤ Choose your most turned on media(s) and medium(s)

➤ Create your sales page

➤ Set up your money pathway (how they’ll pay you)

Set the stage:

➤ Tell the peoples (seed/foreplay)

➤ Show the peoples (seed/foreplay)

Own the stage:

➤ Invite the peoples (sell)

➤ Dessert (follow up)