Self-Perpetuation, Colonized Polarities, And The Callings Of Soul

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February 17, 2023


Nikka Karli

Self-Perpetuation, Colonized Polarities, And The Callings Of Soul

Did you know that all these constructs of gender we’re taught are rooted in white supremacy?

Rooted in trying to separate white women from melanated women…

In trying to create a standard that places the body of white women as separate from and better than the bodies of all other women…

Of DEFINING who can and cannot BE a woman…

And within these constructs, we are meant to find ourselves wanting.

Wanting for not meeting a standard that was never intended for us in the first place.

And within THAT, we begin to imprint upon a feeling of lack.

We begin to love ourselves just a little bit less, as we strive for the ideal of who we “should” be just a little bit more.

We begin to hate the system more and more each day, all the while upholding the pillars OF that system within our very breath and bones.

And all of it is so deeply rooted in anti-Blackness, that the ongoing demeaning and oppression of all bodies that do not line up with the white body standard {again, thank you Resmaa for this term} simply become…

Par for the course.

A “civilization” of the bodies that were deemed less than…

A martyrdom and “sacrifice” that were used to justify the atrocities inflicted upon the Black body, the Indigenous body, and, from there, all other bodies of color/culture.

And, as is built into all systems of oppression such as racism, the oppressed peoples begin to wonder if it’s even worth it to show up…

Let alone RISE up.

A questioning of whether anything we do will actually affect change.

A dissonance born of shackles and chains.

A dissociation that drips from the whips across skin that has been flayed throughout generations.

And where do we go from here?

When here feels like a hand covering our mouths…

Boots on our throats…

Knees compressing our very air…

Where do we go when the colonized standard seems to have permeated all lands, all water, all bodies, all studies, all spaces?


We go in.

Into the bodies they tried to enslave and erase.

Into the land they tried to ravage and steal.

Into the voices they tried to suppress and degrade.

We go into all the hidden places where our ancestors hid their magic.

The places born inside of our cells.

We go in and excavate and remember and become.

We breathe clean air and we dance upon hallowed lands.

We decide that that which we innately and divinely ARE was never touched.

Never sullied.

We reclaim and howl and {re}wild the fuck out of who we were always going to be.

We show up.

For ourselves.

For the culture.

For the ancestors who could not, but ensured that we would.

And remember this:

They want us quiet.



They want the only truth to be that of the colonizer.

They want the only standard to be that of the oppressor.

They want the only vision to be that of the binary.

But by not showing up, we are unwittingly perpetuating within ourselves this colonized + white supremacist standard of femininity and masculinity, of womanhood and manhood, of creativity and liberation, of being accepted and ACCEPTABLE…

By not showing up, we are unconsciously GIVING IN.

To who they said we could be.

To what they said was possible for us.

But as soon as we speak to the Truth of God… Creator… Great Mystery… moving in, as, and through us…

We are inherently saying yes to the callings of soul.

We are already embodying the magic that drips between our thighs.

And we are, come hell or high water, evoking the madness of creation itself into everything we touch and everything we are.

We simply must begin.



As we are.

No more waiting for a nebulous ideation of perfection.

No more pleading with God to give us a mission and message that are a little more palatable… a little less dangerous… a little less free.

We say yes.

We surrender.

And we go in.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



This is just the beginning.

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