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Breathe. Move. Create.™

Because the muse shows up when the body becomes fertile ground.


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Hay House HEAL Summit |


The Rebel Millionaire with Katrina Ruth |

Self Love & Self Care Symposium

"Nikka is one of the most embodied and deeply wise teachers of this work I have come across... The first time I heard her speak, I knew in my bones she was meant to reach a global audience."

-Layla Martin, Founder of VITA™ Institute

This is Erotic Abolitionism™ & {Re}Wilding as Medicine.

For the Soul Refugees who can no longer deny the instinctual and erotic remembrance that {relentlessly} howls their name in the night.

We Are The Wild Ones.

The Mystics, Mavericks, & Medicine Womxn who howl at the moon…

And we are the Ones we have been waiting for {thank you Alice Walker}.

There has been an unrest… a disturbance in the force, if you will.

And this unrest is calling forth the Creators who are no longer willing to offer up art that is anything less than the raw, Wild Magic of our souls.

The Multidimensional Messengers who know that the liberation of one means absolutely NOTHING without the liberation of ALL.

There is a gnawing… an aching in our marrow… that is demanding a return of Body-Based Storytelling and Primal Power, like that of the Ones Who Walked Before…

And it requires us to excavate the most potent + erotic embodiment of our untamed, primordial Self that we have ever allowed ourselves to remember.

We are rebirthing a new breed of revolutionary artists and messengers.

A breed who walks between Heaven & Earth… A breed who calls down Cosmic Sexual Energy into everything we touch… A breed who is 100% committed to doing the deep work of abolitionism, activation, and antiracism right along with our own liberation and remembrance…

As we alchemize the fuck out of every drop of nectar that rebirths from the Oracle That Lies Between Our Thighs.

This is a {re}wilding of womxnhood… and a call to arms.

For the Ones Who Once Were Wild… and Will be Again.

Take the red pill & let’s see just how deep this rabbit hole goes…

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This is Musings From The Wild.

A multidimensional writing experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become.


You + Me

Your Body Holds The Stories Of Your Soul... I Help You Tell Them.


Rawer. Wilder. Deeper.

If Narnia, Quantum Pussy Magic, and the underworld of your soul decided to get down with the get down…

This would be that Erotic + Orgasmic Playground.

Straight {Re}Wilding.

No chaser.

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