A Battleground Of Body And Soul, Part I {+ Momentum Is Open!}

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December 10, 2022


Nikka Karli

A Battleground Of Body And Soul, Part I {+ Momentum Is Open!}

“I never meant to start a war

I just wanted you to let me in

And instead of using force

I guess I should’ve let you in”

-Wrecking Ball, Miley Cyrus

I’ve always loved really angsty, gritty love songs.

{I’m looking at you, Chris Stapleton.}

Wailing and moaning, bars strummed out through a guitar, a piano… a cello.

{I see you, Jenna/Wednesday.}

All of it.

But, unlike most fans of these lyrics and songs, I’ve never really felt them in terms of lovers or relationships gone by.


It was always a howling between my body and soul.

The mired waypoints betwixt and between myself and, well, my Self.

Something happened along the way of building a business rooted in soul.

Somewhere, those roots became fragile little things.

Swayed by the muck and the mire of the constructs of business itself.

Of who I thought I had to become in order to SUSTAIN business itself.

But, I’ve been in a state of return.

Not to what I was, but, rather, to what I have always and ever been.

A state of consciousness that informs everything because it IS everything.

And everything is it.

So that’s where I’m at.

And that’s where business has now shifted into.

Back into?

Of a sort.

Really, we on some new ancient shit.

And I’m inviting you along for the ride.

First up:

A workshop.

But not just any ole workshop.

This is a day of return for us all.

For the alchemists and creatives.

For the Medicine Kin.

For the Soul Refugees.

And, if you are one of us, for you.

This is…


A 1-Day Workshop With Nikka Karli To Release The Stagnation Surrounding Your Magic, Return To Your Creative Self, & {Re}Wild The Fuck Out Of Your Everything

Why am I offering this now?


Somewhere along the line, I started building a coaching business.

And, even though I’ve been coaching in various forms since I was 17, I always knew what the business I wanted WAS… and it was never a coaching business.

Do I coach and love coaching?


But it was never the business model I wanted.

Like, at all.

Feel me?

You started out building and expanding the business of your fucking SOUL.

But then, somewhere in the creation of said business… it warped into something else.

Something that coulda, woulda, shoulda looked like magic, but never quite got around to it.

A platform that allllllmost tasted like the nectar dripping from between your thighs, but… never actually poured forth onto much of, well, anything.

Yeah. That.

And, on the real?

I was going to put this workshop off until next year.

Because I am deep in the caretaker role and I just haven’t had the joyous, expansive, unleashed energy I thought I needed in order to hold this space.

But then soul took me by the shoulders and shook some {much needed} sense into me.

Because this workshop?

It’s the Winter Edition.

It’s taking place over Solstice.

And it is forged in the grieving and madness of the primordial dark.

This is an invitation to follow the calling of your soul, even when you haven't felt the capacity to say two words to another human being in months {maybe years}.

This is an answering of the call, even when you have been kinda sorta secretly hoping that the muse would just stop knocking and forget your name.

Just for a bit.

Because you’re fucking TIRED.

And the inertia into which you seem to have fallen {and are still falling}, has felt like a never ending pit of existential despair.

And so how the fuck are you supposed to SHOW UP and CREATE and LEAD anyone, when you feel like you can’t even hold these things for your own damn self?



Soul is calling.

And you promised yourself long ago that if you came here for this whole earth journey thing?

That you were gonna fucking COME here.

That you were not only gonna show up, you were gonna show OUT.

And that when soul called, you were the Being who would respond.


Here we are.

In the depths of a barren land, howling for refuge and fecundity and return.

A place that perhaps feels more unstable than you would like.

But a place that carves its primal talons beneath your rib cage each night, nonetheless.


A workshop to begin… a workshop to end.

We should note:

If you’re desiring a cheerleader-type experience, this is not that.

This is dark and erotic.

A quagmiric excavation of the mystery and mayhem of your body, magic, and voice.

A lamentation rising from the underworld of your everything, commanding to be set free.

When it’s all pretty and back to full “energy”?

Nah, Darlin.


Right the fuck now.

Our deets:

Momentum is going down on Solstice, Dec 21st, from 2-3:30pm PT.

We will have a “pop-up” community space for further integration through the rest of the year, where you will be able to share, connect, and ask me all the things {located inside my private Nīk Nation app}.

The price is only $99 right now {say what?!!! 😱}, but it will increase in a few days.



Are you one of us?

If so, let’s get wild.

{Payment plans available}

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



A sales page will be up at some point.

But if you know this is for you, join us now.

Surprise bonuses abound for all early adopters.

Come play.

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