Antiracism & Decolonization Resources

Nikka Karli {moi}

The Impact Of Anti-Blackness In The Bodies Of BIWOC & White Creators Who Know They’re Here For Change

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Decolonizing: It’s The Other “Good D” 😏

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Melanated Muses

Nikka Karli, Palōmi Sheth, Azaria Menezes

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Resmaa Menakem

My Grandmother’s Hands

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Breaking the Chain: Healing Racial Trauma in the Body

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Dr Rocío Rosales Meza

Decolonizing the Mind, Liberating Your Spirit

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Karine Bell

Embodied Trauma

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Ibram X Kendi

How to be an Antiracist

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Ibram's Reading List

Black Lives Matter

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Shaun King

The North Star, ActionPac, Grassroots Law Project

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Lee Merritt, Esq

Civil Rights Lawyer, Merritt Law Firm, LLC, Grassroots Law Project

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NDN Collective

Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power

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Tamika D. Mallory

Until Freedom

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Rachel Cargle

The Great Unlearn

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Ta-nehesi Coates

Between the World and Me

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Layla Saad

Me & White Supremacy

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Edgar Villanueva

Decolonizing Wealth

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Andréa Ranae

Be the Revolution

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Trevor Noah

The Dominoes of Racial Injustice

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Joy DeGruy

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

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Black Trans Lives Matter

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Black Hills Bail and Legal Defense Fund

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