{Melanated Kin} The Shape Of It All + The Identity Sessions Are Open!!! 🪩

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March 7, 2023


Nikka Karli

{Melanated Kin} The Shape Of It All + The Identity Sessions Are Open!!! 🪩

Awwwwwww sheeeeiiittttt…

Here we fucking go, Wild One!!

Welcome to our very first Melanated Musings edition.

I am… I don’t even have the words.

But I cannot WAIT to drop into these here Wilds with you. 😱

Also, I won’t be adding “Melanated Kin” to the subject line after today.

Just wanted to let you know we are kicking this shit off.

So, without further ado, let’s get into our 1st edition.

What is it that you already know that you know, but are denying?

You’re not allowing through what you KNOW, because you are vilifying the vessel and form through which it is coming.

You are denigrating your body and voice because of a colonized construct that told you they were not worthy.

Less than.

That reminded you, again and again, that they were not safe.

That YOU were not safe if you trusted in them.

If you believed in the vessel and portal of the Most High that you are.

That you ARE.

And so you have shut them down.

Turned them down.

Let the magic burning its way through your veins just…


And not allowed that fire to be rebirthed into the world through, for, and as you.

But what if you began to choose something different?

What if you decided that God being made manifest as you was always and ever MORE than enough.

For what?

For everything.

For YOUR everything.

What would you then see?

And what would you allow to then see you?

This is an invitation to not only remember who the fuck you are, but to also live into it without apology.

To become the embodied evocation of the madness and majesty born to your body and blood.

As Melanated Kin, we are given an opportunity to re-form ourselves without the colonized and white gazes upon our flesh.

To {re}wild the medicine that we are, without the chains of oppression they used to try and silence us.

To speak the truth that we already know…

Without second guessing whether or not that truth will be the downfall of all we love {and potentially the world}.

So this is that invitation.

To remember.

To {re}wild.

To become your own yes.

And, if you are called to excavate this primordial mayhem with me as your Erotic Muse and guide, I have something for you.


The Identity Sessions

{Re}Wilding The Business & Medicine Of Soul

Now, you should know:

This is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for anyone who is not absolutely, positively FOR the Wilds.

Cool? Cool.


This is where you get me in all my neurodiverse + autism + instinctual + abolitionist magic, going all in on who the fuck you KNOW you are…

But aren’t fully living into and creating as, just yet.

This is not one of my ooey gooey offers.

Loooove me some of those. This is simply not that.

This is dark and erotic and primordial and deep.

We go IN on the business and shape of you.

This is straight identity {re}wilding, distillation, and bespoke clarity around the next evolution of the medicine of your Refugee Soul.

No chaser.

This is a very rare offering for single sessions with me.

Spots are crazy limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

So if you want in, learn more and book your session here.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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