Houston, We Are A Goooooo!!! {Plus Sales On Sales On Sales On Sales!!!}

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September 14, 2022


Nikka Karli

Houston, We Are A Goooooo!!! {Plus Sales On Sales On Sales On Sales!!!}

I have a million things to share with you…

So many dissections beyond the veil.

So many submersions beneath the waves.

And it’s all gotten to the point where I’ve allowed the multitude of things to become a cacophony.

One that has felt like a gaping, percussive mosh pit between my brain and the page.

I kept wondering, ok, but where do we re-begin?

When there is so much to be said and also...

When we know that only one thing needs to be said at a time?

And in the mental masturbatory meanderings and quagmiric supplications born only of NOT saying the things… 🤣

I find myself just wanting to celebrate with you.

Celebrate what, you might ask?

All the things.











… and so much more.

And one of my favorite ways to celebrate is to have sales.


Dunno, just how it is.

So, as a sort of come back into the world of form and people {more on that later}, I am inviting you to share in my wild jubilation.

I have opened up my new shop.

You have eight dope AF offers to choose from.

The sales pages for some are not up on the main site yet, but if you have questions or want more deets on them, just message me and I’ll share away.

Oh, oh, oh!!!!!

And I have a new fiyahhhhhh AF private client intensive!!!

It’s 30 days.


Bespoke soul shit.

Full-on alchemy + mystery broking + soul shenanigans of the highest degree.

Only 1-2 spots/month {and only during months I feel called to do private client work}.

You should know this though:

I am on fire.

I am back.

I am not fucking around.

If you want a primal merging of ancient feminine {re}wilding + cosmic cock consciousness… come play.

Melanated Kin have first dibs.

What else, what else?


Self Appointed is going down on Sept 27th inside The #GoddessTheFuckUp Series and Continuum is going down on Sept 20th inside The Limitless Series.

If you want to join either live, please enroll in the respective series before then.

Ok, that’s it for tonight.

I have soooo much to tell you!!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!!

Ok, focus. 😮💨

Stay tuned for magical mayhem.

And in the meantime, come celebrate #alllthethings with me and grab as many offers on sale as you desire.

I’ll probably leave the sale up through the weekend on the Series {maybe longer for #EmbodiedAF and Where The Wild Roam Free}.

And, without further {further} ado…

Here’s the brand new Nikka Karli Shop!!

And you can also choose to pay in installments via Shop Pay {we are no longer hosting payment plans ourselves… more on this and biz thangs soon!!}.

I love you.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Message me once you enroll so I can celebrate all that you are!!!

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