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What's up, Wild One!! Welcome to Nīk Nation...

A multidimensional membership experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become.

As such...

This is an invitation to the Deep.

An erotic interlude of creative madness, decolonized bodies, and somatic remembrance...

That beckons you into excavation and inquiry beneath the crossroads of identity, psyche, and soul.

A howling potentate that offers up a medicinal fracturing of all the ways in which you have given yourself over {in the most tricksiest of ways} to a life that has become oh-so-slightly less lived...

Where your Refugee Soul comes home and becomes the embodied evocation of your everything.

What you receive when you enroll:

➟ Nīk Nation {free membership and private app}
➟ The After Party {community space inside our Nīk Nation app}
➟ Scale Your Impact {an entire multi-modular + multimedia program}
➟ Pussy Presencing To Remember & Receive
➟ The {Re}Wilding Ritual
➟ Private livestream experiences
➟ First access to erotic musings, exclusive members-only content, upcoming programs, collaborative projects, and more

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