{Practice} An Inevitability Of Entropy And Form + Free Breathwork Practice

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June 26, 2022


Nikka Karli

{Practice} An Inevitability Of Entropy And Form + Free Breathwork Practice


I made you something.

It’s free, short, and potent AF.

It’s called Percussive Fire and I made it for a time such as this.

To clean and clear.

To dissolve and liberate.

To remember.

You can explore the practice here.

Please share it with a few other soul peeps who could use the embodied support.

I love you. You are loved.

No matter what you do, you will, inevitably, descend back into primordial chaos.

And no matter what you do, you will, inevitably, return to some semblance of form.

They are both part of this whole humaning thing.

They are both born TO this whole humaning thing.

You can hem and haw about it.

You can turn your body into a battleground, trying to run from it.

Or you can use it.

You can use the inevitability of creation energy in every area of who you are.

You can access and unleash the magic OF creation energy into everything that you know you hold inside… but aren’t quite living into yet.

And in this choosing, in this decision point of what IS and what gets to therefore BECOME…

You set yourself free.


You can spend a lifetime doubling down on internal and {subsequent} external habitats that feed your encoded aversion of yourself.

Of your power.

Of your medicine.

…Or you can cultivate a lifetime of devotional ecstasy and staying all in on all of you.

I know which one you WANT…

I also know which one you FEAR and DOUBT.

Because they are one in the same.

You were taught that, for whatever reason, you can’t handle the totality of you.

That the WORLD can’t handle the totality of you.

And so you piecemeal your life together.

You stitch YOURSELF together.

Holding on to your truth and soul by a ratty ass thread.

Creating {and doubling down on} a threadbarren life for yourself.

As if it were the inevitably OF yourself.

But what if you decided to see things differently now?

What if you decided you could HANDLE seeing things differently now?

What would you allow yourself to now be shown?


What would you remember yourself to have already BEEN?

Where there’s nothing else you must do or try or get to, in order to BE you.

And what if, by allowing yourself to CHOOSE the chaos…

You are simply reborn as what you’ve always known and felt inside.

Right damn now.

No more waiting.

No more second guessing.

No more thinking you need clarity or to understand yourself…

Because you simply now REMEMBER yourself.

This is your invitation today.

To choose it.

To choose yourself.

To decide that it now is.

That you now ARE.

And that, as they say, is that.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Aren’t you fucking tired of living into anything {and I mean ANYTHING} other than the fully turned on, erotically ALIVE version of you that howls your name in the night?

Aren’t you fucking OVER any aspect of yourself that tells you you can’t have it yet? That you can’t BE it yet? Until… until… UNTIL!!!

Of course you are.

You didn’t come here to play Muggle Dick Games with yourself.

You didn’t come here to PLAY yourself. Period.

But you’ve been fucking around with the half you for so long, you’ve almost begun to believe that it’s the TRUTH of you.


There’s a part of you that refuses to give up the ghost.

That refuses to go quietly, meekly, BANALLY into that good night.

And that’s the part of you to which I speak.

That’s the part of you I am calling forth and calling in.

You get to have it all, because you were never NOT it all.

It’s all here.

It’s all yours.

And I want you to SEE it.

I want you to OWN the fuck out of it.


Like, RIGHT now.

You in?

If so…

The Limitless Series is coming.

And our first portal is Orgasmic Waking Bliss.

We begin a couple weeks.

If you are done fucking around with the medicine of your soul…

You WANT to be with us.

Watch this space.


If you are BEYOND ready now and don’t want to wait, you can apply for Primal Provocateur™.

As a mentoring client, you will receive Orgasmic Waking Bliss for free.

Along with a fuck ton of other magic, practices, and insanely dope community of other Refugee Souls who not only want it all, they have CLAIMED it all as theirs.

Head here to read about PP {and our bonus Melanated Kin space}.

And then let me know if you’re in.

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