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Week 2

Day 13- Collapsing What It Was Into What It Now Gets To Be

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you can hit the "x" in the upper right corner to return here and drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

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Session Notes

Ok, this is a deep day of Writing Into Reality. 🖋

This will probably be about an hour or so of writing and reality creation, but if you need/desire to do this in a few different rounds, please feel free. Cuz this is what YOU say it gets to be for you, right?! 🥳

So… I invite you to move your body a bit and let yourself drop in… connect with the breath… put on some music (maybe our #SelfishAF playlist or a chill one like this playlist from DJ Taz Rashid… burn some incense… light some candles… get a yummy decotion or tea… grab a blanket or pillows… and simply choose that this gets to be a sacred excavation and return to yourself as Creator, as Truth, as the sovereign ruler of your throne, dominion, and world(s). 🐆🪩👑

I've included a surprise bonus breathwork session for you, Decolonizing Breathwork {Freedom} + Body-Based Inquiry 😱🤩, in case you’d like a portal through which to drop into today’s writing practice {you can find this under your Bonuses module}.

Remember, this is you cultivating a bespoke world and reality of your desires, of what you say it all gets to be {and now IS} for you.

No more needing to wait, no more telling yourself it can’t be now or yet.

You say how, you say when {Pretty Woman style}.

Open to the beyond. Decide that the desire gets to be yours and that it now is yours. Open your thighs, surrender, and free fall into soul. Dissolving gap medicine if any arises {thoughts, beliefs, identity, actions}. Hold the damn line {and/or allow it to be simply held, depending on where you’d like to play with consciousness that day}. Know it’s yours. COMMAND that it’s yours. Choose it again {and again}. Stay in devotional ecstasy to that which you say and know that you are {practice and praxis}.

If it’s feeling complicated or like you have to figure out the steps, recognize that you’ve gone back to thoughts, beliefs, trauma body, resistance, etc… and just say ie: “Oh, look at that! Ha! Ok, back to soul please and thank you.". And just intend and decide that you are being shown and that you are seeing from soul, from quantum sight… Get up and walk away, move, go read, make love, etc if it feels like you are just really sticky and in the attachment to the how and the over complication. And then come back to the practice.

Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts

Ok, here we go!!!

I invite you to begin by writing out the following opening “It now gets to be that…”.

You will write out your reality with things that you now claim as simply being yours in the instantaneous now. Regardless of what WAS. This is what you decide it now IS.

And if you feel like you “can’t” write out at least like 20, 30, 50 of these… drop back in and LET yourself let it ALL through!!!


It now gets to be that…

…I am who I say I am

…I experience $50k/week EVERY week in automated income from soul REGARDLESS of how I’m feeling that week

…I have mind-blowing sex twice a day with my partner

…My partner(s) fucking ADORE me and worship me and worship my pussy/oracle/body/breasts/taste/scent/lips

…My business feels and IS effortless and flow

…I am fully turned on and orgasmically alive

…I have perfect health on all layers and levels

…My friendships are deep/profound/fun/loving and we all feel fully met/felt/seen

…Media opportunities come to me every month and are so much fucking fun

…My conversations with family are peaceful and easeful

…I know exactly what to say and when to say it

…I trust and know that what I feel inside of me is real and right and true

…My message is dropped in and intoxicating AF

…My soulmate AF peeps opt into my list organically every day/message me to work with me like whoa/sign themselves up into everything I offer/come to all of my events/etc

…I have a smokin’ hot body and ass that just won’t quit

…I sleep deeply and soundly for 7-8 hours every night

…I am an international bestselling author in multiple genres

…My plays/gallery openings/retreats/tours/workshops are all sold out months in advance


Aaaannnnndddd let’s begin!!! 🔮

🪶 Part I:

It now gets to be that…

{Write them all out!!!}

🪶 Part II:

And then moving into…

➤ Where do you not believe, trust, and know that this reality is FOR you right damn now?

➤ Why would you need to wait?

➤ Why would it have to take more time/energy/effort/skill/understanding?

➤ What do you still think it’s going to take from you or require of you, that you’re not willing to “give”?

➤ What else might be true?

➤ And then… what do you now DECIDE is true?

➤ What inspiration or motivation do you believe you need in order to fully back this and hold the line on what you say it now is?

➤ And if you distill that down… what is the pure, raw energetic state of this desiring?

➤ How can you live into that state right now?

➤ How can you choose to remember and embody that state throughout your day? {This does not mean you must be in your desired state nonstop, all day. This is simply a conscious choosing and activation of the embodiment of the state for however long, throughout your day.}

➤ Where have you been trying to solve for “X”? {with “X” being whatever encoding you have told yourself or been told needs to be figured out and needs to come before your desires and you being all of you}

➤ What would you now choose to live into if you decided that “X” simply got to get fucked?

➤ Where have you been trying to relive your perceived “glory days”?

➤ What would you be living into right now, if the past had no bearing on your success, desires, abilities, and “outcomes”?

➤ If you had never been told what was possible for you, what would you now say that it all gets to be for you in the instantaneous now?

➤ And from that place stating: what I now decide to take action on/live into today is… (publish, ship, alchemize, speak into form, write, message, etc)

➤ How will you support yourself in staying in this communion with soul each day?

🪶 Part III:

Continue choosing and embodying your desired energetic state each day. And after 5 days of embodying your desired state throughout your day…

➤ What do you notice?

➤ What’s shifted or you?

➤ What new doubts have (potentially) made themselves known?

➤ What did you THINK you needed to shift/change in your life or yourself before you dropped into this energetic state of your desires?

➤ And now that you’re embodying the state of your desires, what are you being shown lies BENEATH those thoughts and beliefs?