When It Doesn’t Make Sense And Yet You Know It’s Yours Anyway

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November 9, 2022


Nikka Karli

When It Doesn’t Make Sense And Yet You Know It’s Yours Anyway

You already see it and feel it and know it inside of yourself.

And yet… and YET…

Your physical world is not reflecting it back to you.

And, if you’re really real with yourself, sometimes you don’t even EXPECT that your world would or should or COULD reflect it.

Because the way you’ve been believing in it?

The way you’ve been believing in yourself?

It’s been contained to the vision.

It’s been relegated, within that visioning, to the “some day”, but never, not quite EVER, to the instantaneous now.

And so you’ve gone back to what you know, right?

Which often looks like you turning your body {yet again} into a battleground between human and soul.

Between form and formlessness.

Between identity and God.

But you're done with that shit, right?

You’ve sworn off the Muggle Dick Games that got you to this point, right?

And yet…

And YET…

Here you are.

Here you fucking ARE.

Back to playing and creating and existing in the midst of fuck fuck, no sum games with your magic.

Wondering why it’s not working.

Wondering, again, when you get really real with yourself, why you are still even entertaining the mere POSSIBILITY that things could ever NOT work out for you.

And what about the message? The mayhem? The madness born to your erotic soul?

When does it get to come THRU in the ways you know are meant for you?

In the ways you know {you KNOW} you are meant for this world?

And so back and forth you go.

Round and round on the Creative Hamster Wheel of Doom.

Warring with the remembrance.

Unsure of where it fits when the physical reality has been doing its damndest to prove to you the exact opposite.

And therein lies the vibrational rub, eh?

Because the physical world into which you are living is YOUR world.

And what is being reflected back to you is of YOUR making {and likely your fear}.


And when we speak of “world” here, we do not mean the physical planet.

Rather, the energetic consciousness to which you subscribe as what is and is not possible for you.

The world that is only and ever a lens through which you see… yourself.

And when your beliefs and traumas and encodings tell you that what is yours is un-safe, the world you live into will become a direct manifestation of that which you are trying oh-so-painfully to avoid and kill within yourself.


And so what it comes down to in this moment, if you so choose, is this:

What are you willing and open to risking, in order to be free?

Now, this freedom is not going to necessarily look or taste or feel the way you have been conditioned to expect it or even want it.


This is a freedom born in the quagmiric fault lines that run across your blood and bones.

A freedom that will, if you let it… if you DECIDE and INTEND it… hone you into the primordial warrior goddess of your wettest dreams.

The you who is awake.

The you who exists as liberatory practice and praxis.

The you who is the embodied evocation of your God-born everything.

So, again…

What will you risk to be all of you?

And, within that, what if the greatest risk of all is living as anything {ANYTHING} less than that which you hold inside?

What then would you surrender to the fire of the sacred in order to truly fucking come alive?

Yeah. That.

And so, what becomes of today?

Well, it gets to be the song you write across the soul of the very universe in gratitude and reverence as YOU become.

Become what?

Everything, my Love.


And No-thing.

The betwixt and the between.

The you who it makes no sense to say yes to BEFORE your physical world has changed and upgraded.

But, of course of course, the you who know is your NOW.

Because {of course, of course} the physical world can only shift as you shift.

So… will you allow it?

Will you awaken and remember and choose it?

Today. Here. Now.

Will you free fall into the Truth of what you were always going to be?


I thought so.

See you in the void, Wild One.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



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