I’ve Got A Lot To Say.

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May 25, 2022


Nikka Karli

I’ve Got A Lot To Say.

And yet, at times… I’ve got nothing at all.

The words flow and they don’t.

The freedom howls and it’s quiet.

The mourning thrums and then the joy reigns once more.

It’s life, though.

This pendulum of feelings and sensation and remembrance.

It’s creation, though.

This mystery and death and rebirth.

It all IS simply because and as we ARE.

There is no one way to navigate the trenches or excavate the depths.

There is no one journey through which we will find ourselves and root our bodies back into HOME.

There is only the living of it all.

There is only the submersion and merging within and unto it all.

And where will you know yourself?

Where will you allow and choose yourself to BE known?

This is intimacy.

An oracular threshold of the sacred and the profane.

A wayward rolling and undulatory practicing of Source and of Soul.

Will you find yourself here?

Will you choose to be FOUND here?

Your bones are calling.

They are resonating with the return of that which you have always been.

They beg to be buried.

To be grieved.

To be poured over.

To be sung over.

To be danced over.

The bones beg to be dripped and lamented and rejoiced and hummed and GLORIFIED over.

But will you?

Will you become that?

Will you surrender to it?

Will this be that moment for you…

For this…

When you lay your body down upon the fertile soil of your own holified {un}becoming…

And own who the fuck you are?

In this…

This moment…

Will you REMEMBER who the fuck you are and become the embodied evocation of your God-born everything?

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



At times such as these, when the world is burning and the people cry out and it seems that, one again, hope is nothing more than a mythical frivolity of a child’s dream…




For yourself.

For them.

For love.



I’m gonna share a #QuantumQuickie breathwork/clearing practice over on TikTok, sometime today or tomorrow.

Depending on how my body chooses to move this all through right now.

Follow me @nikkakarli and stay tuned for the drop.

I also posted some journaling session magic there yesterday…

It might support you in whatever you’re experiencing today.

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