😱 The Biggest Sale I Have Ever Offered Is Here!! (80% Off Today Only) 😱

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December 31, 2022


Nikka Karli

😱 The Biggest Sale I Have Ever Offered Is Here!! (80% Off Today Only) 😱

This is the most MASSIVE and POTENT sale I have ever offered and I am so fucking excited to share it with you.

Why this? Why now?

Because I have been called into the depths of everything medicine and mayhem and madness and soul.

And I want you with me in the rise from the ashes.

The entire business I was running {and the parts I was NOT running} have had a coming to Jesus moment of the highest degree.

One thing you will see is that our six Program Series have changed names to make things less confusing because…

The individual programs and workshops are baaaaack, baby!!

I remembered just how much I have been called (for the past decade) to have a deep and primordial library of the dopest magic ever to share with you.

I’ve also restructured a good amount of pricing for various offers because it just feels good and yummmm.

And there’s much more I’ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks.

But for now, because my little neurodiverse, autistic heart totally miscalculated just how long setting up this sale and the new shop would ACTUALLY require 🤣😩…

I’ll just leave you with the sale deets and a major thank you from the depths of my pussy and soul that I get to walk this earth journey with each of you.

The most important thing about this sale that you need to know?

It’s only open for three days.

And each day, the sale decreases {aka: the program prices go back up}.

So today is the day to get the biggest, most holy fuck discounts evahhhhh.

And frfr… when I say I will only offer this sale in this form once, I mean it.

The reason I’m offering it now is that I legit just want to celebrate with you that we can do things.

All the things.

And none of the things.

We get to lean into exactly what we are here for… and within it all…

We get to wildcraft the life, art, relationships, revolution, and businesses of our wettest dreams.

I love you.

Let’s play.

The sale deets:

Day 1- 80% off (ends 1/1/23 at 5pm PT)

Day 2- 50% off (ends 1/2/23 at 5pm PT)

Day 3- 30% off (ends 1/3/23 at 5pm PT)

➟ Choose the programs that most turn on your soul at this moment.

➟ As we are just adding a fuck ton of programs back to the shop, automations aren't yet complete. So your access will be added within 24 hours. Hang tight!

➟ Stock up now, as this sale will not be coming back in its current form again.

➟ You can now use the cart function to checkout with multiple programs at once!

➟ And please feel free to choose a payment plan for it all (via the dope af Shop Pay option).

Head to the sale and choose your magic here.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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