The Birthday Bundle is herrreeee!!! 🥳

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November 19, 2022


Nikka Karli

The Birthday Bundle is herrreeee!!! 🥳

It’s my bday month {the 18th!!} and we on that Sensual Seduction Scorpio Shit, baby.

And I want to celebrate with something special.

So I curated a dope AF + brand spankin’ new collection of some of my absolute favorite sessions from over the past few years.

Some of these are from behind closed door private client intensives.

Others are from some of my absolute HOTTEST initiations and offerings.

And, since it’s me, we’re gonna make this shit erotic and hot and yummmmm.


The Birthday Bundle

An Erotic Excavation Of Sex, Magic, & Consciousness Beneath The Primordial Veil

This collection is over 15 hours of straight up primal medicine and includes 13 teaching transmissions, 3 ceremonies, 2 breathwork practices, and countless Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts to help drop you into the Wilds of your everything... right the fuck now.

What you’ll find inside:

➳ Catching The Wild Nectar That Runs Between Your Thighs (Wild Nectar™ Ceremony)

➳ Actualizing The Aetheric Womb

➳ Excavations Beyond The "Acceptable" Madness

➳ Decolonizing Pussy (breathwork practice)

➳ The Elemental Heart (Wild Nectar™ Ceremony)

➳ Seeding Culture, Decolonized Brand Identity, & Leading Your Revolution From The Front

➳ Nature-Based Nervous System Resourcing & Recalibration To Expand Your Body's Capacity For Holding Your Next Evolution Of Soul

➳ Unfucking Your Creativity, Message, & Magic

➳ Embodying The Energetic Ecstasy Of The Aetheric Realms

➳ The Quantum Crossroads Of Storytelling, Eros, & Soul

➳ Quantum Observation Point Of The Muggle Dick Matrix

➳ From Shape To Shapelessness

➳ Clearing The Channel (breathwork practice)

➳ Sensitizing The Intimacy Body

➳ De-Armoring Desire

➳ Quantum Pussy: The Rite of Orgasmic Medicine (Wild Nectar™ Ceremony)

➳ Mending The Thread Of The Five Bodies

➳ Initiating Jaguar Pussy Archetype

Your bonus:

➳ Primal Pussy Massage Practice

Now, just as a heads up:

This bundle is only available for maybe a week.

I haven’t decided yet.

But it definitely won’t be up for long.

So if you want some legit insane value and initiation into the depths of exactly who the fuck you are, what you are here to say, and the unapologetic unleashing and evocation of it all as you…

Come play.

Once you enroll, just DM or email us and we’ll be sure the bundle gets added to your account.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Once this is gone, it’ll almost certainly stay gone until next November.

You can pay in full {$444} or choose an interest-free payment plan.

So if this is your moment to bare it all…

Let’s get this shit.

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