My un-planning plan for 2023

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December 29, 2022


Nikka Karli

My un-planning plan for 2023

I don’t think I can express how uninterested I am in “planning” my new year.

I know this is the time when everyone sends offers about prepping and planning your biz + life + what-the-fuck-ever for the next year.

And I am, as I always am at this time, completely and wholly…


On the whole of it.

This never feels like a time for making a step by step plan for what I will do or who I will be.

{Although, of course, it never really feels like the time for that to me. Haaa!!! I’m much more of an erotic excavation and instinctual magic type of person, ya know?}

Rather, this point of the year always feels like an invitation into the primordial depths.

A waypoint and a lens.

Into all the things that need to die to soul in order for soul to fully live.

Maybe you like planning.

Maybe it speaks to the heart of your Refugee Soul.

Nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it’s absolutely and exquisitely perfect.

It simply doesn’t do it for me.

And I wonder, as I am want to do at this time of year, what I desire and am called to INSTEAD of the “planning”.

Here’s what I’m finding for my 2022/2023 transition…

It’s time to lay the bones.

And to then sing and dance and fuck and howl and drip over the bones.

It’s time to remember and awaken and reveal.

To that which it was always and ever going to be about.

To purge all the hidden nooks and crannies of everything {EV-ER-Y-THIIIIIING} that I have pedestal-ed and allowed to run amok in the background of soul.

It’s time to return.

To the sacred. To the Wilds. To the mystery.

It’s time to surrender and open my thighs and free fall into the wild medicine of what IS.


So, I guess the only question now is:

Who’s coming with me?

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



I was going to create a big old winter bundle to celebrate Solstice and the end of this dumpster fire/beautiful mess of a year and all the things, but I’m tired.

So instead, let’s have a sale!!!

On some of my absolute favorite things.

Oh, oh, ohhhhhh!!!

And there will even be a pre-sale on some private client work, which almost never happens.

I’ll open up the Winter Solstice Sale tomorrow.

It’s gonna be so fun!!!

Watch this space.

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