🐆 My Online “Jungle” Initiation That Changed Evvvverything Is Now On Sale 🐆

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January 24, 2023


Nikka Karli

🐆 My Online “Jungle” Initiation That Changed Evvvverything Is Now On Sale 🐆

Here’s what’s up.

You have been gifted with the magic to shape worlds.

You are God-born and the medicine erupting from your soul is here to carve new ancient pathways through the mystery of all that is.

But it’s going to require something.

Not the thing you THINK it’s going to take.


The madness of the oracle that drips between your thighs only demands one thing:

Your everything.

Now, hear me out.

You don’t have to give up that which you are.

Rather, the howling of the ley lines of your blood are beseeching you to step into… to claim… to evoke… to surrender AS your everything.

Whereby all that you touch and all that you speak and all that you are is completely and utterly infused and submerged into the primordial truth beyond the veil of all that you came here to remember and become.

I know you.

You want it all.

But you have been taught that in order to have it all, you have to give up the things that make you you.

That you have to become something you are not.

You have encoded that your everything comes with the cost OF everything you want.

But, what if that was just on some bullshit?

What if everything you desire is simply on the other side of you releasing your BELIEFS and body’s trauma REACTIVITY that arise at the mere idea of you having it all?

You didn’t come here to live on the outskirts of your own life.

And you sure as shit didn’t come here to barely survive on the dredges of your magic and genius.

And so I have something for you.

An invitation beneath the crossroads of everything you thought it was about…

And everything that you always knew it COULD be about.

For you.

For all that you love.

For the world.

So, I’m inviting you into one of the dopest offerings I have ever created.

Welcome to…

Where The Wild Roam Free

A 6-Day Online {Re}Wilding Intensive Into The Jungles Of Your Erotic, Refugee Soul Where You Will Fully Access & Unleash The Raw, Primordial Magic & Madness That Howl Your Name In The Night & {Finally} Hold The Damn Line On Who The Fuck You Say That You Are

This is 30+ hours of alchemical initiation about to put on that sacred ass.

And this is a dissolution of the ties and shackles that have bound you to a life that never quite fit…

And never could.

So, if you’re ready for one of the most embodied excavations evahhhhh…

Let’s get this shit.

The Primordial Magic Up In Here...

Teachings & Transmissions

⚓︎ Come Thru Drippin': Erotica & Intoxication From The Oracle That Lies Between Your Thighs

⚓︎ Stop Disrespecting Your Magic & Start Holding The Line On Soul

⚓︎ Before The World {I said what I said}

⚓︎ Translating The Wild Magic Of Soul

⚓︎ Decolonized Threshold Remembrance For Daily Goddessing The Fuck UP & Showing the Fuck OUT

⚓︎ Nature-Based Nervous System Resourcing & Recalibration To Expand Your Body's Capacity For Holding Your Next Evolution Of Soul

⚓︎ Initiating Identity & Healing The Dark Wilds

⚓︎ Quantum Sex Magic For Soulmate Tribe Calling & Client Attraction

⚓︎ Story Medicine & Alchemical Copywriting From The Erotic Spaces Between

⚓︎ Seeding Culture, Decolonized Brand Identity, & Leading Your Revolution From The Front

Wild Nectar™ Practices

{the daily clearing, cleansing, and catharsis of the body temple to reconnect to the channel and pave the way home to soul}

𓐑 Salt {catharsis, the jagged wounds, excavation, lamentation}

𓐑 Soil {tending fertile ground, earth, foundation, sensuality}

𓐑 Stalk {seduction, raw, messy, primal}

𓐑 Liquid {flow, spiral, alchemy, the spaces between}

𓐑 Embers {the last tendrils, smoking ashes, microcosmic, subtle layers, precipice}

Wild Nectar™ Rituals

{peak experience, devotion, altar}

☥ Collapsing Back Into Multidimensional Trust & Surrender

☥ Traversing The Threads Of The Aetheric Womb

Wild Nectar™ Ceremonies

{deep soul vision questing}

𓄇 Initiating The Sensate Sanctuary {Opening}

𓄇 {Re}Pussification Of Messaging, Medicine, & Soul {Closing}

Primal Polarity Writing

✍︎ Here you pour out all the muck and stickiness and cobwebs that are present {maybe hiding beneath, and stumbling over, one another}, then we drop it all into and THROUGH your body and breath, and then you write again... with the call of the Wilds riding your bones.

✍︎ And you see and feel and taste and smell and hear and KNOW and UNDERSTAND the difference... as well as the next steps soul is commanding you to take.

✍︎ So, you might write out questions you've been tripping over, around your next project, your business and brand identity, your expression, your soul, your connection... whatever is alive for you that day.

✍︎ Basically, this is all the shit you currently want/need a "translation" for, from soul... and you GET IT!


☸︎ Bring allllll the thangs... muck that comes up during our intensive, projects that you just can't seem to finish or move the needle on, tech and brand identity questions, medicine portals your body is initiating you through, etc

☸︎ This was LIVE mentoring and guidance with me, as your own personal Erotic Muse, every day of our intensive together... to solve {and DIS-solve}, translate, inquire, excavate, expand, and more

Reminder: When you enroll today in WTWRF, you have access to the recordings from the live sessions when WTWRF was held live.

Where The Wild Roam Free is on sale for 50% off for two days only.

You can read all the madness + deets + payment options here.

Text me {+1 (702) 291-7319} or DM me on IG {@nikkakarli} with any questions.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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A Melanated Kin-centered multidimensional writing experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become.

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