Course correcting, updates, and a perception of freedom

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February 15, 2023


Nikka Karli

Course correcting, updates, and a perception of freedom

I did it again… So let’s course correct, shall we?

I love livestreams.

I do not, however, love setting up scheduled free live calls, webinars, etc.

But, I did it again.

Why, you might ask?

I let my attention wander.

I stopped seeing what I know to be true for me.

I fell {ass up, legs flailing} down a rabbit hole of shit I know {I KNOW} is not for me.


We are course correcting.

I will still be teaching {Re}Wilding The Melanated Soul because it is THE magic for the times.

But, it will not be via opt in or Zoom.

It will be over on YT, the way soul fucking intended.

Haaaa!! 🤣

This is some potent medicine that has been stirring in the background for years, that I am just now allowing to be set free.

And I want you with me.

The magic is going down {for free} here on Saturday, Feb 18th at 2pm PT.

We’ll go for as long as we go.

There will be time for questions in the chat.

Bring your Melanated friends and let’s get wild.

Learn more here.

I love you.


➤ RTMS will now be on YT {see above for more deets}. You can turn on notifications and join us here.

➤ I will only be sending all of my posts/emails to my full list for a few more days. Melanated Kin, you MUST opt in here to receive the fire AF Melanated musings that are about to start dropping on the reg.

➤ White co-conspirators: you will still be on my Open Access list and receive dope musings a couple times/month.

➤ My deepest body of work evahhhhhhh is opening for Founding Members on 2/22. Watch this space, cuz shit’s about to go down.

On Freedom and Time

Often with the perception of freedom, comes the illusion of time.

Here's what this means for our creativity…

When we don’t have any constraints, self imposed or externally imposed, we can sometimes believe we have all the time in the world to create and unleash the magic and revolution inside of us.

And we will then often seek external constraints to sort of FORCE discipline upon ourselves, because we don’t believe we can be trusted with all that freedom.

But what if, instead, we simply chose to create self DECIDED spaces within which we collapse time {and creation itself} into the instantaneous now?

What if, WHAT IF, instead of destroying our life and burning the world around us, we chose to just sit our ass in the chair for an hour a day and let the magic be the damn magic?

And we sit there, in that chair, for the hour {or whatever “time constraint” we have decided upon}, regardless of whether or not we write/paint/record/etc… regardless of whether or not what we DO produce is utter shite… regardless of whether or not we feel like we know what we’re doing…

We simply fucking sit.

For our appointed time to be with the full evocation of God, art, pussy, and soul moving through and as us.

To exist between and beyond the physical and the seen.

To believe in the evidence of what always and ever IS.

And within it all, we show up.

For ourselves.

For the medicine born to us.

Not because of our businesses.

Not because of our clients, members, patrons, audiences, producers, etc…

But because we can’t not.

Because, when it’s all said and done, it is simply who we are.

And we have said yes to our everything.

So instead of believing we have forever to say the things…

And then putting off saying the things “until”…

We sit in the primordial muck of what it was always and ever going to be about for us right the fuck NOW.

And surrender.

To it all.

For it all.

Because we decided how we want to experience ourselves and that, as they say, is that.

What would shift in your creativity? Your business(es)? Your impact? Your relationships? Your sex? Your belonging? Your expression? Your you?

And then:

Why would you not have already said yes to that?

And then…

What do you now claim as yours anyway?

And then!

…You begin.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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