A 6-Day Online {Re}Wilding Intensive Into The Jungles Of Your Erotic, Refugee Soul Where You Will Fully Access & Unleash The Raw, Primordial Magic & Madness That Howl Your Name In The Night & {Finally} Hold The Damn Line On Who The Fuck You Say That You Are

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This is where it all ends.

The leaking of your fucking power {and your money and your energy and your art and ⋕allthethings}.

The doubting of your magic {and your ability to HOLD that magic}.

The fear that the madness will take you over {and that you'll be left in some God-forsaken wasteland... mewling, naked, and alone}.


Because your body and your soul can't take the domestication and the muggle dickery for one.moment.longer.

You would scream about the intensity of the longing and the craving and the DESTITUTION of it all...

But you're afraid you would never stop.

Screaming, that is.

Because the PAIN of not going all in on ALL of you has become almost more than you can bear.

But you do, don't you?

Walk around, grinning and BEARING it?

Not baring your soul.

Not baring your magic and the magic and pussified MAYHEM of soul.

No, no, no.

You wouldn't, you COULDN'T possibly bare THAT.

And so another day, another moon, another season, another LIFETIME marches on by.

With you grinning and bearing your way through your...


Can we really call it "life", if you've never actually allowed yourself to be fully ALIVE?


That shit hurts, right?

The lack of embodied commitment to showing up in your own LIFE?

But that's what happens for us.

The Soul Refugees.

The ones who wander and muse and excavate and FEEL.

The ones who are so multidimensional...

That we have trouble COMMITTING and prescencing with any ONE dimension.

Which means we never quite feel like we've arrived here, you know?

And like we're always seeking home.

But where do you go when there's nowhere TO go?

Because home has to be born of soul.

And it requires you to allow ALL of soul.

So when you're busy grinning and bearing it...

And NOT, in fact, going all in on ALL of you...

It becomes even harder to feel grounded and as if you have a place in your own life.

It becomes even scarier to find sure footing, because you've gone so long without it.

And the mistrust has had a chance to take root.

Leaving soul on the outside looking in...

And leaving you wondering what in the ever loving fuck it's going to TAKE for you to finally surrender into the sovereignty and security... of home.

Home in your body.

Home in your art.

Home in your power.

Home in your voice.

Home in your life.

Home in your soul.

But even through the discomfort, you know you can't keep on keeping on.

Shit has GOT to change, and it's gotta change NOW.

And so the time has come...

{But you already knew that.}

To stop fucking around and "playing house" with your magic... instead of allowing it come fully home WITHIN you.

And it's scary.

I mean... how could it not be?

We're talking about the primordial unleashing of all that you are.

The ALLOWING of your instinctual self to come home {and come THROUGH}.

In ways that you have maybe never before understood or initiated into before now.


Of course...

You HAVE...

You've only just forgotten.

The Wilds have simply been lost and buried, in the ashes of your vilified power and your crucified remembrance.

But you'll do the damn thing anyways.

Because it's a part of you...

Because you can't NOT...

Because the goddess is home...

But this time? She really is done fucking around.

And now, look...

I know you've probably been here before.

On one of my invitation pages.

On one of these meanderings and callings and ramblings of soul.

And you've probably almost sorta kinda said yes.

Like, you were sooooooo close to saying fuck this shit and diving all in on ALL of you...

But you didn't.

You gave up and pulled out too soon {that's what she said}.

But not this time.

Not this calling.

Because you KNOW you're here for a reason.

On this page.

On this planet.

In this body.




And you're finally {FINALLY} ready, willing, and able to remember yourself THROUGH that reason.

So way down we go...

Into the money? The fame? The obsessed and intoxicated AF fans?

I mean, yeah. Sure.

Who doesn't want that?

But this is... more.

And less?

No, not less... simply... stripped...

And laid bare.

This is where we go even deeper than all those milestones and "things"... into the forgotten and hallowed nuances and corners of your Refugee Soul.

To cleanse and to clear all the places and shadows and branding and business structures and dried up and basic AF artistic expression that you've been walking and stalking...

Pretending that you liked them.

And then, once we go into the depths of the depths of the DEPTHS?

Those other "things" follow, because they can't NOT.

But it begins with the trust and relentless pursuit of soul.

It must... and so we shall.

And this here?

This is an invitation back down.

Down into the unwavering excavation and immersion of our entire selves... body, mind, pussy, and soul... BACK into the primordial energy and medicine of the jungle.

The one INSIDE of our bodies.

We travel WITHIN... instead of around the globe.

Which is epic as well, of course, the traveling to magical places and lands.

It is simply not REQUIRED, in order to enter the void of all that is.

Because you ARE the void.

And the void IS you.

So we stop fucking around and, instead, we go straight to the Source.

Now, before we go any further, I should note this:

We'll be gathering for around 8 hours/day.

{NOTE: This is how we gathered live, but you can move through at your own pace.}

So this is NOT for the faint of heart.

With lunch breaks and optional VIP upgrades to spend your lunch breaks with me, having all your most erotic and primal questions answered, around business, messaging, identity, creative expression, creative process, storytelling, mission, alignment, and sooooo much more.

And also?

➤ This is legit 30 + hours of alchemical initiation for that assssssss.

And, when it comes down to it, Where The Wild Roam Free is really about this:

➤ Apprenticeship

➤ Initiating The Wilds

➤ Primal Self Re-Integration™ {seriously, this is the basis of my own "primal-osophy" and THE "piece" that you NEED in your life!!!}

➤ Threshold Remembrance Work {how is everyone NOT doing this?!!}

➤ Orgasmic Business Energetics {the ONLY way to get massive shit done and HANDLED, from soul!!... ok it's not the "only" way, but it's damn sure the most erotic and primal and grounded way for the magnitude of God, art, pussy, and soul moving through ME... and the dope AF clients I've shared it with!!}

➤ Breathwork and movement

➤ Body-Based Inquiry

➤ Sexual energy transmutation and magic

➤ Density work

➤ Intoxication

➤ Quantum work

➤ Decolonization codes

➤ And allllllll the next level goddess shit 🐆

So... uh... if you're picking up what I'm putting down...

I'm sayin'...

For the next six days {three days of magic, one integration day, and then two more days of transmissions}, we will gather in remembrance and excavation, to help you fully {re}initiate the Wilds into everything that you touch... and everything that you are.

You should know this though:

This is NOT for the faint of heart.

Yes, I said it again.

I don't think I can reiterate it enough, though.

We go throughout the entire day, and into the evening.

This is truly an intensive immersion into the wild jungle of your soul.

Very similar to how we would excavate if we were together in person.

So, that being said, if you find that you are not resourced enough to be able to handle such deep alchemical work, this simply wouldn't be the time and place for us to play together in this way.

{If you feel like your body can handle and thrive from attending some of the intensive live, but not all of it, you can likely still enroll. I invite you to text me at +1 (702) 291-7319 with any questions you have around your current level of resourcing.}

But if you ARE able to hold yourself in your own experience {I'll be there supporting you along the entire way as well, of course}, then this might just be your portal...

And I might just be your huckleberry.

So the bones and the "structure" of the thing, if you will.

There's a reason this is not called a "retreat".

This is a deepening. An alchemical reawakening and baring and rebirth.

Back down down down into who the fuck you say that you ARE.

This is where you not only understand EXACTLY what soul has been offering you...

But you also begin taking relentless and unapologetically aligned ACTION on it.

And we do it together.

So, bring a project that's commanding you to level up and IN to it, bring a masterpiece that's been percolating for the last decade but hasn't quiiiiiitttteee made its birth into the physical realm just yet, bring ALL of you...

As well as the emotional and energetic stuck points that have been standing between you and what you KNOW you damn well WANT, right fucking NOW.

Each day, we will open with ceremony, move into teachings and transmissions, go into practices, excavate the next level of your magic with Q&A, and close with ritual {more deets below}.

We gather from approximately 11am-7pm PT time zone, with two short breaks and one long "lunch" break each day.

Yes, there will be recordings available, so you will still be able to fully immerse yourself in any parts you can't attend live.

And yes, you can come for whichever parts of the day you are able to join.

I will not backtrack for those who jump in late, though, because we have sooooo much epicness to cover.

So you will also have the opportunity to ask me questions in our community for anything you'd like further clarification and musings around.

But I highly recommend that you attend the majority, if not all, of the intensive live.

Yes, even if it's the middle of the night for you. 😂

Because this is going to be THAT damn game-changing.

I was called to make this a 6-day intensive for a reason.

Rather than spreading it all out over a few months.

Because there is no time like the NOW, to remember and actualize into who you know that you know that you KNOW you came here to be...

And to take the action and get major shit done THROUGH that soul medicine.

And to have the tools and capacity to CONTINUE taking the action and moving the needle even AFTER our intensive together {which is where you can often find yourself floundering in the weeks and months after you get home from retreats, ceremonies, events, intensives, etc}.

You want the clients, the audience, the media, the monies, the madness, the UNLEASHING and UNTAMING of it all?

Well, this is your week.

And this is your fucking time.

Our live days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thursday will be an InterWilding Day {I mean, can you EVEN 😻}, where you deepen, integrate, resource, and take action on your own {with my support in our community}, like never before.

This is like an intermission... except not. ;)

Because even your relaxation and resourcing will be a full-on and intentional COLLAPSE and SURRENDER into the re-encoding of your next evolution of soul.

There will also be a WTWRF group inside my private Nīk Nation app, where you can ask questions, explore inquiries inside of deeply immersive community, and stay in the practice of showing up 💯 in alllll the primordial muck and the Wilds.

Plus, I will be immersing into a project right along with you.

⇾ Tentative ⇽ Schedule For Session Days

{subject to change, based on whatever soul offers up as portal initiation}

𓆃 Opening Ceremony {40 min on Day 1, 20 min on other days}

𓆃 Teachings & Transmissions {60 min}

𓆃 InterWilding Break {10 min}

𓆃 Primal Polarity Writing {20 min}

𓆃 Wild Nectar™ Practice {60 min}

𓆃 Primal Polarity Writing {20 min}

𓆃 InterWilding Break {60 min}

𓆃 Primal Polarity Writing {20 min}

𓆃 Wild Nectar™ Practice {20 min}

𓆃 Primal Polarity Writing {20 min}

𓆃 Teachings & Transmissions {60 min}

𓆃 InterWilding Break {10 min}

𓆃 Q&A {60 min}

𓆃 Closing Ritual {20 min}

𓆃 Closing Ceremony {30 min, on final day only, in place of ritual}

NOTE: I say "tentative" because this is me and this is soul.

So if you haven't yet played with me in the primordial muck of all that is, then this is your warning.

If you are a "stickler" for the rules and having things operating just "so"... well, really, I'm not sure how you ended up here with me in the first place 😂, because #TheWilds... but just to reiterate, this, and most certainly I, are likely not for you.

If you ARE, however, called to the depths and the raw, messy, primal underworld of your creativity, identity, impact, wealth capacity, leadership, brand, messaging, body, and soul... come on in. The water's fiiiiiiiine.

Please Note:

WTWRF is now available for self study, so there are no live calls.

You will receive the recordings of the entire intensive when you enroll and you can choose to follow the above schedule that we excavated while WTWRF was filmed live, or create a different schedule that turns on your soul at this moment.

Who you'll be on the other side

☽ A primordial Being, who takes no names and takes no shit... but most likely, definitely, absolutely TALKS a whole lot of shit {from soul #duh}... intoxicating all the soulmate peoples, to sway and dance and pied piper their damn way into your freshly {re}wilded offers, artistry, and audience… via your pussy drippin', nectar inducing BEINGNESS.

☽ One Who Walks The Spaces Between... and rises from the muck naked, bare, and howling your remembrance to the moon.

☽ The embodied, integrated, and fully unleashed next level YOU

☽ Someone for whom orgasmic and grounded success, desires, devotion, messaging, identity, abundance, and soul-aligned opportunities showing up like MAGIC... out of who the fuck knows WHERE and who even CARES... are ENCODED into the very core of your Being and are now simply a GIVEN

☽ The soul ascendant version of you who just fucking KNOWS what needs to be done and who DOES it {but only in the ways that turn on, and are wholly ALIGNED with soul}

☽ And soooooo much more!!!

So what's it going to be?

Another day... another moon... another fucking YEAR of you not going all in on who you KNOW that you are?

Or choosing, in this moment, in this breath, to bare your everything?


That's what I thought you'd say. ;)

And so we've come to it then...

The moment... The choice...

Where The Wild Roam Free is a continuous {and conscious} recalibration back to the sacred and the soul.

This is Threshold Remembrance work, around what you SAY you are in devotion to... on any given day, in any given moment.

Ah... and also:

This is where you upgrade your consciousness and CAPACITY for the infinite, cosmic, primordial medicine that was born to you {and ONLY you}.

So that you stop second guessing {and disrespecting} the magic.

And so that you ALLOW yourself to become sooooo exquisitely attuned and deeply aligned with the EXACT way that God, art, and soul are commanding to move through you right NOW.

And you get to finally show all the way up, for ALL of you.

So, if you are who I think that you are...

Let's get wild.


Join Us

Let's Get This Shit

If this is your moment…

If you know beyond knowing that you are The One…

If you're ready for 30+ hours of the dopest alchemical initiation to be laid upon that sacred ass…

Let's get this shit.

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About Your Guide

Provocateur Of The Primal & The Wilds

Medicine Walker | Erotic Muse | Soul Alchemist | Storyteller | Mystery Broker | Sex Mystic | Body Poet | Yoga Teacher | Abolitionist

I’ve spent the last two + decades using sports psychology, movement, breathwork, sexual energy medicine, storytelling, and creative expression to guide powerhouse athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives into the reclamation of the Sovereign Wilds within their own bodies.

My work evokes and provokes the somatic decolonization of systemic racialized and sexualized trauma in the bodies of Melanated Kin/BIWOC creators {and white co-conspirators of the antiracism revolution at hand}.

And one thing I know today is this: We alone hold the keys to our freedom… and when we shake off the shackles around the immutable mystery we hold inside, we unlock our creativity and unleash our capacity for impact in the world.

I lead {re}wilding quests, ceremonies, and intensives {both online and in other potent “between spaces”} for Creators, Messengers, and Wisdom Keepers who have received the Call to further initiate their own innate power and expression.

You can find me living and creating at the crossroads of Erotic Abolitionism™ {my medicine and body of work}, archetypal storytelling, sensual body movement, liberatory praxis and practice, systemic racialized and sexualized trauma healing, multidimensional creation, decolonized energetics, and elemental remembrance.

I am a student of perennial creativity, indigenous wisdom, and the primal untaming of our own lives… and I am obsessed with how we can interweave our belonging, sexual energy, and art to activate the liberation and change we are here to midwife into the world.

The Primordial Magic Up In Here...

Teachings & Transmissions

⚓︎ Come Thru Drippin': Erotica & Intoxication From The Oracle That Lies Between Your Thighs

⚓︎ Stop Disrespecting Your Magic & Start Holding The Line On Soul

⚓︎ Before The World {I said what I said}

⚓︎ Translating The Wild Magic Of Soul

⚓︎ Decolonized Threshold Remembrance For Daily Goddessing The Fuck UP & Showing the Fuck OUT

⚓︎ Nature-Based Nervous System Resourcing & Recalibration To Expand Your Body's Capacity For Holding Your Next Evolution Of Soul

⚓︎ Initiating Identity & Healing The Dark Wilds

⚓︎ Quantum Sex Magic For Soulmate Tribe Calling & Client Attraction

⚓︎ Story Medicine & Alchemical Copywriting From The Erotic Spaces Between

⚓︎ Seeding Culture, Decolonized Brand Identity, & Leading Your Revolution From The Front

Wild Nectar™ Practices

{the daily clearing, cleansing, and catharsis of the body temple to reconnect to the channel and pave the way home to soul}

𓐑 Salt {catharsis, the jagged wounds, excavation, lamentation}

𓐑 Soil {tending fertile ground, earth, foundation, sensuality}

𓐑 Stalk {seduction, raw, messy, primal}

𓐑 Liquid {flow, spiral, alchemy, the spaces between}

𓐑 Embers {the last tendrils, smoking ashes, microcosmic, subtle layers, precipice}

Wild Nectar™ Rituals

{peak experience, devotion, altar}

☥ Collapsing Back Into Multidimensional Trust & Surrender

☥ Traversing The Threads Of The Aetheric Womb

Wild Nectar™ Ceremonies

{deep soul vision questing}

𓄇 Initiating The Sensate Sanctuary {Opening}

𓄇 {Re}Pussification Of Messaging, Medicine, & Soul {Closing}

NOTE: All of my Wild Nectar™ Practices, Rituals, & Ceremonies are rooted in my soul's transmission of Breathe. Move. Create.™ and my "primal-osophy" 🐺 of Primal Self Re-Integration™.

Primal Polarity Writing

✍︎ Here you pour out all the muck and stickiness and cobwebs that are present {maybe hiding beneath, and stumbling over, one another}, then we drop it all into and THROUGH your body and breath, and then you write again... with the call of the Wilds riding your bones.

✍︎ And you see and feel and taste and smell and hear and KNOW and UNDERSTAND the difference... as well as the next steps soul is commanding you to take.

✍︎ So, you might write out questions you've been tripping over, around your next project, your business and brand identity, your expression, your soul, your connection... whatever is alive for you that day.

✍︎ Basically, this is all the shit you currently want/need a "translation" for, from soul... and you GET IT!


☸︎ Bring allllll the thangs... muck that comes up during our intensive, projects that you just can't seem to finish or move the needle on, tech and brand identity questions, medicine portals your body is initiating you through, etc

☸︎ This was LIVE mentoring and guidance with me, as your own personal Erotic Muse, every day of our intensive together... to solve {and DIS-solve}, translate, inquire, excavate, expand, and more

Reminder: When you enroll today in WTWRF, you have access to the recordings from the live sessions when WTWRF was held live.

The Extras

➳ Private Nīk Nation membership site
➳ Lifetime access
➳ Unlimited access to future updates

The Bonuses

➳ Primal {Pre}Calibration Work: Why It Hasn't Already Happened & Curating Sanctuary For The Wild Magic Of Soul
➳ Creativity & The Trauma Body
➳ Primal Pussy Massage Ritual
➳ De-Armoring Your Pussy & Womb to Align, Attract, & Receive the Desires of Your Soul Ceremony

Join Us

Let's Get This Shit

If this is your moment…

If you know beyond knowing that you are The One…

If you're ready for 30+ hours of the dopest alchemical initiation to be laid upon that sacred ass…

Let's get this shit.

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Once you enroll, please check your email for your login.

If you have already enrolled in a program with me, please checkout with the same email and this program will be added to your account within 24-48 hours.

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