The Refugee Soul:Ship is now pre-boarding!!

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August 8, 2022


Nikka Karli

The Refugee Soul:Ship is now pre-boarding!!

An Eropoetic Convergence At The Fault Lines

{A Melanated Kin Initiation}

I have wondered…

Who are we when the waves have crashed over {and into} us?

And… who might we remember and become if we allowed ourselves to drink down the water in which they tried to drown our magic and our names?

Because there has long been a disturbance in the force.

One that we have either not looked at for fear of how we might {not} find ourselves…

Or because we believed ourselves to be unable to handle the rooting out of the unwelcome trespassers taking up residence in our bodies.

Because if we failed at that… Then what hope would be left to us?

Our bodies are the ships, you see.

The vessels carrying the memories and hypervigilance of our ancestors who were carried from… or stolen from right within… their homes and lands.

But what if the disturbance was the portal?

A between space of wayward fecundities and energetic ecstasy simply waiting to be reborn?

Who might we choose to walk as…

If we no longer walked as a ship whose spine had already been bowed and defined by the cruel hands of a settler nation and white gaze?

Simply because this is how we arrived, does not mean this is where we must stay.

A Taste Of What’s To Come {And Cummmmm}:

The Refugee Soul:Ship is an idea that first began whispering through me a year or two ago.

I did not yet know how to hold it…

Or, truly, I did not know if maybe I should hold it.

Not then. Not yet. Not me.

Except… all along… I also knew that I could.

And, even more aptly, I knew that I WOULD.

There was never a moment, since the idea first germinated its wild self within me, where I doubted that it would BECOME through me.

What I doubted was the how and the when…

And the why.

Why is this coming now?

Why couldn’t it wait?

Shouldn’t I wait?

And so I hesitated. I hemmed and hawed.

But, I also knew that the things they tried to kill in us were the same things that would set us free.

So I said yes.

And maybe, just maybe, this is where you say yes as well.

Your Pre-Boarding

Applications for The Refugee Soul:Ship open on Monday, August 15th, 2022.

And we officially set sail with an Erotic Nights Tantric Trance Opening Ceremony on Thursday, September 1st, 2022.

More deets {and a full invitation page} to come.

But if you are curious, if you are already longing for yourself in ways you have never before truly believed were available for you…

I invite you to join the interest list now.

And you will be the first to know when applications open.

I have an inkling about how many places there will be onboard this first sailing, but I am not sure.

So the interest list is the best way to secure your spot.

{You are of course not obligated to enroll by joining the interest list.}

This Is An 8-Week Initiation For Melanated Kin.

{Black, Indigenous, and Women/Femmes/Non-Binary Kin of Color}

We should note:

This is a holyfied and {re}pussified ship.

Pussy/Oracle is one of our primary portals.

So if you are not living into the energy and power of pussy, this will likely not be something you enjoy.

Ah, and also…

Keep reading and join the interest list here.

I love you.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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