When the only thing left is to begin…

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January 1, 2023


Nikka Karli

When the only thing left is to begin…

There will come a moment when you find yourself at a crossroads.

One betwixt and between the life you thought you would live…

And the one you know to be MEANT for you.

And there will be a part of you that must give up the ghost.

A part of you that must die to soul in order for soul to truly live.

And when we find ourselves standing at such waypoints, we can sometimes try to force our own hand.

Attempting to just get it done and over with.

All the while, missing the medicine the crossroads themselves are offering us.

Or we stay too long.

We shuffle our feet, wring our hands, and hope the choice will somehow pass us by.

That the medicine itself will pass us by.

But the crossroads are an invitation.

To not delay, but neither to bogart.

An invitation, rather, to meet ourselves under the cherry moon.

{I’m looking at you, Oh Purple One.}

To hold up the mirror and see that which we have hidden from the world {and likely ourselves}.

To see all our parts.

To lay ourselves bare upon the portal of soul.

And we say goodbye to the parts of us whose time has come.

We grieve, we love, and bury the bones.

There’s a song by Todrick that I listen to on repeat.

Ok, who are we kidding?

I listen to a shit ton of his songs on repeat.

But the one I’m talking about right now is called Tomorrow.

And he’s talking to a lover… and they know their relationship is done.

But he asks to wait until tomorrow.

To have just one more night before his partner breaks his heart.

And this is us at the crossroads, you know?

And this, here, now, gets to be that night.

The parts of you that you know must die to soul…

Hold them tonight.

Let them hold you.

Stroke your skin, let their memory lick across your pussy and magic and art and soul.

Ask them to wait until tomorrow.

Beg. Lament. Plead.

Offer yourself upon the altar of that which you are now surrendering and remembering and becoming.

Give yourself ceremony.

Give your heart ceremony.

And in the morning…

In the fading of today and the waxing of tomorrow…

Let go.

And begin.

I love you.

The crossroads are calling.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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I recorded a part of my breathwork practice today.

But I forgot that I had music playing, so, you know, can’t share the sound.

But I’ll upload it over on TikTok {and YT and IG} later with some further invitations.

Make sure you’re following with notifications turned on, k?

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