Provocateur Of The Primal & The Wilds

Medicine Walker | Erotic Muse | Moon Stalker | Storyteller | Sexual Energy Alchemist | Body Poet | Ceremonial Activist | Abolitionist

I stay all in on all of me… And I help you do the same.

This is {Re}Wilding as Medicine.

Let’s get it.

What's up, Wild One! I’m honored AF to have you here with me.

This is where I might be expected to describe “what I do”. But, really, I do whatever I'm called to do on any given day, by God, art, pussy, and soul.

And whenever I happen to “forget”, I excavate and unleash #allthethings and drop right back into the instinctual and unapologetic Knowing of exactly who I am… and exactly what I came here to do about it.

AKA: I remember who the fuck I Am, as I stay all in on all of me and access, create, and play at levels of soul that most don’t even think possible without destroying their entire lives or blowing out their nervous systems.

Which is also, by chance, something I am damn good at helping you do as well.

Awwww shiiiiitttt… Well, would you looky there? I told you something I “do”. 😏

I am… an eropoetic, shapeshifting amalgamation, of sorts.

A bit of the Wilds, a bit of the Muse, a bit of the Medicine… a bit of who knows what else…

All alchemized into a primordial cauldron of creativity, ramblings, and soul.

So. There you have it.

Or not.

Either way, read this page and click some thangs to head down the rabbit hole of your own Refugee Soul.

Some deets...

I’ve spent the last two + decades using sports psychology, movement, breathwork, sexual energy medicine, storytelling, and creative expression to guide powerhouse athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives into the reclamation of the Sovereign Wilds within their own bodies.

And one thing I know today is this: We alone hold the keys to our freedom… and when we shake off the shackles around the immutable mystery we hold inside, we unlock our creativity and unleash our capacity for impact in the world.

I lead {re}wilding quests, ceremonies, and intensives {both online and in other potent “between spaces”} for Creators, Messengers, and Wisdom Keepers who have received the Call to further initiate their own innate power and expression.

You can find me living and creating at the crossroads of Erotic Abolitionism™, archetypal storytelling, sensual body movement, systemic racialized and sexualized trauma healing, multidimensional creation, decolonized energetics, and elemental remembrance.

I am a student of perennial creativity, indigenous wisdom, and the primal untaming of our own lives… and I am obsessed with how we can interweave our belonging, sexual energy, and art to activate the liberation and change we are here to midwife into the world.

Ah. One more thing, and this is important:

Antiracists and co-conspirators of the revolution at hand, only.

AKA: you do not get to benefit from my Black Magic if you do not also care about {and commit to} doing the work to create a world in which my Black Body and all melanated bodies are safe to thrive… and breathe.

The Muse. The Magic. The Medicine.

You’re afraid to go all in.

Not because you think it’s impossible but, rather, because you’re afraid that when you finally DO, there will be no turning back.

And holy fuck, Batman…

How will you keep delivering at higher and higher levels?

How will you continue delivering on what you’ve promised the world?… And on what you’ve promised your own SOUL?

But there’s a part of you that wants it all… and damn sure KNOWS you are not here for ANYTHING less than your limitless, erotic, primordial EVERYTHING.

And you want to be ready, really, you do.

But, but… the fears and the doubts and the disowned pieces of your psyche that are rearing their fucking heads in the middle of orgasm and creativity and leadership…

And the self-inflicted PURGATORY to which you’ve banished your freedom.

What about those!!!

Well, if you leaned in real close, and you scented the Wilds on your own damn skin, you would know this:

There's a part of you who is screaming “fuck the bullshit!!!” and is 100% ready to just.stop.TRYING. so damn hard to be free and to {finally} ALLOW it to simply be your daily experience of who you ARE.

Like right damn now.

So, this is the space where you and that forgotten part of yourself meet once again.

And this is where you howl a primordial YES to the heavens…

While you excavate the shit out of your Truth in the underworld of your soul.

And so it comes to this…

You and I are alike in one very specific way.

{I know because your path has led you HERE.}

And that way is this:

We will not allow ourselves to go past a certain level of success, abundance, love, pleasure, creativity, or freedom…

Unless it is in deep resonance with our soul.

Oh sure, we’ll get to someplace that RESEMBLES where we we want to be.

But it won’t take.

Or, rather, WE won’t take.

Because we can’t.

Because we are the Ones who lead from the clawing under our ribcage… the cackling of the Wilds in our throat… the jaguar purring down our spine in the dark of night.

Because we are the ones for whom there is no “off switch”…

And we don’t want there to be.

Yeah, yeah.

You might THINK you want an off switch.

A way to decompress and just, you know, TAKE A BREAK FROM IT ALL.

But if you were doing and being EXACTLY what and who you came here to embody?

Do you really think you would still want that escape hatch?

Or would you go even deeper into devotional ecstasy with the mission that God encoded into the primordial ley lines of your very soul?

Now, this is not about the disembodied “hustle” fuckery of the blah blah blah peak performance blah blah blah 3am club blah blah blah.

What this is, however, is a call to arms for the creators who can’t NOT create.

The messengers who are no longer willing to live in ANY way other than that which fully turns on your soul.

Where you not only do what you came here to do, but you get to experience it while ALSO creating ever-deepening expansion and ecstasy in everything you touch.

Relationships, art, mission, sex, wealth, business, body, identity, health, God…

All of it becomes infused with the sacred nectar of the Wilds riding your bones.

And so here we are… in The {Re}Wilding Grounds.

A place where I can bleed my soul onto the pages of the world and co-create with those of you who resonate with this medicine, in the myriad ways it moves through and as me.

It might seem like I offer a wide array of magic here… but it all comes down to one thing:

Helping you 1) remember who the fuck you are and then 2) HOLD THE LINE on that remembrance in ways that are solely guided by the Primal Pussy Power of the oracle that lies between your thighs.


I tried niching down and doing business and art in the boring ass ways we are taught we "should" do it, in order to be successful.

And my soul started shriveling up and dying inside my physical body.


I’ve been in this game for over two decades…

Using ancient wisdom and modern day applications to help dope ass humans access more freedom and range… in how they move, speak, perform, make love, create, and lead.

And I rebirthed these “training grounds” for you.

The Multidimensional Messengers and Soul Refugees who are ready to unapologetically {re}wild the fuck out of the medicine of your soul.

On stage, on page, in the bedroom… and everywhere in between.

So. The Wilds Are Calling… Will you say yes?


Learn more about the primordial "bones" of our co-creation and working together:

Oh So Official…

Nikka Karli- Medicine Walker | Erotic Muse

Nikka Karli is a Writer, Multidisciplinary Storyteller, Body Poet, Moon Stalker, Erotic Abolitionist™, and Yoga Teacher who helps Soul Refugees and Multidimensional Messengers {Artists, Healers, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders…} access and unleash the remembrance of their Erotic Genius and scale their soul’s work into preeminent platforms of social change. Her work also evokes and provokes the somatic decolonization of systemic racialized and sexualized trauma in the bodies of Melanated/BIWOC creators {and white co-conspirators of the antiracism revolution at hand}.

She has over 20 years of experience in the fields of yoga, fitness, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, wellness, creativity, and leadership, and has dedicated the last few years to the liberatory practice of dismantling and decolonizing intersections of systemic trauma within the bodies of Creators of Color.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Athletic Training/Kinesiology from The University of Connecticut, a 500-hour yoga teacher certification from The Breathing Space (in the Krishnamacharya lineage, under the tutelage of Robert Birnberg who studied under the late T.K.V. Desikachar), an Expressive Yoga Dance certification (with Jada Fire of Barefoot Sanctuary), a holistic health coach certification from IIN, and multiple fitness certifications.

Nikka has also completed her 600-hour VITA™ Sex Coach certification, with a focus in Tantra and Women’s Sexuality {through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin, where she is currently an Antiracist Speaker + Teacher}.

Nikka is devoted to helping raise the vibration of Universal consciousness and assisting in mending the hoop of the world’s many peoples through her writing, speaking, private mentoring, online programs and intensives, and in-person experiences. She is the go-to mentor and muse for multidimensional messengers, creators, activists, and healers who are ready to create epic fulfillment, impact, mastery, and freedom through the primordial ecstasy of their erotic souls.

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