A Melanated Kin Community with Nikka Karli

{Black, Indigenous, Women/Femmes/Nonbinary Kin of Color/Culture}

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The Erotic Abolitionism™ Experience

The EAE is a monthly membership experience for the Melanated Medicine Kin who are no longer willing to settle for anything less than the totality of the pussy-dripping Wilds born between their thighs.

The Soul Refugees who are no longer content striving for a construct of white washed feminism and so-called “empowerment” masquerading as freedom.

The Multidimensional Messengers who know it’s PAST fucking time for their message and revolution to not only be heard, but for them to be completely and utterly KNOWN in and as the erotic evocation of who they damn well know they are.

And, Wild One, if you are here…

This might just be for you.

This MIGHT just be where you finally and wholly belong.

This Has Been In The “Field” For Some Time Now.

And it felt so huge, you know?

Because I wanted a place where I could pour my everything, for the Melanated Kin who were 100% READY for their fucking life.

And it’s been a long road to get here.

To arrive at a place within which I feel able to hold the vastness of what I’ve been through…

What the ancestors have been through…

What YOU have been through…

And weave it into a collective of freedom, belonging, and identity re-encoding the likes of which have never before been unleashed.

As such, The EAE includes the deepest and most potent culmination of my body of work ever.

It is, quite simply, a long-lost vessel on a stormy night that has come to howl and thrum you back into who the fuck you are.

I have spent the last few years creating a massive library of sacred initiations into the Wilds…

Portals through which my clients, students, and myself have been utterly transfixed and transformed.

But, I have always wanted to be able to have a gathering space for the ongoing evolution and energetics of what it means to be fully alive…

To walk this earth journey in Black and Brown skin…

To free fall into the void of God, art, pussy, and soul…


And so, The EAE was born.

An experience unlike anything I have ever offered before.

An experience unlike anything anyone has ever offered before.

{And yes, I mean it.}

{And yes, yes, I had to fight with myself to own it and WRITE it.}

It is a cartographical undulation across bodies they said were animalistic and unclean.

A holyfied remembrance of the skin they told us was savage.

A reclaiming of the voices they tried to whip and strip from our souls.

A place for you to, when it’s all said and done…


And so…

You are cordially {and erotically} invited into a monthly portal within which you will get lost…

And also be found.

Within an ontological excavation of who we might have been… and what we might have ALREADY said… had white supremacy and colonization not gotten in the way.

And You’ve Heard The Whispering, Right?

Heard the sacred madness howling its freedom song along your blood and your bones?

Felt the primordial wonderland of your everything clawing its talons beneath your rib cage every night as soon as you dare close your eyes?

In the dark of the moon.

When the curtain has come down.

When no one else is watching.

When it’s all done but the dying.

You’ve remembered who the fuck you ARE…

And who the fuck you are NOT.



And yet and still…

You have found it hard to say the things.

To BACK yourself and the things.

You have found it challenging {seemingly IMPOSSIBLE} to hold the line on who you know that you know that you KNOW you are.

You’ve written the play… and let it sit collecting dust.

You’ve finished the first draft… and thrown it in the trash to start over.

You’ve completed the sales page… and never launched the program {or launched it, but never got around to, you know, actually TELLING anybody}.

But you have been called.

By the Most High.

By the requiem of a thrice damned dream.

By the expression of soul that is NOW.

And you’re ready to answer.

To ring the gong and close your eyes and say yes…

To BECOME the yes…

To everything you have ever seen inside.

Without consequence.

But what of the pain?

What of the failure?

What of the hypervigilance running amok in your body and breath?

What about that?!!

Well, we practice.

We practice liberation.

We practice unleashing.

We practice BEING the entire damn thing.

Even as we say yes.

Even as we publish the work of our souls.

We practice.

For the moments we doubt.

For the moments we fear.

For the moments we want to tuck tail and hide.

We practice.

We STAY in the practice.

And we become.

You Should Know This Though…

The EAE is not some rinse and repeat, templated, paint-within-the-colonized-lines type of thang thang.

This is not a place to have a SITUATIONSHIP with soul.

Rather, it is your place to come home UNTO soul.

To craft the most grounded and certain knowing OF soul that you have ever before allowed yourself to feel.

This is the mystery and God being made manifest as you.

And this is where you lay back, open your legs, and orgasm yourself into the raw, cosmic awakening of what you know beyond knowing is FOR you.

{Systemic trauma ain’t got shit on you, Wild One.}

And I Don’t Give A Fuck About Multiple Millions In Business If It Doesn’t Lay The Pathway For Lifting The Oppression Of Millions

Will we drop into money and wealth and abundance from soul?


But it’s not gonna be more of the same ole, same ole.

It will not be a paint by numbers strategy to get into the 1%, while extracting the blood and bodies and resources of the other 99%.

What we WILL explore, however, is liberation as practice.

Body, breath, blood, and bones.

Because around here we believe that the liberation of one means absolutely nothing without the liberation of all.

With your art… your impact… your body… your movement… your business… your relationships… your sex… your everything.

And so, we will explore consciousness and capitalism.

Quantum collapsing and colonization.

Limitlessness and the melanated experience on earth.

This is multidimensional {Re}Sourcing as Creation itself.

In everything we touch and everything we are.

There is so much more to come.

But for now, if you are one of us, let’s get this shit.

Because it’s time to become your wettest dreams.

Join Us Now

Erotic Abolitionism™

The Primordial Medicine Up In Here

This is liberatory praxis… & practice.

Where you will cultivate a body, nervous system, and creative process that are able to alchemize and transmute any emotions, energy, and circumstances that come your way…

And that completely turn on your soul.

So that you say yes.

And so that you KEEP saying yes.

Inside of a community that sees you… that feels you…

A place where you finally allow yourself to be truly known.

Because why continue trying to unleash and alchemize this medicine alone?

Areas Of Transmutation may include:

Being intoxicating… sexual energy transmutation… {re}wilding ecologies and liberation… systemic racialized, genderized, and sexualized trauma healing… allowing ease… art as abolitionism… pleasure portals… shadow walking… edge walking… kin medicine… communion… nature… alchemy and archetypes… messaging from soul… economies of movement and breath… and so much more.

Please Note:

➤ Call times and publishing dates are subject to change.

➤ You will have access to the magic inside The EAE for as long as you remain an active member.

Current Program

Upcoming Program

We Should Note:

As with all of my work, The EAE is offered through a decolonized, {re}indigenizing, antiracist, and {re}pussified lens. This invites us into a new ancient way of expansion and growth that is NOT dependent on extracting resources and magic from anyone, most especially oppressed and marginalized people groups.

Pussy/Oracle is one of the primary portals through which we will be excavating and embodying consciousness. This is our tuning fork and our salve.

So if you are not living into the energy and power of pussy, this will likely not be something you enjoy.

We are excavating through liberatory practice here, opening ourselves into the next evolution of our souls that has already come THROUGH…

And we are now simply allowing and choosing it in physical form.


$111/month or $1,111/annual


$99/month or $999/annual


$88/month or $888/annual

A Reminder Of What You’ll Experience

➳ All EAE events that take place while you are an active member {including The Source Initiations and Aether & Bones Speakeasies}

➳ Our private Kin:Ship community to help you continuously drop in with your magic and liberation

➳ Our members-only podcast, The Refuge

➳ Free access to the Erotic Abolitionism™: Foundations course for as long as you are an active EAE member

➳ A free Wild Nectar™ Studio membership to ground and expand your body, breath, creativity, and revolution

➳ Free access to our private EAE Soul Revival Festivals each season

➳ Free access to the initiations and programs included inside The Library

➳ Any other bonuses added throughout each year of your membership

➳ Exclusive member discounts {30% off group workshops and programs}

➳ First dibs on private client intensives and jungle retreats

You will have access to the above magic for as long as you are an active member inside The Erotic Abolitionism™ Experience.

If you are unable to attend any session live or miss a month's Source Initiation, our sessions and events will be recorded and made available on demand for three months, so that you can drop in with them as often as desired, at your convenience {including: Aether & Bones Speakeasies, Source Initiations, Soul Revival Festivals, etc}.

As always, the flow and medicine within this space are guided by Spirit and the Wilds and are subject to change accordingly.

EAE enrollment begins 2/22/24

⫷ Now open for Founding Members! ⫸

Read more here or DM me for your invite.

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About Your Guide

Nikka Karli

Provocateur Of The Primal & The Wilds

Medicine Walker | Erotic Muse | Soul Alchemist | Storyteller | Mystery Broker | Sex Mystic | Body Poet | Yoga Teacher | Abolitionist

I’ve spent the last two + decades using sports psychology, movement, breathwork, sexual energy medicine, storytelling, and creative expression to guide powerhouse athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives into the reclamation of the Sovereign Wilds within their own bodies.

My work evokes and provokes the somatic decolonization of systemic racialized and sexualized trauma in the bodies of Melanated Kin/BIWOC creators {and white co-conspirators of the antiracism revolution at hand}.

And one thing I know today is this: We alone hold the keys to our freedom… and when we shake off the shackles around the immutable mystery we hold inside, we unlock our creativity and unleash our capacity for impact in the world.

I lead {re}wilding quests, ceremonies, and intensives {both online and in other potent “between spaces”} for Creators, Messengers, and Wisdom Keepers who have received the Call to further initiate their own innate power and expression.

You can find me living and creating at the crossroads of Erotic Abolitionism™ {my medicine and body of work}, archetypal storytelling, sensual body movement, liberatory praxis and practice, systemic racialized and sexualized trauma healing, multidimensional creation, decolonized energetics, and elemental remembrance.

I am a student of perennial creativity, indigenous wisdom, and the primal untaming of our own lives… and I am obsessed with how we can interweave our belonging, sexual energy, and art to activate the liberation and change we are here to midwife into the world.


Head here to view our main FAQs and responses.

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As always...
Here's to your untaming,



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