A Battleground Of Body & Soul, Part II

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December 16, 2022


Nikka Karli

A Battleground Of Body & Soul, Part II

I’ve known for a long ass time that I came here to message and evoke and play with a deep, massive, and dope AF tribe of soul peeps.

I have ALSO known, for probably just as long, that I have been… conflicted… around actually saying yes to this aspect of my magic and the revolution born to my bones.

And this conflict has resulted in another layer of infighting, an ongoing battle between what I know… and what I have been willing to surrender.

Surrender into.

Surrender as.

Surrender, surrender, bloody fucking surrender.

It’s felt EASIER, you know, to just be in my penetrative, masculine energy around it all.

To take action.

To make moves.

To get shit done.

It felt EASIER…

Until it didn’t.

We should backtrack here.

We should note that we hold the wild, erotic depths of the masculine and the feminine.

That we are exquisitely androgynous in our expression and energy and soul.

We should make mention that we love to play and create and free fall into and as the polarities of it all.

And, yet and still…

There are aspects and waypoints and quagmiric pits of ROUS’s that call us into an opening.

An opening of heart.

An opening of soul.

An opening of our thighs to drip the medicine and madness onto the pages of our world.

This, here, is one such moment.

This, here, is one such shapeshifting into the next and the now.


Now,where were we?

Ah, yes.

The pause.

The stillness.

The wiping away of the muck from our eyes, within which we are revealed back unto ourselves.

The very breath where we have been shown {and chosen to see} that what WAS is no longer what it IS, baby.

And that the ways we have hidden in the hallowed hills of the almost can no longer sustain the magnitude of what we are birthing into, as, and through.

It’s a revolution within itself, you know.

To be shown.

To CHOOSE to see.

Not with our physical eyes.

Not with our proprioceptive sense.

Rather, with our interoceptive magic.

With the eyes that are ever-seeing because they have never closed.

The eyes that have seen it all because they are it all.

Our physical sight {if we are sighted in the physical} is a tricksy thing.


Born of chaos and mayhem.

To trick us?

Not necessarily.

But to offer us the chance of distillation between what we see as soul, and what our physical senses try to get us to believe as the only.

The only thing.

The only way.

The only truth of the now.


Our quantum sight is always here with us, as well.

It is never calcified or ossified.

It is only and ever pointing true.

And it becomes up to us to exist in a living practice of clearing our lens.

Even more so, to remember that our lens was never dirtied in the first place.

{There is no spoon.}

And within this realization, this remembrance, we see the truth of ourselves.

We see the limitless vastness of that which we are.

And we come home.

We ARE home.

And the fighting?

We offer parlay.

Parlay to our body.

Parlay to our soul.

Parlay to the conditioned aspects of ourselves that tells us they are anything other than one in the same.

There is more.

Much more.

But I am done writing for today.

And so we shall continue tomorrow.

But in a multidimensional transmission over the YouTube airways.

A Battleground Of Body & Soul, Part III is going down Saturday, Dec 17th at 1pm PT.

You can join us here {be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications!}.

Invite your friends, your soul peeps who you want on this path with you.

And I’ll “see” you there.

I love you.

You are loved.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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With you.

In a one day live event to remind us who the fuck we are…

Even in a world that does its damnedest to get us to believe in what we are not.

This is a 1-day immersion into the madness and medicine of where you are…

And where you now decide you will be.

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