Waiting For The Time To Be “Right” To Say What Needs To Be Said

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June 1, 2022


Nikka Karli

Waiting For The Time To Be “Right” To Say What Needs To Be Said

You know those moments {maybe THIS is such a moment} when you have so much you want to say.

So much you need to say.

So much that needs to be said through, for, and as you.

But you just… don’t.

Because we’ve encoded the belief that if we wait, conditions will become more conducive to the actualization of our desires in form.

When in reality, the only thing that happens when we’ve RECEIVED the call and then DENIED the call, is that our CONDITIONING doubles the fuck down…

And becomes more conducive to our mistrust and fears.


What do you already know it’s time for you to say… but you aren’t yet saying it?

And, when you drop in, what do you have on that?


What somatic memories have embedded themselves within your very cells and are whispering sweet destruction in your ears…

Warning you of what will inevitably happen should you ever DARE to say the things…

To EVOKE the things…

Without first making sure they are 100% properly laid and slayed upon the altar of the identities you were told you had to maintain if you ever wanted to be free?

Phew, chiiiiiile.

I made you a quickie lil sumthin’ sumthin’.

Over on the Tiktoks.

You can watch it here.

Be sure to follow me while there, cuz more #HotGoddessSummer shit is dropping soon.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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