If Iron Sharpens Iron And Steel Sharpens Steel, Then…

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March 17, 2023


Nikka Karli

If Iron Sharpens Iron And Steel Sharpens Steel, Then…

What are you sharpening yourself INTO when you are constantly in predominantly white spaces, all the while attempting to embody the medicine of the ancestors and your soul?

And what happens when you are ONLY being fed your own lineages and sibling lineages through the lens of a white body and white gaze?

Phew, chiiiiiiile!!

I invite you to really lean into this shit.

To really BREATHE this shit IN.

And see what there is to see.

Notice what your body has already been telling and showing you, about what it IS, about who you ARE.

Notice and remember.

Allowing yourself to choose to reveal yourself back unto yourself.

Which can be really fucking HARD, if the bodies we are surrounded by cannot hold the polarities of systemic oppression and melanated joy that we have been through.

That have BEEN through US.


And when we live into it all, when we experience it all, we are able to find ourselves in the melee.

We are able to be the calm in the chaos, rather than allowing the chaos to run amok in the background of our bodies, sex, art, business, and all the things.

And what might become of us, if we were to instead gather the kin?

Gather OURSELVES within spaces of kinship itself?

What might we begin to see?

What might we begin to say?

And what might begin to be evoked as us?

This is an invitation beyond what you have thought possible for you, being in the spaces you have been.

And of course there’s nothing WRONG with predominantly white spaces.

Sometimes we are called to them.

But we must have intentionality and sight.

We must be able to SEE with our holyfied and sacred sight that which we are engaging in.

And to be able to hold ourselves as the melanated magic that we ARE, regardless of what those spaces try to reflect to us.

And, when we are drawn in, when the breath of us is drawn IN…

We come home.

To the spaces where we are seen.




Where we do not have to code switch in order to “get by”.

Because we are no longer CONTENT with just getting by.

We are ready to thrive and fly and soar.

We are ready to unleash and surrender.

We are ready to {re}wild the nectar and medicine of our everything.

So, I made you something.

Well, a few somethings.

The bones of it all… the EXPERIENCE with me… that one is coming.

Watch this space.

But, in the meantime…

Thing 1:

The first in a new 3 part series over on TikTok.

Kicking things off by going deeper into some prompts around today’s message.

You can watch the first part here.

And be sure to follow for parts 2 and 3 dropping later today.

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Thing 3:

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As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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