What Do You Already Know That It Is?

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May 4, 2022


Nikka Karli

What Do You Already Know That It Is?

I’m not talking about the things you kinda, sorta have a pulse on.

The things you want only because you think you NEED to want them, in order to experience what you ACTUALLY want.


This is about the bone deep shit.

The holy-fuck-me-yessssss shit.

The “this is what it’s ALWAYS been about” shit.

Hmmmm… what else?

This is about your desires that are only and ever of the highest degree.

As in:

The desires that have been born unto you from the Most High.



What do you already know that it is?

If you allowed yourself to want it.

If you allowed yourself to CLAIM your wanting of it.

What would it be?

What would it now BECOME through, for, and as you?

If there was nothing else that needed to happen or that you needed to understand on a mind or logical level…

What do you now SAY that it is?

And, from that place, asking yourself:

Why would you not choose it in the instantaneous now?

Why, even though you KNOW what it IS, would you decide that it’s not, in fact, for you right now?

That you have to wait or that it comes at too high of a price or that you aren’t ready, yada yada yada.

And then bringing your awareness to your energetic and interoceptive realities.

As in:

What are you, as consciousness, pouring your power into…

What is the STATE of your body and beingness?

Does it hold the limitlessness of infinite potentiality and the resonance of your desires…

Or does it hold the energetic constructs of fragmentation and misbelief that you imprinted upon 5, 10, 50 years ago?

Without making yourself wrong, regardless of what arises.

Simply being in the noticing.

And, within that, being in the conscious CHOOSING of what you will live into, AS that noticing.

Because, in case you needed the reminder, you are that which you are.

You are that which you SAY that you are.

You are that which you KNOW that you are.

It is simply so.

It gets to be so.

Because YOU say so.


As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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And here's a glimpse of the intensive:

Regenerating The Wilds Beneath

An Underworld Initiation Into The Primordial Resonance & Embodied Evocation Of Who. The. Fuck. You. Are.

There's been a disturbance in the force.

And you feel it.

You’ve BEEN feeling it.

For quite some time.

In myriad ways.

The shit that you’re here to DO… the shit that you’re here to SAY… the YOU who you came here to BECOME…

It’s all been existing in a place betwixt and between.

A quagmiric crossroads inhabited both by the last version of you…

And the next evolution of soul that howls your name in the night, demanding and beseeching you to say yes.

And so, you’ve shown up to it.

And so, you’ve sex magicked and cum all over it.

And so, you’ve decided it.

But yet and still…

Here the fuck you ARE.

At the waypoint.

Feeling as if you’ve gone into the depths…

And also…

Feeling as if there is so much deeper to go.

And what will become of you in the void?

What will become of you when you stop trying to control your descent…

And finally free fall into the magic and mayhem of it all?

Well, you become a regenerating force of the sacred.

A {re}wilding space.

In and of yourself.

You remember who the fuck you ARE…

And you begin to live accordingly.

You cannot get “there” doing shit they told you you had to do until you could one day be free.

You cannot get “there” being someone who everyone else understands.

You cannot get “there” period.

Because THERE is HERE, baby.

And here is NOW.

And now is YOU.

So if there is nowhere to GET, in order to BE…

Then the medicine would be right here and now with you, yes?

The medicine would be right here and now AS you, yes?


And so…

Way down we go.

Into the reclamation and OWNERSHIP of what you already and always knew it was all going to be about, for you.

Down, down, down.

Into the shadowy crevices and oracular somatics of a Refugee Soul.

The one who is ready to See. Feel. Remember. Know.

The one who is… You.

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