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The Birthday Bundle


Teachings & Transmissions

Session #1- Actualizing The Aetheric Womb

An Invitation For Deepening...

Once you complete your session, you can hit the "x" in the upper right corner to return here and drop in with the Audio Visualizers as you journal and integrate your session. You might desire to copy/paste any Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts {into ie: Notion} or handwrite them out in your journal.

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Session Notes

No notes today!

Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts

➸  What little, seemingly insignificant things does your soul enjoy playing with… around your messaging, art, and business... that you already notice but don’t allow yourself to fully embrace and unleash?

➸  Where have you been telling yourself that if xyz was in place, THEN you would be having the deep conversations with your audience, speaking to your true message, etc?

➸  What is the Ferris wheel you’ve been riding? And what would happen if you just got off {create the six sensory reality and notice what arises}?

➸  Where are you getting stuck in the density spiral? And what would happen if you allowed yourself to surrender into every aspect and level of the spiral {create the six sensory reality and notice what arises}?

➸  What else might be true?