Wonderland, soul activations, and the silence that eats all things

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July 28, 2022


Nikka Karli

Wonderland, soul activations, and the silence that eats all things

So, I’ve been sitting around here, wondering what to say to you.

Wondering what to say now that I’ve said what needed to be said.

Wondering how, when it all comes down to it, to start again from the place of the me that I now am.

Maybe you’ve been there.

Where you gone all the way down the fucking rabbit hole, only to emerge in another dimension, let alone another land.

And you’re blinking the sand out of your eyes, the eyes that were seeing the world through the lens of the last evocation of you.

And the new world is… quiet.

Like, you’re listening and listening.

But the only thing reverbing back to you is the stillness.

I was on a Q&A call today with some of my mentoring clients.

And it was a holy and {re}pussified ACTIVATION of the Most High.

{PP peeps- you NEED to watch this recording as soon as it gets posted.}

And one of the things we dropped into was who we are in the stillness.

Who we are when the chaos and primordial mayhem of the rebirth we’ve been inhabiting is simply… done.

And that’s where I’ve been.

In the quietude.

Wondering how to speak when the thing has already been spoken.

Today, I rang the gong.

For the Soul Refugees.

For the mystics and mavericks and medicine beings of old {and of the now}.

I rang the gong and laid back and felt the world shift into my new making.

And then the words came.

Words from the silence.

Words from the quagmiric receptivity of the underworld of that which I now remember and choose.

There was a multitude of things with me in the silence.

Ideas and sensations and conversations with mentors in dreams.

But the words to share…

They are just now coming back online.

So here we are, with the first utterance of a mystery of a creation of a now.

Melanated Kin:

The Refugee Soul:Ship begins boarding soon.

I would tell you to get ready, but there is nothing to prepare for this journey.

This is a surrender to the ocean floor and an activation of that which is only seen in the shedding of the shackles that have existed for generations.

Your invitation is coming soon.

Watch this space.

For my open community:

{Melanated Kin and white co-conspirators of the revolution at hand}

I am finally back to working on the new site.

As such, the new Program Series pages are coming in hot!!!

And I am going to put everything on sale this weekend.

If you want in on the sacred madness that evokes all things, this is for you.

Oh! And we’ll be hosting live Q&As a few times a year for all clients enrolled in any of the Series.

This is in addition to any and all content I add to the Series in the future that you get automatically.

Stay tuned.


That’s my Thursday.

How was yours?

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Holy fuckballs, Batman!

The silence has also included some daily erotic and potent AF manuscript writing.

I cannot WAIT to share my first book(s) with you!!!

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