There Is No One “Right” Way {+ 1:1 Bonus With Me, TODAY Only!!!}

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May 11, 2022


Nikka Karli

There Is No One “Right” Way {+ 1:1 Bonus With Me, TODAY Only!!!}

You hem and you haw.

You stall out.

Trying trying trying to FIGURE out the right way.

The best way.

The way that will get you the result you desire…

And the way that will hurt the least.

You want deeper impact.

But which is the right way to BE the revolutionary?

Fire and flames… Or earth and calm?

You want deeper wealth.

But how to go about it?

The way THEY say, that seems so much “faster”…

Or the way that gives life to your very soul?

You want deeper intimacy.

But what’s the path to take?

The one that makes sense on paper…

Or the one that alchemizes sensation in your belly, hips, and very blood?

Which to choose.

Which to follow.

How does one know?!!

And so you stay in the between.

Now, this is not the crossroads of the Wilds.


Rather, you stay in the grey.

A banal fixation marker where decisions feel grander than they actually are.

A wayward waypoint where you “pedestal” the how as you {yet again} judge the now.

Hmmmm… to put it another way:

You give your power of decision over to a colonized linear and correctness.

One that tells you what’s right and wrong.

That whispers to you who you can be… and when.

An institutionalized standard that reminds you {over and over again} what will happen to you and your body if you do not comply.

But you can choose what to release.

You can choose what to surrender.

Without it belittling or meaning anything about who you are.

Or what you {and your ancestors} have been through.

Or who you are now remembering and becoming.

You can choose, in this moment, to surrender the temporal ideations of self that have only and ever been born of systemic oppression and pain.

You can choose, in this moment, to surrender all the ways you think it has to LOOK in order for you to FEEL.

And you can choose, in this moment, to surrender the seeming powerlessness they told you was inevitable, in the face OF oppression and pain.

Because no matter what, you are STILL born of and to the Most High.

You were never {NEVER} anything other than the Sacred made form.

You were always going to be limitless because you were never NOT limitless.

There is no one way to do it.

There is no one way to BE it.

There is only you appointing yourself back to the helm.

Appointing yourself back upon your primordial throne.

And now, today, here…

You are invited to remember.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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This will likely bring about the deepest potency, peace, and conviction within your body, creativity, business, and nervous system you have ever before known.

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▽ {Re}Pussifying The Crossroads Of The Sacred & The Damned {Erotic Nights Wild Nectar™ Ceremony}

▽ The Ecology Of Time {Decolonizing Breathwork Practice}

▽ The Underworld Of Identity

How This All Goes Down:

The Business Of Soul Series currently contains five full courses, one workshop, two practices, one ceremony, Eros & Excavation Writing Prompts, and multiple bonus transmissions.

The entire Series is held online, for you to move through at your own pace and in your own way.

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