☠︎ The Art Of Interesting Things, Part II ☠︎

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January 28, 2023


Nikka Karli

☠︎ The Art Of Interesting Things, Part II ☠︎

Pre-S: I am opening 2-3 spots for private Voxer mentoring in February. This is full-on + daily 1:1 connection {M-F} inside a private audio messaging app to dive into the primordial unleashing and evocation of the deepest levels of magic, messaging, liberation, energetics, and revolution born to your Refugee Soul.

And if you enroll today, you’ll also receive a bonus 1:1 call with me to drop into all the things together live {via Zoom}.

If you know one of the spots is yours, grab it here.

So, let’s talk interesting shit, shall we?

Let’s speak of the madness and undulation whispering you home in the depths.

Let’s pray with the body poetics of an infinite soul taking up root in a temporal temple of Creation itself.

You are never ending.

You are stardust that lived millenia ago and still your light shines.


Your light.


You flicker and dance and howl your remembrance to the sea and the moon.

And yet…

And YET…

You have forgotten.

The magic.

The medicine.

The truth.


Of that which you are.

Of exactly WHO you are.

And they wanted you to forget, you know?

They wanted to keep you in your place.

The place they decided would allow them to thrive.

The place they decided would uplift their families and generations.

All the while, here you are.

In the muck of everything you knew you COULD be…

And yet never became.

The quagmiric and revelatory mysteries being spoken into form through your very breath and bones.

And HERE you ARE.

Waiting on someone.

Waiting on God.

Waiting on the you who knows.

Who understands.

Who sees.

But what if…

What IF…

The struggle has already been had.

The work has already been done.

The coin has already been paid.

Not that it HAD to be.

Not that your freedom HAD to come at someone else’s cost.

But that was part of the invasion though, wasn’t it?

A belief that we couldn’t possibly ALL have it all.

The encoding that someone or something had to pay in order for you to be safe and free.

But it’s done.

It’s BEEN done.

And yet…

Here you ARE.

Waiting on the day when you will be ALLOWED to just fucking… be.

But it.



And medicine then becomes:

Will you LET it be done?


Will you lay down your arms and call parlay in the battleground between your body and soul?

Will you allow the divine birthright of abundance and liberation and pleasure and ease and magic carved into the very ley lines of you…

To live?


To come {and cummmmm} fully ALIVE.

In you.

For you.

As you.

Will you cast your gaze to the sky and the land and remember who the fuck you are?

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Ok, so the private mentoring thing thing.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve offered a Voxer-only container.

Because I thought it wouldn’t be enough.

Meaning: I thought the magic moving as me wasn’t enough.

And so, I kept trying to force myself to add on a bunch of shit that I also enjoy…

But that I don’t enjoy or actually desire right NOW.

But I have been in some of the most profound quantum realm shifts as of late.

And I want to share them with you.

I want to bring you with me on this initiation.

And so…

30 days.

You + me.

In daily audio messaging and contact.

You have full access to me and my magic.

Where we’ll be excavating the fuck out of EXACTLY who you are and EXACTLY what you came here to experience, create, and share with the peoples and the world.

This is world creation.

This is decolonized and liberatory energetics as the way.

And this is, if you are called, your path home.

With me as your Erotic Muse to guide you into the full, unadulterated certainty and knowing of what’s now and what’s next.

For you.

For the medicine.

For the Wilds.

Enroll here.

Bonus 1:1 call disappears at midnight tonight {PT}.

Message me with any questions.

I love you.

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