And What If You Just Let It Come Through?

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May 3, 2022


Nikka Karli

And What If You Just Let It Come Through?

The vision. The desire…

The TRUTH of what you already know is FOR you because it is born OF you.

You are not here to play into the constructs and misbeliefs that you have imprinted upon.

Nor are you here to spend a lifetime second guessing and backtracking on yourself.

You know that you know that you damn well KNOW who the fuck you are.

And you also know… deep down, mayhaps, but you know nonetheless…

What you WANT to do about, with, and as it all.

Now… you may have asked to be shown your path in the so-called past and gone all IN on that path {many times}…

Only to experience everything as not working out.

Or to experience that when you “got” to where you wanted to be, shit hit the fan.

The sky fell.

You lost everything.


Or a million other things that might have come down the cosmic pipeline.

Now, within these experiences, you might have taken on a lens of perception that told you, see?

See, we TOLD you this wasn’t going to work.

See, we TOLD you it was going to cost you.

See, we TOLD you it wouldn’t last.

And on and on {and on}.

But, what if you took a different look?

What if you allowed your lens to be cleared, and you allowed yourself to finally see true {without self judgment or blame}?

You are power.

You are life.

You are God made manifest.

You are infinity in form {and formlessness}.

You are that which you are.

And all those times where it didn’t “work”?

All those times where it seemed to get worse before it got better, only to then get worse {again}?

What if… stay with me here…

What if you were only showing yourself what you had asked to see?

What you had asked to BE SHOWN?

I know, I know.

Fuck allllll the way off, right?

But lean in here, Wild One.

Cuz this next piece might just change everything.

This is not about dismissing trauma or other bad shit that we’ve gone through.

This is about perception and SIGHT.

We ask for guidance, we ask to see our blinders, we ask to be shown the way through.

And we are.

Every single time.

We are.

But sometimes what we are shown is the energy of self we are still living into…

The ways of being that are not, in fact, born of our innateness but are, rather, born of all the things we are still believing ABOUT our innateness.

Hmmmm… an example of sorts:

You want to experience yourself as limitless.

You want to remember yourself as raw power and infinity ITSELF.

But you are also still holding old energetics around what that “means”.

Around what that has to look like for you.

Around what it’s going to take from you.

Around what you’ll become beholden to {for-ev-errrrrr}.

Around why you could {and WILL!!!} have it SOMEday… but not TOday.

Etc etc etc.

And so when you ask to be shown what’s next, to be shown who you’re being that is in dissonance with who you DESIRE to be…

You are offered a reflection of all the outmoded constructs AROUND this desire.

Not to trip you up.

Not to FUCK you up.

But to SHOW you because you asked to be shown.

Because you are the God Self in temporal reality.

And you ASKED the whole to show the parts what they haven’t been seeing.

And so you did! God did!

But then somewhere along the way, you forgot that you asked…

And you started believing that the evidence of your greatness and power was merely universal feedback from the void, telling you you’re not ready.

Telling you that “they” were right and you can’t have it/be it YET.

Telling you you better stay in your place and not step over that line or else.

And so you feel defeated.

And then you ask again.

And then you are shown {you show YOURSELF} again.

And then you misbelieve in what you are seeing again.

And on and on {and on}.

Or… OR…

You ask.

And you REMEMBER that you asked.

And you pay attention.

To that which you now see.

To that which you now feel.

To that which you now experience.

And you BE with it all.

And you swirl that fucker around on your tongue and you drink it down and howl your {re}pussified reclamation to the moon.

And you see what the fuck you are being shown.

And you allow {and you CHOOSE} to shapeshift it all into your desired state of energy and Beingness.

And you come home.

To that which you always were.

To that which it was always going to be about for you.

You seat yourself back upon your fucking throne and you REIGN.

Your world.

Your everything.

Because you say so.

Yup, yup.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



So does this mean everytime we ask and are shown that it’s going to be some horrible situation or downfall?


It gets to be ease. It gets to be turn on. It gets to be flow.

But YOU get to decide that.

And lean into it.

And SEE what you are being shown, even {and maybe most especially} regarding any energetics you're holding around you getting to not only experience it all, but getting to experience it all in the ways you WANT to experience it all.


But howwwww????!!!!!


The practice of going and staying all in, on all of you.

The practice of allowing yourself to evoke and remember and experience it ALL.

The practice of Emergent Seeing.

All of which we’re excavating the fuck out of this month in Primal Provocateur™ and Skin, my pro level creative mentorship(s) for Multidimensional Messengers and Soul Refugees who know the time is now.

Who know the time is ALWAYS now.

This month, we’re holding our 1st official VIP Day Intensive:

Regenerating The Wilds Beneath

And holy-fuck-me, is this shit gonna change the ENTIRE fucking game.

If you’re one of us, text me {+17022917319} or DM me on IG {@nikkakarli} and I’ll send you a private viewing page with all the deets and how to request your invitation.

I love you.

You are loved.

And you’ve got this shit.

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