Make Shit That Moves You

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May 6, 2022


Nikka Karli

Make Shit That Moves You

You can sit around, for a lifetime really.

Waiting for inspiration.

Waiting for art and people and life to inspire you…

Or you can become a living evocation OF inspiration itself.

You can choose to breathe life into and unto yourself.

Not for anyone.

Not even for the mission.

But simply because it is a part of who you are.

Being that ALIVE is simply a PART of who you ARE.

Let it be so.

Command that it is so.


That is now SO.

There will be moments when you find yourself hanging out on the outskirts of your own life.

Peering into the windows of a world that seems to be passing you by.

And you wonder:

When did it come to this?

HOW did it come to this?

At what point did I give up the ghost and agree to merely survive on the dredges of who I came here to be?

And in these moments we are offered parlay.

By Source and by Soul.

To go beyond the veil we have placed over our own Seeing.

To open our legs and drip ourselves back to life.

To claim and REclaim that which we damn well KNOW that we are.

And if this is such a moment…

Go make something.

Go EXPERIENCE something of your own making.

Write it. Film it. Sculpt it.

Whatever form it decides to take on, through you and as you.

MAKE it.

And make it now.

Inspire yourself.

MOVE yourself.

With the depth and provocation and majesty of your own energetic ecstasy and remembrance.

Initiate yourself into the feel of it.

Into the taste of it.

Into the KNOWING of it.

Allow yourself to become an instrument for the sound of creation itself.

Allow yourself to become a portal for the medicine and breath of the world that is here to be offered up through, for, and as you.

Because you can.

Because you want it.

Because you are no longer available to wait on anyone or anything to experience life living its best life as you.

Because you say so.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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