A Denial Of Self (+ Last Call For 50% Off!!)

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June 5, 2022


Nikka Karli

A Denial Of Self (+ Last Call For 50% Off!!)

You know what you want.

Deep down.

You KNOW what you WANT.

Because when you get quiet enough… when you LET yourself get quiet enough…

You hear the callings of soul.

Free of all the reasons why you can’t, why you shouldn’t.

And in the stillness and quietude, you are able to hear the answers to that which you’ve been asking.

But those answers might not come in the form you’ve been waiting for.


They almost CERTAINLY will not come in the form you’ve been waiting for.

Because you've asked to go all in on the infinite and God-born magic of you…

But what you’ve been waiting for is an answer born of the CONSTRUCTS of you.


When we only listen for the things we’ve been waiting to hear, we miss out on the messages of life being poured through, for, and as us in every single moment.

We are never NOT receiving the answers.

We are, however, so caught up in what we THINK we will or should see, that it becomes damn hard to see what we’ve actually been shown.

More and again:

The reason you haven’t allowed yourself to go all in on your desires {aka be #SelfishAF about who you are and what you want, with no equivocation} is that you have encoded to believe that you will then be EXPECTED to be something you might not want to be.

You have encoded to believe that what’s on the “other side” of your desires is not desire but, rather, EXPECTATION.

Namely, OTHER peoples’ expectations for you.

And these beliefs have led to you mistrusting your desires…

And your capacity and WILLINGNESS to surrender UNTO those desires.

For instance, let’s say you want to be in perfect health.

But you have encoded to believe that when you are in perfect health, other people will EXPECT you to be able to do everything for them.

That they will EXPECT you to have infinite energy and time for THEIR needs and desires.

And that within these expectations, you will inevitably have to lose yourself in order to meet the whims of the world.

And there goes your fucking art, right?

And there goes your fucking joy, right?

And there goes your fucking turn on, right?

So, I mean, frfr…

Who would WANT that?

Who would say yes to BECOMING that?

And so you deny the callings of soul.

Or, you say yes, but then slip into old trauma patterns and societal enmeshments that have imprinted themselves within your body and bones.

Enmeshments that leave you feeling like your desires equate danger.

That YOU equate danger.

So then you feel like it’s not SAFE to be your everything.

That it’s not safe to even WANT your everything.

And then round and round you go {again}.

Back on the Creative Hamster Wheel Of Doom.

Round and round and round and round.

Where you’ll stop, nobody knows.

Or… hmmmm…

Maybe you DO, in fact, know.

Because maybe this right here is your fucking stop.

Maybe, just maybe, this is where you say fuck that noise!!

And you go {and stay} all in on all of you.

Maybe, juuuuuuuuust maybe, this is when you choose to be #SelfishAF about EXACTLY who you know you are and EXACTLY what you now claim and decide life gets to be for you, through you, and as you.

And if this is such a parlay for you, we begin the live round of my brand spankin’ new + hot as shit offering tomorrow.

This is…


Where Your Freedom And Expression Become 100% Non-Negotiable And You Remember How To Own The Fuck Out Of The Magic, Madness, And Mystery Of You

This is a quantum uprising beyond the physical, beyond the conditioned, beyond the somatic memorialization of trauma and oppression that seem to have become fossilized in your breath and bones.

This is a shaking off of shackles and a howling of your freedom to the moon.

This is selfishness and self knowing as liberatory praxis and practice.

And, if you are one of us, this is your invitation home.

How This Goes Down

We gather for 25 days {1st transmission drops tomorrow, June 6th!!}.

At least, that’s how many days have come through and said they want to be presenced with us right now.

And within those days, four will be live sessions {or recorded if you’re joining us later}.

The rest will be pre-recorded for you and uploaded into your private members area.

The Primordial Madness Up In Here

Day 1 // Where Would You Begin If…?

Day 2 // And What The Fuck Do You Even WANT, Anyways? (live session)

Day 3 // This Is Why You “Can’t” Have It {Yet}

Day 4 // This Is Where You Learned The Danger Of You

Day 5 // And If It All Got Fucked, Then What Would It Be About?

Day 6 // An Inevitability Of Consequence & Disaster

Day 7 // A Dirt-Encrusted Lens Of Limitation

Day 8 // Quantum Seeing & The Potentiality Of You

Day 9 // And This Is When You Claimed It As Yours (live session)

Day 10 // Reappointing Yourself Upon The Throne

Day 11 // Pimp Walking Down The Reclamation Road

Day 12 // World Building & Reality Creation

Day 13 // Collapsing What It Was Into What It Now Gets To Be

Day 14 // Surrendering Into The Cosmic Cauldron Of Orgasm & Desire

Day 15 // And If You Went Rawer, Wilder, & Deeper…?

Day 16 // Intoxicating The Fuck Out Of Your Everything (live session)

Day 17 // Your Desires As The Instinctual Of Course

Day 18 // Selfishness & Self Containment

Day 19 // Opening Your Thighs & Evoking Life As You

Day 20 // And Then Pussy Became A Tuning Fork Of The Beyond

Day 21 // Nectar Drippin’ Over The Realm Of The Now

Day 22 // Aether, Anal, & A Wayward Fecundity Of Receiving

Day 23 // Re-Encoding Colonized Constructs Of Identity, Allowance, & Initiation (live session)

Day 24 // Reopening The Backdoor Of The Sacred

Day 25 // And This Is What You Now Say That It Is

How to join us:

#SelfishAF is only available inside my fiyahhhhhh #GoddessTheFuckUp Series.

This Series also includes:

➟ #GoddessTheFuckUp (course)

➟ #ExtraAF (workshop)

➟ Making Self Leadership A Non-Negotiable

➟ How To Finish What You Start

You can enroll for 50% when you join us by tonight.

{I’ll turn off this sale price sometime before midnight PT}.

Just text me or DM me on IG straight away for the checkout link and special coupon code {or hit reply}.

And I’ll send them over for you.

Holy fuck, Wild One.

This is about to be some of the MOST potent magic that I have dropped in YEARS.

Believe me when I say, you want to be there.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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