Free 1:1 Session For The Next Five Peeps Who Enroll In Make Money From Soul {Today Only!!}

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October 28, 2022


Nikka Karli

Free 1:1 Session For The Next Five Peeps Who Enroll In Make Money From Soul {Today Only!!}

So, I’ve decided to have some fun. 🤩

I am deep into a parental caregiving role over here and it’s been feeling really weird to have all this magic on deck, but to also not enjoy SELLING any of the magic on deck.

Can you relate?

I was talking with one of my fave cousins a few weeks ago when she was here.

And I mentioned how one of the deepest parts of my genius is helping my peeps find exquisite clarity and embodied knowing around the next steps inside their creative madness, projects, businesses.


I rarely talk about this.


Lots of things.

One of which being that I was waiting “until”.

You know all about until, right?

When you already know what the magic is, and yet…

You are still holding encoded beliefs and habituated patterning that tell you you have to wait until some nebulous, never never land, SOMEDAY, before you can live into that magic.

The good thing?

As soon as we recognize that we’ve fallen into such conditioning, we can choose out of it.

Which is what I’m doing now.

One of things I love most is the raw, wild, messy, gritty mystery of creativity.

Being prolific AF with the medicine and mayhem born to my soul.

And, I have also had patterns that whispered how I would have to get through all the more structured and neurotypical ways of scaling BEFORE I could completely unleash the ways that come natural to me.

So… what, exactly, does this have to do with you?

Well, I only like working with very few private clients at a time.

And only in ways that feel exquisitely turned on and fun for me {and, of course, my peeps}.

I didn’t plan on opening any more private client spots until the spring.

But… it feels really alive and in flow to offer a few super potent deep dive experiences over the next month.

And, of course, to work with clients who are ready to go ovaries to the wall on their instinctual magic and money game.

That’s some energy I am 100% down to play in.

Are you?

If so, today is that day.

Because I’m offering one private 1:1 session to the next five dope souls who enroll in either Make Money From Soul or The Erotic Money Medicine Series.

But… this offer is good until midnight tonight ONLY.

So, if you wanna play in the Wilds with me + have me as your private soul guide into the primordial depths of what’s next for you…

Head here to enroll now.

And as soon you do, just email me to let me know you’re in and I’ll send you a link to set up our session.

I love youuuuuu.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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