Our Co-Creation

Ohhhhh!!! The magic we could make!!!

This might just be where you {finally, completely, orgasmically} belong.

You know you’re being called into the next level of your creative, your magic, and your soul.

But each time you do…




Of all you hold dear {and of all that you are}.

At least, that’s how it’s been.

At least, that’s how it’s seemed.

And so you hesitate.

You dip in your toes and blow out your nervous system and tell the Wilds you’re gonna get right back.


And fuck all, but you’re TIRED of the almost life.

Where you ALMOST say yes…

Where you ALMOST embody your erotic turn on, agency, and power…

Where you ALMOST let everything else be simply HANDLED so you can just. fucking. create.


So if you are who I think that you are…

And you’re ready for some seriously next level goddexxx shit… plus dope AF tribe, council, instinctual knowing, thriving, and the prolific unleashing of the totality of the madness of the you…

As you cum {and cum and cummmmmmm} fully ALIVE…

I just might be your primordial huckleberry.

And this might just be the portal back into your everything.

So if you’re one of us… and you’re ready to own the fuck out of the coming year… there’s something I need you to know:

It’s Time To Stop Fucking Around…

With the message and MISSION you know you’re here to unleash into the world.

With allowing yourself to actually HAVE {all the damn TIME} the smokin’ hot body and ass that won’t quit.

With the orgasmically delicious pleasure and wealth and artistry and orgasmic reality you KNOW you are here to experience.

With finally {FINALLY} drawing your line in the sand and going all in on who the fuck you say {and KNOW} that you are.

It’s time.

To stop running.

From your power and medicine and magic and truth.

It’s time to stop running from the fucking primal warrior GODDESS you know yourself to be…

And the relentless and unapologetic embodying of the desires and NON-NEGOTIABLES you get to initiate through so that you have the capacity and devotion to actually allow yourself to BE That Fucking Goddess every.damn.day.

Which means you get to integrate the fuck out of all the succulent ways in which you are being called to LEAD your movement…

So you can stop being led around by the nose BY your movement.

Which is going to require you to excavate the fuck out of who you’ve KNOWN yourself to be and to fully unleash the raw, messy, primordial muck of who you CAME HERE to be.

But You Should Know This Before We Begin…

Playing in the wilds with me is not for the faint of heart, nor is for ANYONE who can’t handle being in sovereign community where we go deep AF into decolonizing, justice + embodied liberation for ALL, and the pussy-powered quantum activation of remembrance.

You will NOT get a pass for white fragility and white privilege and racist AF behaviors here.

Nor will you get a pass for projecting your biases and fears {around race, culture, gender, sexual identity, nationality, beliefs, etc} onto anyone else.

I don’t play that shit.

And neither will anyone in this collective.

It is not allowed.

So if you’re triggered or all up in your feels about marginalized and historically oppressed folx having full access to liberation and sovereignty, go elsewhere.

I am a Black woman who creates and holds space for the melanated culture.

And this is no exception.

So yes, both Melanated Kin and white co-conspirators of the revolution at hand are welcome here.

To gather in tribe and revolution.

And also?

Melanated Kin, this is a place to take all of the sovereign reclamation of soul you’ve been initiating through, and unleash your power into everything you touch and everything you are.

White folx, you must note this:

I will not hold you in your fragility.

There are many places for that, this is not one of them.

This is a place for the ones who are called, to go deeper than you ever thought possible in your own capacity to rule your own world.

Lead yourself. Lead your movement. Lead your entire fucking life.

If you are not willing to play in the deep medicine of soul, of decolonizing, of liberation for all… then this is not the place for you.

However, if you are committed to doing your own antiracism and freedom medicine, as well as using your genius and magic to not only make a fuck ton of wealth from soul but ALSO a fuck ton of impact...

While you experience infinite orgasmic reclamation on all layers and levels…

In a way that drops you into the deepest and most erotic remembrance of self that you have ever known…

Then let’s get wild.

Ah, hold up...

One Final "Warning"

I have spent decades, working with some of the dopest athletes, artists, financiers, entrepreneurs, and more, helping them reintegrate their power and remember who the fuck they are.

So if you’re looking for a soft, squishy, lovey dovey approach to accessing and unleashing the work of your soul…

Where you bypass the deep medicine…

Including the decolonizing, shadow, and soul…

Exit stage left now.

Because you and I simply will not play well together on this primordial dance floor.

If you’re just looking to take some ceremonies but not embody the wisdom of the quantum into your physical reality and form…

Exit stage left now.

And if you are unwilling to engage with your own decolonizing and antiracism medicine {reading, learning, hiring mentors, investing resources, fighting for change, etc}…

Exit stage left now.

Because today is not the day, and I am not the one.

I am only available for the souls who not only know that the liberation of one means absolutely nothing without the liberation of all…

They’re willing to DO something about it.

Scurrrred? Cool.

Ready and devoted anyways?

Let's get this shit. 🐆

Melanated Kin, you can see how the magic moves inside our work together here.

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