Creativity, Running A Business, And Chronic Hypervigilance Walked Into A Soul…

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October 6, 2022


Nikka Karli

Creativity, Running A Business, And Chronic Hypervigilance Walked Into A Soul…

With everything that’s going on {more below}, I won’t be offering private mentoring or running The Refugee Soul:Ship until early 2023.

As such, I had the hit today to offer FREE 1:1 sessions to anyone who enrolls in one of my Program Series today. 😱

Deets below.

So the last week has been… a lot.

Parental E.R. stay. Rapid onset cognition and health decline. Healing and caretaking…

{Family members: please text if you need an update, I won’t check social media for fam stuff.}

There is progress, thank God.

And still… I’ve been sitting with Big Questions and doubts.

How the fuck do I write?

And make the videos and audio experience I was about to drop?

And you know, run a business that has been solely based on my ability and capacity and desire to, well, create?


And finish this first draft of the novel that is soooooo close to being done…

I’ve been getting curious for some time about the way I was running my business, which was more like: okay let’s just follow soul and see what works.

But, I also knew I didn’t want to keep going the way I was going.

I also knew I was ready to truly drop in and show up and lead a massive + dope AF community and audience of allllllll the soul peeps.

But {BUT}…

I didn’t want to do it the way I was going with it all.

Now, I had always known I wanted a deep, potent library of programs for you to be able to dive into at any time and excavate all the remembrance and the Wilds within you, while I wrote all the books and worked with a select number of the dopest peeps inside specific offers.

And I have also known I most enjoy teaching and filming offers live.

But, and here’s the rub, this led to a belief that I HAD to keep opening live programs in order to run my business.

Even though I KNEW that wasn’t what I wanted long term.

Have you been there?

Where you create something that is supposed to be temporary, except you then can’t see or feel your way into the next evolution of what you know you desire and hold inside?

Yeah. That’s what the past year has been about.

Dropping in with how to finish recording the bulk of the programs I already knew I wanted in my “Library of the Wilds”…

While also getting serious and dropping into devotional ecstasy with my first novel and nonfiction books and the few programs that I wanted to CONTINUE holding with live components.

I messaged one of my fave guides who I have worked with on and off over the years and shared a major a-ha that came through this week.


And then I had another major a-ha around my childhood health and medical trauma and how it became enmeshed with money and death.

More on that soon.

But I feel like it’s important to speak to the fact that my body has been in major hypervigilance as of late.

And that hypervigilance has opened me to seeing things that I have been wanting to see for some time.

Now, this has been very intentional on my part.

I unfortunately have a lot of experience with systemic states of hyper- and hypovigilance.

So I went into this with an energetic state of transmuting it into the wisdom I have been trying to show myself, but not allowing myself to witness.

I CHOSE to allow this moment in time to bring me into depths I have not yet had the remembrance of activating and living into.

This is important.

Once I realized I was in a systemic stress state, I decided and intended what the state was going to be for.

And I know a good number of you have experienced these states.

I’ve mentored and taught a ton of students and clients around systemic hyper- and hypovigilance the past few years especially.

And I keep meaning to speak to this in a way that will crack open your souls and help you not only believe in a light at the end of the tunnel, but to KNOW it’s here and to also understand how you might begin accessing and embodying it in your business and art.

But I am tired as shit right now and writing feels like a lot of energy at present. 🤣

So I will be back soon with part 2 and who knows how many other parts.

But I wanted to at least pop in and say hi.

I miss you.

And to get the magic stirring around what else might be possible and true for you, regardless of what your body is experiencing as of late.


If you are beseeching your soul to get back to your normal state of creativity and expression…

If you are lamenting over how to handle chronic and systemic overload on your body, mind, and soul…

If you are wondering if this moment will ever {for fuck’s sake} END and if you will ever feel that fire and freedom again…

I see you.

I feel you.

And yes, yes you absolutely fucking will.

However, it will likely ask of you something that you have been putting off for years.

A complete dismantling and dissolution of how you THINK it all has to go, in order for you to create, “produce”, show up…

And a wild, erotic surrender into the thing you have always known inside.

The thing you KNEW was for you, but you couldn’t see the “how”.

The thing you KNEW was the only way it was ever going to be for you, but you could only see it and vision it in the someday, rather than the now.

I’m rambling and there’s so much more to say.

So I’ll wrap for now with this:

You can have it.

The soulmate, resonant, fully unleashed way of Being and creating and running the entire damn thing.

It’s yours.

I believe in you.

And I want to play with a few of you in supporting your complete untaming.

So, here’s what we’re going to do.

Everyone who enrolls in one of my Program Series today will receive a FREE private 1:1 {Re}Wilding Session with me.

These are fire AF 20-30 minute deep dive excavations of the medicine and alchemy inside.

The things that you have been efforting around, and are ready to finally see the damn thing, unleash the damn thing, and BE the damn thing around.

I will obviously only have space for a handful of people, so this bonus is only available today.

This is you stepping out on faith.

Not hope, although hope has its place.

But this is about knowing.

You free falling into the mystery and cultivating the depth of self trust and self knowing necessary to actualize the unseen into the seen.

The quantum into the physical.

The someday into the now.

It is one of the deepest magics of my genius in working with clients.

Oh, and if you enroll in more than one Program Series, you will get more than one private session with me. 😍

So, if you want in on this:

Choose your Program Series here.

And then message me on IG or email me as soon as you have and I’ll send you a link to my calendar and we can get this primal pussy party started off next week.

I love you.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



The photo is from the day before it all began last week.

I was going to write something that day. I have no idea what it was now.

Sometimes I like to look at images from right before events took place, to see what wisdom and medicine lies behind our eyes…

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