You Have 15 Minutes Left. What Story Will You Tell To Change The World?

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November 11, 2022


Nikka Karli

You Have 15 Minutes Left. What Story Will You Tell To Change The World?

I’ve had some major downloads as of late, around my medicine and message.

Around the movement born to my soul.

Things I knew were mine to speak to, to live into, but that I hadn’t fully said yes to yet.

And within these revelations I’ve been noticing old encodings trying to creep in.

Constructs that say I’m not ready.

I need to go back to school.

I need to have it all completely laid and slayed before writing and creating around it all.

So today I came back to my last 15 minutes on earth.

You’ve probably heard many variations of this.

A question we can pose to ourselves around what we would say to the world if we only had 15 minutes left in this world.

And you know what I found today?

That if this was it, if this was my last 15 minutes, I wouldn’t give two shits about more education or having everything in an exquisitely designed model or anything else my old self has been whispering in my ear.

With those last 15 minutes, I would just fucking say what needs to be said.

I would, without hesitation or equivocation, let go.

Let go of all the reasons why the message can’t be now.

All the reasons why I myself can’t be now.

And you?

With your last 15 minutes?

What would you say?

Would you hesitate because you hadn’t checked all the boxes they told you needed to be checked before you could unleash and embody your everything?

Or would you simply grab a mic… a pen… a camera…

And paint your truth over the world?


That one.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Ah… yes.

And the message that has been pouring through me…

That is the culmination of everything I have ever been and everything that it has always and ever been about for me?

It’s a no holds barred excavation of body-based and collective freedom.

It’s liberatory practice and praxis.

It’s a sacred howling over the primordial bones of our medicine and souls.

It is… at its basest form and formlessness… a call to arms for Melanated Messengers and Medicine Kin for whom revolution flows as our very blood…

And an invitation to the white co-conspirators of our antiracist and decolonized revolution at hand.

This is Afrofuturism and Indigenous Sovereignty for the now.

This is a non-conforming initiation beyond systemic racialized, genderized, and sexualized trauma in the bodies of the ones who were always fucking free.

And, if you are such a soul…

This is your invitation home.

Welcome to Erotic Abolitionism™.

I’ll see you on the wild side.


Our first foray into the embodied evocation that is EA begins inside my newest initiation, Make Money From Soul.

This is decolonized money and manifestation energetics.

And this is a conversation into revolutionary "re-capitalism" as medicine…

With our creative expression and businesses as the portals of the sacred and the free.

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