An Erotic Excursion Into The Underworld Of Who You Are So That You Can Once-And-For-Fucking-All Do What It Takes Every Damn DAY To Unleash And Untame The Raw, Primordial Medicine Of Your Soul That Is Howling To Be Set Free

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As a Creator, you are, at all times, walking one of two paths:

The Path of Shadow

Where you are ALMOST there, ALMOST turned on, ALMOST living in the mastery of your creativity, ALMOST attuned with the gnawing that lives unabated underneath your rib cage.


The Path of Soul

Where you have shed the masks, torn off the armor, stripped off the shackles that have muted your art, your voice, your power, and your sex and gone ALL IN on the primal Wilds of who you came here to be, as you commit, day after fucking day, to baring your everything.

And at some point {AKA now and, of course, ALSO… every day from this moment forward} you will have to ask yourself the following question:

Which path have I committed my life to walking?

And once you ask that question, you will, of course, then have a choice to make:

To keep PRETENDING that you are {or ever WERE} anything less than the elemental and erotic embodiment of life itself…

Or to plant your feet in the dirt, draw your line in the sand, and howl your fucking power to the moon once more.

Most choose an entire lifetime of succumbing {and then CRYING about} the former.

But not you.

Not if you’re here.

Not if you have felt the raging of your soul, clawing and rending your insides to shreds in the dark of night.

No. Not you.

Because you are one of the Wild Ones.

And you will not, CANNOT, ever be tamed.

Not by anyone other than yourself that is.

But, but, what about my current relationship? And my current brand? And my current already strung-out energy and thought processes?!!!

Oh. Ohhhhhh!!!

And who will I have to become?!!!

And, and… AND…

What if I lose everything???

Gasp. GASP…

I’m not ready!!!!!!

Well, duh.

Who is?

I mean… We’re talking about the EXCAVATION and SOVEREIGN OWNERSHIP of every last drop of the primordial essence carving ley lines of magic through your fucking veins.

OF COURSE you’re not feeling ready.

Oh. And also?

Who the fuck told you that you were ever supposed to “feel” ready, anyways?

“If you STAY ready, you ain’t gotta GET ready.”

— Will Smith

If you ask me, which, ok, maybe you haven’t but since you’re reading and receiving this transmission you probably want to hear this ANYWAYS, so here goes…

What I have come to know {in every iteration of my message and artistry and teachings and coaching and athletic endeavors} is this:

The idea that Creators will EVER feel as if we’re perfectly ready is horse shit.

Because when you have the fucking Wilds themselves riding your bones, breathing your breath, and send icicles of remembrance up and down your spine every day AND night…

How would anyone ever feel ready for that?

But here’s what you already KNOW that you know that you KNOW, but maybe {probably} haven’t yet allowed yourself to completely and CONSISTENTLY embody as of yet:

You don’t need to FEEL ready…

You just get to STAY ready.

Ready to show up.

Ready to do what needs to be done.

Ready to face off against resistance every damn day, no matter how you FEEL about it.

Because fuck feeling.

No, I’m not talking about ignoring your body, or sensations, or emotions, or energy.

I mean, have you MET me?

I am about, and only EVER about, dropping into the deepest and rawest excavation of body, breath, and soul, with everything we’ve got, and then doing it and BEING it again and again, ad finitum, on repeat, forever and ever, amen.

But what I AM talking about here is feelings.

I know, I know… Feelings?! Don’t talk about feelings! {In my best Jim Mora playoffs voice.}

But we must.

Because the feelings that are telling you that you’re too young, or too old, or too inexperienced, or too tainted, or too {insert bullshit-but-widely-accepted-cultural-association here}…

The feelings that leave you enmeshed and suffocating in encoded, conditioned STORIES and MEANINGS about who you are… and who you’re not…

Those feelings?

They’re bullshit.

Because THOSE feelings will have you spending an entire lifetime walking The Path of Shadow and never, EVER accessing your full creative capacity… or erotic, sensual, thriving nature.

And those feelings? Yeah. They’re also the ones that will have you dying with your music still inside of you.

ACHING over what the hell you DIDN’T become and the impact and legacy you DIDN’T leave for your loved ones {and the world}.


And also?

Fuck that noise.

Because I’m not available for that kind of life.

And I’m pretty sure, since you are still here with me, neither are you.

Not anymore.

Because you can’t.

Your soul won’t let you.

And really? When it’s all over and the curtain has closed for the final time?

You’re done running.

From who you are.

From the rivers of molten lava filled with unsaid truths and untapped expression that are searing a course through your heart, pussy, and womb.

From the art, the MESSAGE, and the raw, primordial medicine that has been poured into your fucking blood that you KNOW you are here to share with the world.

You. Are. Done.

And, thank God!

Because who could stand to live a life less lived for one moment more than this?

Who could stand THEMSELVES if they continued to allow that false life to be THEIR life for one more breath?

Not me.

And, again, correct me if I’m wrong, but of course you’re HERE so I CAN’T be wrong…

Not you.

And so we’ve come to it, then.

The blue or red pill.

The Matrix or the Truth.

The Path of Shadow…

Or The Path of Soul.

Here’s your invitation.

Or, rather, the opening of the gates to the temple you know beyond knowing you are meant to inhabit {and RECLAIM}.

This is where you become the living embodiment of your art and where you finally commit to the RELENTLESS and UNAPOLOGETIC pursuit of who the fuck you came here to be… so you can do what you came here to do.

Day in and day out.

Under the fire of the sun and the hallowed remembrance of the moon.

A place where you learn to re-encode your body into a primal habitat that not only supports but CATALYZES the message and art demanding you to set them free.

A place where you commit, and then KEEP committing on the daily, to EXACTLY who you say that you are.

And a place where, if you allow it, you learn to laugh and thrive and howl in the chaos, as you become completely turned ON and tuned IN to the holy terrain of your pussy, art, breath, God, and soul.

Who You’ll Be On The Other Side:

➳ Your own innate Primal Warrior Goddess… embodied in human form… Which you will be infusing and encoding into everything you touch… and everything that you are

➳ The rawest expression of the messaging and medicine that was born to your soul

➳ The fullest access of the range and capacity of your body, your soul, and your art

➳ A body-based consciousness re-encoding of the sacred feminine AND masculine you hold inside

➳ A space for you to live in daily devotion of EXACTLY what you need to do and who you need to BE on the daily to move the needle on what matters most

➳ The daily attunement of primal self, God consciousness, artistic mastery, soul medicine, embodied action… and radical responsibility for soul-led living and creation

➳ A continuous recalibration of your energy and emotions, so that you can catch {and SHIFT} the blockages and residue BEFORE they become decades-long obstacles to your desires and goals

➳ The absolutely VITAL and IMPERATIVE work with your sexual energy and trauma body that will allow you to continuously take action, adjust and realign, take more action… and keep expanding that capacity each day {and night}

➳ The interweaving of embodied action and Beingness that opens you to the frequency of existing and creating in the flow state of cosmic and God consciousness, in both the sacred and the mundane humaning thing

➳ A true understanding of your personal quicksand, reality loops, stuck points, AND access points… so you can identity where you are already being offered a portal into remembrance and truth-speaking… and the places you keep looping back to old habits and patterns that you KNOW have run their course

➳ And once we do the work each day of identifying and catching your loops, we then use the practices to lay down new neural pathways and expand your body-mind’s capacity to choose {and KEEP choosing} something born in the primordial depths of your remembrance and your soul

So, really, it’s the “how” of the Beingness…

And EXACTLY what it takes to actually put your shit out there at the next level… and the levels after that.

Distilled down to what YOU need and what will allow YOU to stay in cosmic flow with pussy, breath, God, art, and soul… every single day.

While also creating abundance, pleasure, and spaciousness for the people, projects, and causes that matter most to you.

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Because you know that you know that you damn well KNOW it’s time to embody EXACTLY who the fuck you say that you are.

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About Your Guide

Provocateur Of The Primal & The Wilds

Medicine Walker | Erotic Muse | Soul Alchemist | Storyteller | Mystery Broker | Sex Mystic | Body Poet | Yoga Teacher | Abolitionist

I’ve spent the last two + decades using sports psychology, movement, breathwork, sexual energy medicine, storytelling, and creative expression to guide powerhouse athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives into the reclamation of the Sovereign Wilds within their own bodies.

My work evokes and provokes the somatic decolonization of systemic racialized and sexualized trauma in the bodies of Melanated Kin/BIWOC creators {and white co-conspirators of the antiracism revolution at hand}.

And one thing I know today is this: We alone hold the keys to our freedom… and when we shake off the shackles around the immutable mystery we hold inside, we unlock our creativity and unleash our capacity for impact in the world.

I lead {re}wilding quests, ceremonies, and intensives {both online and in other potent “between spaces”} for Creators, Messengers, and Wisdom Keepers who have received the Call to further initiate their own innate power and expression.

You can find me living and creating at the crossroads of Erotic Abolitionism™ {my medicine and body of work}, archetypal storytelling, sensual body movement, liberatory praxis and practice, systemic racialized and sexualized trauma healing, multidimensional creation, decolonized energetics, and elemental remembrance.

I am a student of perennial creativity, indigenous wisdom, and the primal untaming of our own lives… and I am obsessed with how we can interweave our belonging, sexual energy, and art to activate the liberation and change we are here to midwife into the world.

The Primordial Magic Up In Here...

Together, we will journey down and down, through the following gateways into the underworld of your pleasure, your creativity, and your truth.

GATE ⋕1 // Creativity & The Trauma Body

The Muse Medicine: Your ability to fully access your creativity and become a master of your craft {and the work of your soul} is dependent on how deeply you have accessed, integrated, and healed the emotional residue and energetic blockages in your trauma body…

And it’s time to access the fuck out of it all.

So sayeth your soul.

GATE ⋕2 // Navigating Threat Response as an Artist, Healer, & Change Maker

The Muse Medicine: Until you are able to drop into deep awareness and presence with your unique method of threat response that shows up SPECIFICALLY around accessing and sharing your art, leadership, and erotic nature {fight, flight, freeze, appease/fawn… or even annihilate} and understand how to navigate that response…

You will lose yourself in it and, from there, lose time, focus, energy, and momentum with your art and your life.

GATE ⋕3 // Mending the Thread of The Five Bodies

The Muse Medicine: Most personal growth teaches you to work with your mind, maybe even your connection to emotions such as love, but they stop there.

And until you learn to reintegrate all layers of yourself {body, mind, energy, emotions, and spirit} and to unleash the primal essence that lies ONLY within that reintegration, you will remain disconnected and wondering why everything you’ve done in the past hasn’t resulted in the full manifestation of the life, relationships, creative expression, belonging, safety, and love your soul has always howled for {and COMMANDED you to unleash into the world}.

GATE ⋕4 // Sexual Energy Transmutation for Fully Accessing Your Art, Impact, & Expression

The Muse Medicine: Until you not only access but also ALCHEMIZE your sexual energy into the way you show up in the world… the way you commit to what matters and then HONOR that commitment with actions and your Beingness on the daily… you will always be leaving something on the table.

Because the way you exist in your own body is the way your body’s transmission then exists in the world.

Read that again.

GATE ⋕5 // Excavating & Embodying the Ancient Goddess Archetypes into the Brand of You

The Muse Medicine: There are five archetypes we will be working with here, which come from my Ancient Goddess Archetype Quiz {which you can find in Lessons 5 & 6 in Scale Your Impact™}…

➳ The Crone/Wise Woman

➳ The Mystic/Medicine Woman

➳ The Wildress/Wild Woman

➳ The Muse/Erotic Woman

➳ The Warrioress/Sovereign Woman

And once you begin cultivating a relationship with your own primary and secondary archetypes… in both their Shadow AND Soul Ascendance… you will completely transform your relationship with your art, your message, and the audience who is being attracted to what you do in the world, in a way that allows you to understand exactly WHAT you do so you can actually, you know, DO it.

GATE ⋕6 // Sovereignty & Self-Leadership for Soul-Led Creators

The Muse Medicine: You’ve felt the calling for some time now. Probably, in many ways, for your entire life. But accessing the raw, immutable power and magic that has been placed inside of you to share with the world? That’s a whole ‘nother thing.

Which is why we will hit pause on all the millions of options for how to practice and what to practice and how to move the needle and actually just fucking get to work.

But will there be rituals?!

Yup yup. But, even more importantly?

We’re working with rituals that you will actually DO every single DAY and… gasp… enjoy them!

While still having an abundance of time, energy, and turn on for the people, projects, and causes that matter to you most.

So, there’s that.

GATE ⋕7 // Becoming Intoxicating… To The Muse, Your People, & Your Desires

The Muse Medicine: It’s cute, right? The way you keep playing at being erotically alive. The way you keep ALMOST showing up in relationship after relationship… in business idea after business idea… in unfulfilled self-promise after self-promise.

Well, it’s time to move past cute. To move past… no DEEPER… into the underworld of your erotic and orgasmic nature… The darkness, the hidden, the mysterious, the provocative, the jagged EDGES…

And to then begin infusing it all into every cell and every layer of who you are and how you make art, make love, and make an impact.

GATE ⋕8 // Storytelling & Messaging That Lands the Fucking Plane of Who You Are

The Muse Medicine: You can’t change the world if the world doesn’t understand what you do… And NO ONE will understand what you do until YOU understand it. And then, take radical responsibility and OWNERSHIP of that wisdom.

From there, you begin taking action that only and EVER comes from body, breath, and soul… but first? You have to create an internalized and self-resourced safety that will allow the necessary expansion within the capacity of your nervous system to actually HOLD that level of wisdom in your body.

Your Re-Encoding

Each gateway will include:

1 x Muse Medicine video to awaken the activation of that gateway’s transmission

2 x Ancient Activation audios, with one yin practice that serves as a capacity expander {night practice} and one yang practice to take embodied and aligned action from your expanded consciousness of the night before {morning practice}

1 x Eros & Excavation set of writing prompts to drop the transmission out of your head and into your body

You will also receive access to this insanely dope magic:

1 x {Re}Wilding Recalibration Ritual to keep you returning to God consciousness throughout the day, adjusting your energy, thoughts, and emotions… and, from there, your actions… every moment, every breath

1 x Orgasmic Waking Bliss sex magic practice to alchemize your sexual energy and your desires into some seriously next level Goddess shit in every area of your life and soul’s work

1 x Wild Nectar™ Practice to lead you on a Soul Vision Quest into the underworld of who you came here to be so you can fully re-encode the way you exist in your body, your art, and your energetic imprint on our planet

4 x Get Shift Done project call recordings, where some dope ass members of this tribe brought creative projects they were working on and got to experience MASSIVE MOMENTUM and SHIFTING around…. and where they asked questions, got feedback, were witnessed in their rawest expression and which YOU now get to watch and have your own momentum and shifting

The Extras

➳ Private Nīk Nation membership site

➳ Lifetime access

➳ Unlimited access to future updates

The Bonuses

Primal Intelligence Transmission

➳ A dope AF audio training to keep you in the energy of the Primal Wilds riding your bones, as you work with the ancestral and systemic truth, trauma, and teachings that have been waiting for you to REMEMBER, ACCESS, and TRANSMUTE them

Sex Magicking The Cosmic Spiral

➳ Holy shit, this portal is sooooo good!!! You need to just drop in and experience it for yourself!!!

2022 Bonus Sessions

➳ Session #1- Becoming That Fucking Goddess Now

➳ Session #2- Why You’ve Been Denying The Call

➳ Session #3- Dissolving Into The Desire

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Let's Get This Shit

Because you know that you know that you damn well KNOW it’s time to embody EXACTLY who the fuck you say that you are.

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