{Livestream} The Energetics of Effort vs Engagement

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July 6, 2022


Nikka Karli

{Livestream} The Energetics of Effort vs Engagement

Sometimes we feel a calling, a THUNDERING, of soul.

Sometimes we even listen…

I used to do a fuck ton of livestreams back in the day.

I am a firm believer that creative expression {and creation energy in and of itself} moves in phases.

We can flow with these phases, surrendering into and of that which howls our name in the night.

Amalgamating WITH the next level goddess shit we know is here for us, seemingly on the other side of a veil we have not before allowed ourselves to part.

{Ah, we should note: There is no veil.}

…Or we can fight the phases with everything we’ve got.

Desperately trying to hold on to some semblance of a requiem of a thrice damned dream.

I’ve played with both.

And, I don’t know about you {except I DO because you are HERE}, but the surrender is a whole lot more turned on and life GIVING for me.

I prefer it.

Doesn’t mean we need to judge ourselves or the playground we have chosen up until now.

We simply get to drop in and get really real with ourselves about whether or not we’re enjoying and in the conscious CHOOSING of our experience…

Or if we’re simply running on a system of outmoded conditioning and colonized ideations of value, earning, and worth.

I chose {and continue to choose} the real.

If you’re with me, then come play on Friday at 3pm PT, over on the YouTubes.

Subscribe and set a reminder here.

I’ll be hosting my first public live transmission in, I think, over a year {gasp!}.

It’s gonna be lit AF {or whatever the kids are saying now}.

See you there!!

Oh, could you invite a few soul peeps for me?

I want this to be available to even more dope souls. 😍

As always…

Here's to your untaming,



The first offering inside my brand new Limitless Series, Orgasmic Waking Bliss, begins Monday.

This is, hands down, about to be the dopest, most pussy drippin’, decolonized manifestation portal evahhhhhhh.

Just a reminder:

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I am no longer available to fuck around with the medicine of my soul.

Thriving and embodied erotica as praxis, from here on out.

You feel me?

You with me?

Because look.

I know that YOU know you already know how to survive…

But the inconsistency?

The disembodied soul shenanigans and fuckery?

The back and forth frequencies of fragmentation and playing around with energy as if you are ANYTHING less than the divine made manifest?

Not the hotness anymore.

So, this is where you {re}member how to fucking THRIVE and come {and cummmmmm} fully alive.


You message me yet?

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