And What Is It That You WANT?

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June 23, 2022


Nikka Karli

And What Is It That You WANT?

Like, for real son.

What the fuck do you WANT?

Not what they told you to want.

Not what you think you can get away with or get by on.

I’m talking the wanting of SOUL.

The shit you couldn’t escape from even if you tried.

{And Lord knows… you’ve TRIED.}

So, what is it?

What’s the thing?

What’s YOUR thing?

That you are done running from.

That you are done hiding from.

The thing that wakes you up and haunts your bones at 3am.


What IS it?

And also…

Why are you not allowing yourself to have it?

Or, rather, why are you not opening your thighs, howling your remembrance to the fucking moon, and surrendering to the inevitability of your everything?

And {AND!!!} what if you simply decided, today, here, now, that what you feel and know inside is the ENTIRE way, truth, and divine evocation of the holyfied light?

What if you stopped chasing God/Source/Love as some entity in the heavens and remembered that it has been in you all along.

That it has been OF you all along.

That you were never not of IT all long.

What then?

What would you become the yes to in the instantaneous now?

What would you decide now gets to be FOR you, right damn now?

Not the drip fed, dried out, Muggle Dickifed ideations of a thrice damned you.


I’m talking that lush. That good good.

That pussy drippin’, erotic nectar drippin’, soul drippin’ FIYAH.

It’s time.

You know it’s time.

And there’s nothing else that needs to be done or figured out.

And there’s nothing else about yourself that YOU need to figure out.

Just begin.

And hold the line.

And claim the entire damn thing as yours, right the fuck now.


Because you say so.

And that, Wild One, is simply that.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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