The Most Sacred And Primal AF Thing I’ve Ever Offered Is Here {Awww Shit}

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July 5, 2022


Nikka Karli

The Most Sacred And Primal AF Thing I’ve Ever Offered Is Here {Awww Shit}

You’re not speaking to what you know.

Because you think it’s so commonplace, that it’s not worth mentioning.

Because you’ve encoded that it’s too “out there” and your peeps won’t get it {or you}.

Because what-the-fuck-ever.

But you know what happens when you don’t say what needs to be said?


Creative repression {and depression}.


I’ve been noticing an eye roll in my body around certain things.

I don’t watch/listen/read a lot of people’s stuff out on these here interwebs.

I have a core group that I pay attention to, for sure.

But most peeps?


And yet and still…

As of late, when I open up one of the socials, I find myself sighing in annoyance.

Which is an invitation for me to drop in with me.

You get that right?

If you’re annoyed by someone else’s shit… even the shit you barely notice or pay attention to… there’s something there for you.

It might be soul saying, “Hey! Get the fuck off the apps and go lay your ass down in some soil and commune with the sky and the land!!”

Or it could be a wake up call to that which you HAVEN’T been saying.

If you pay attention to what has you rolling your eyes, a pattern will likely emerge.

A pattern that invites and invokes you back UNTO a merge.

A merging with Source and with Soul.

A merging with desire as your of course.

A merging with the you who you have always been, and that you are now ready to reveal even more of, to yourself.

So what’s had me bored and rolling my eyes?

Beginner shit.

But not just any beginner shit.

Beginner shit that is said with such focred aplomb and self-pedestaling that it is intended to sound as if it were NEW shit.

As if it was the first time this thing has been uttered into the world {and that they are the first person to access the wisdom of said uttering}.

And yes, for some people who hear the message, they will be like “omg this is the most powerful new hotness I’ve ever heard!”…

But when it’s shit that is not new to YOU, it can all just feel…


And meh.

And all things banal and eye rollable.

And, of course, it’s not that way for the people that it’s FOR.

{You get that too, yes? Yes.}

And so I’ve dropped in and asked:

Ok, so what’s here for me? What’s the tedium of this here to show me?

And what I’m getting is like this “ahhhh yes… it’s time for next level shit again”.

Except… it’s never really NOT about that either, you know?

But there are moments when we’ve been coasting on soul.

Or, rather, coasting by and closing OFF to soul.

Not fully, not completely.

But… a little.

And in this closing, we start to notice an agitation in the cosmic realm that is us.

Because we are the infinite in finite form.

And, as such, anytime we close ourselves off, even a little bit, to the God/quantum/soul state…

We feel the constriction and either react or respond accordingly.

We REACT when we are unawares.

When we are in a habituated pattern of NOT saying yes to soul… NOT following the longings of our heart… NOT trusting our instinctual knowing and self.

We RESPOND, however, when we live into a more ritualized way of Being… when we are {and stay} attuned and sensitized to the divine, innate TRUTH of that which we are.

I was talking with my dope AF book writing coach and she mentioned how writers, especially, can get hung up on uniqueness.

So much so that we simply don’t create and produce our art.

And fuck, it’s so true, right?

I will extend this to include messengers.

Those of us who were born with a multidimensional evocation through which we not only experience life, but transmute and transmit life to those around us.

To those who are here to walk this whole life thing with us.

And there’s the rub, yeah?

There’s the banal AF rub.

Because in the agitation, in the eye rolling, I am showing myself where I’m being called to say the THINGS…

And yet am not.

Or not fully.

Not wholly.

And certainly not in the expansive and immutable quality of that which is born to me.


I’ll be sharing more soon, but for now…

The Limitless Series is here.

This is not a beginner series.

This is also not for you if you are obsessed with the colonized construct that tells you everything you desire has to come with sacrifice and unending effort and pain.

Ah and:

If you are not doing your antiracism work {or willing to dive deep in the instantaneous now}, this is not for you.

If you don’t want to rock the boat because the boat is giving you at least the dredges of what SEEMS like the power of a privileged white male society, this is not for you.

If you are brand new to energy/quantum/consciousness work, this is not for you.

I am using the word “work” intentionally here.

Not in the ways you’ve been brought up to believe is the only way.

The polar opposite of that.

Even more aptly, if that were the shadow expression of the archetypal pattern of life… this is the soul expression.

This is Decolonizing Manifestation As Consciousness.

This is a fractured reclamation at the faultline of the now.

And, if you are one of us, this is a quagmiric portal to re-merge the desires and vision you hold inside, into the physical embodiment of that which you are.

There is no sales page.

There is not even any more “information” at this time.

There is only an invitation.

There is only this as the kairotic moment when you draw your line in the sand, open your thighs, and drip your everything onto the pages of your world.

And if you don’t know, my new Series include a multitude of programs and they grant you access to the live or prerecorded creation of all future programs that will go into that Series.

Limitless is brand new.

Except… it’s really not.

This is ancient shit.

This is soul shit.

Our first offering inside Limitless begins next week.


Orgasmic Waking Bliss

The Erotic Energetics Of Alchemizing The Madness & Mystery Of Who The Fuck You KNOW You Are Into The Pussy Drippin’ Life, Business, & Intimacy Of Your Wettest Dreams

We will go for five weeks, diving into the primordial muck of everything you came here to remember, evoke, and become.

Into how to wake up everyday AS the embodied invocation of that knowing.

To walk the path.

To walk YOUR path.

Some of our touchstones will include race, gender, sex, identity, art, culture, God, energetics, intimacy… and so much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to work with me…

If you HAVE worked with me and have been feeling called to free fall into something new and next with me…

If you’ve found yourself in my world and have no idea how you arrived, but know beyond knowing this is where you’re meant to be right now…

This is the offering for you.

I cannot stress this enough.

This shit right here?

It’s about to change everything.

So if you’re ready to access and unleash every nectar and pussy drippin’ ounce of who the fuck you KNOW you are…

Text me or DM me on IG now.

And I’ll send you the link and coupon to join us in what is, outside my ongoing mentoring work, going to be THE deepest and erotic madness that has ever been transmitted through and as me.

Your investment, should you enroll now, is $1,111.

It will go up from there, until we’re live on July 11th, which is when Early Adopter Enrollment comes to an end.

So if you’re ready to create, message, move, fuck, and love yourself home…

Message me now.

I love you.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



All of my Series will end their Early Adopter Enrollments on Sunday, July 10th.

If you’re not quite ready to play in the raw AF energetics of Limitless with me, but you are ready to play in another way…

I invite you to enroll in any of the five other Series by Sunday, as all of them will increase by at least $1,000 {and some a few thousand dollars} by 11:59pm PT that night.

Message me if you want links and deets about the other Series.


Did we mention Limitless is NOT for beginners?

Just wanted to reiterate that shit one more time.

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