You Doubt Because You’re Not In It

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December 15, 2022


Nikka Karli

You Doubt Because You’re Not In It

You know those moments when you’ve gotten the divine download… you’ve received the call… and yet…

You don’t actually trust that you can have it.

You don’t truly believe it will work for you.

And you start to wonder… in the dark of night when no one is watching…

If what you offer and message and create around is even any good.

If it even really MATTERS in the first place.

And then down the rabbit hole you go.

Seeking. Beseeching. Pleading.

When will it all make sense?

When the fuck will YOU make sense?

To them, sure.

But, really?

To your own damn self.

And look, of course we can {and will} have moments of doubt on our paths as creators.

And yes, yes, of course, the way will sometimes seem so darkened that even the shadows themselves forget their own name.

But… BUT…

If the doubt has stolen the breath from your lungs…

If it has you tucking tail and running home to mommy…

Then there’s an invitation.

A looking glass through which you are being called to look at yourself.

Not at the ways the world works {and does not}.

Rather, how YOU have been working {or not}.

How you have DECIDED things work for you {or don’t}.

And within this portal, you get to choose, once again, who the fuck you are.

You get to bare yourself… bloody, wriggling, and wild… back unto yourself.

And from there, you bare yourself to the world.

You shape and transmute your world.

Back into the vision and power you hold inside.

Back to the magic you carry inside.

And the only way to trust and believe?

Well, therein lies the rub.

Because the only way to trust and believe it all is to remember that you ARE it all and that it, in all its magnificence and wonder and glory… is you.

No more running from yourself.

No more pretending you need someone to show you who you are.

You know.

You have always known.

The reason you have forgotten?

You’ve been focused on what they said you should be.

On what they told you was safe for someone like you.

You’ve been scent tracking the Muggle Dickery instead of soul.

But that shit stops here.

That shit stops today.

Because you’re ready.

{You’ve BEEN ready.}

And you know this.

You feel this.

You claim this.

And now?

You get to surrender into and unto this.

And reveal it all to yourself as the primordial expression of the instinctual knowing born between your pages {and your thighs}.

And if this is your choosing, if this is your time, I have an invitation for you.

Next week, I’m holding a sacred return.

A workshop… an immersion.

Into the primal and the profane.

Into the darkness and the deep.

And, if you are one of us, into the soul of your everything.

This is…

Momentum {The Winter Edition}

A 1-Day Workshop With Nikka Karli To Release The Stagnation Surrounding Your Magic, Return To Your Creative Self, & {Re}Wild The Fuck Out Of Your Everything

Come with the raw yearning, the longing, the grieving, the howling.

Come with the desiring you’ve tried to shake.

Come with that which you have always been.

And remember yourself.

Momentum goes down over Winter Solstice.

There will be transmissions and there will be pussy preaching and there will be soul.

So, if you are ready to evoke the mystery as you release the inertia surrounding your creativity, body, and beliefs…

Come play.

Read more and join us here.

Price increases tomorrow, so if this is for you, join us now.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



I am pre-opening a handful of spots for private clients in January.

These intensives are for you if you’re 100% ready to drip the wet, erotic, instinctual nature of the madness of you over everything you touch and everything you are.

This is creative direction, clarity, and limitless evocation of your magic right the fuck now.

Working with me 1:1 is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for you if you are looking for some neat, tidy, bullet point presentation type mentoring.

This is Deep Soul shit.

Raw, messy, primal, true.

As always, open to antiracists only.

You have two options to choose from:

➤ {Re}Pussifying The Bones VIP Day

➤ The Medicine Walking Sessions 30-Day Voxer Intensive

You can read more about private mentoring with me here.

And if you are called, text me or DM me on IG and we’ll go from there.

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