When The Same Ole Shit Is Actually THE Shit

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June 13, 2022


Nikka Karli

When The Same Ole Shit Is Actually THE Shit

I know you.

You’ve been sitting around, stopping yourself from saying what needs to be said.


Not because you don’t believe in it.

Not because you don’t already know you are the conduit of the Most High {and the magic OF the Most High}.

And certainly not because you don’t want it.


The thing that’s been poppin’ off behind the scenes for you is that you think you’ve said it before.

Or that someone else, someWHERE else, has said it before.

And so what’s the point, right?

If it’s not ORIGINAL, if it’s not INNOVATIVE.

Why bother?

You {and the world} would be much better served by you waiting until you have something to say that no one, anywhere, has ever had the brass ovaries to say before.


You {and the world} would be able to nod your head and GET BEHIND something that was only so fresh and so clean.



The things that will have never been said before, and will be said in the way that only you can say them?

They will not be isolated incidents.


You won’t just be sitting around NOT saying the things that need to be said for the next few years and then BOOM, POW, out of the blue you all of a sudden “download” the ONE thing/idea that is completely and wholly, originally and majestically yours.

Nah, bruv.

The unicorn shit is born in the regular ole, every day manure.

The thing that changes everything?

It is born right alongside the things that YOU think are a waste of your time.

Because they’re not unique enough.

Because they’re not hype enough.

Because they’re not blindsidingly YOURS enough.

But the shit that is THE shit?

It shows up when YOU show up.

Not when you’re waiting for it to present itself as the Next Epic Fantasy/Trilogy/Spin Off Series… and yet you haven’t even written a damn word in the last five years.


Show up.

To the magic.

And the magic.

Shows up.

To you.

Not either or.

Not the colonized linear.

They are both now.

You will never know if today is the day that the muse decides to go HAM through and as you.

But you’ll damn sure be open, wet, and available for the Wilds of your everything to become your new normal… if you are in the practice of STAYING open, wet, and available.

Every moment.

Every day.

Every breath.


Is today the day you say what the fuck you KNOW needs to be said…

Or nah?

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



I want the peeps who want it all.

The ones who damn well know they are here for not only MORE… but EVERYTHING.

I want the primordial. The prolific.

The ones who crave the {re}pussification of their hunger, creativity, expression, and desire.

The ones who drip the fucking nectar of the Wilds and the void.

The ones who are pure, gritty, bloody, raw intoxication itself {even if they’ve forgotten how to access and evoke it, as of late}.

The messengers who can’t not fucking BE the message.

The Ones Who Once Were Wild… And Will Be Again.

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