𓄇 The Erotic Abolitionism™ Experience Is Open For Founding Members!!! (6 Days Only) 𓄇

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February 23, 2023


Nikka Karli

𓄇 The Erotic Abolitionism™ Experience Is Open For Founding Members!!! (6 Days Only) 𓄇

Holy fuck.

It. Is. Herrreeeeee!!!!

I have been in all the feels around this opening.

All the mire and the muck.

The orgasmic realities and the cosmic awakenings.

And it’s been a bit surreal.

A bit…

Like coming home.

And I want you with me.

The Founders Membership is only open through Feb 28th at a crazy special intro rate that you will keep as long as you are an active member.

If you are a Melanated soul who has EVER wanted to work with me, THIS is that offer.




The Erotic Abolitionism™ Experience

{Re}Pussified, Decolonized, & Free

Become The One You Have Been Waiting For


{Black, Indigenous, Women/Femmes/Nonbinary Kin of Color/Culture}


The EAE is a monthly membership experience for the Melanated Medicine Kin who are no longer willing to settle for anything less than the totality of the pussy-dripping Wilds born between their thighs.

The Soul Refugees who are no longer content striving for a construct of white washed feminism and so-called “empowerment” masquerading as freedom.

The Multidimensional Messengers who know it’s PAST fucking time for their message and revolution to not only be heard, but for them to be completely and utterly KNOWN in and as the erotic evocation of who they damn well know they are.

And, Wild One, if you are here…

This might just be for you.

This MIGHT just be where you finally and wholly belong.



This Has Been In The “Field” For Some Time Now.

And it felt so huge, you know?

Because I wanted a place where I could pour my everything, for the Melanated Kin who were 100% READY for their fucking life.

And it’s been a long road to get here.

To arrive at a place within which I feel able to hold the vastness of what I’ve been through…

What the ancestors have been through…

What YOU have been through…

And weave it into a collective of freedom, belonging, and identity re-encoding the likes of which have never before been unleashed.

As such, The EAE includes the deepest and most potent culmination of my body of work ever.

It is, quite simply, a long-lost vessel on a stormy night that has come to howl and thrum you back into who the fuck you are.

I have spent the last few years creating a massive library of sacred initiations into the Wilds…

Portals through which my clients, students, and myself have been utterly transfixed and transformed.

But, I have always wanted to be able to have a gathering space for the ongoing evolution and energetics of what it means to be fully alive…

To walk this earth journey in Black and Brown skin…

To free fall into the void of God, art, pussy, and soul…




And so, The EAE was born.

An experience unlike anything I have ever offered before.

An experience unlike anything anyone has ever offered before.

{And yes, I mean it.}

{And yes, yes, I had to fight with myself to own it and WRITE it.}

It is a cartographical undulation across bodies they said were animalistic and unclean.

A holyfied remembrance of the skin they told us was savage.

A reclaiming of the voices they tried to whip and strip from our souls.

A place for you to, when it’s all said and done…


And so…

You are cordially {and erotically} invited into a monthly portal within which you will get lost…

And also be found.

Within an ontological excavation of who we might have been… and what we might have ALREADY said… had white supremacy and colonization not gotten in the way.

Continue reading and join us here.


As always…

Here’s to your untaming,




The Founders Membership Enrollment Period is only open through February 28th.

I’ll be sharing so much more in the weeks to come.

But if you already know you are one of us…

And if you want in at this crazy dope Founders rate…

Join us now.



I’ll only be emailing all my posts and sharing full musings on the socials for a couple more days.

So if you are one of my Melanated Kin peeps, you will need to opt in to get the full depth of the magic and medicine that’s coming up.

Sign up here.

To my white co-conspirators of the revolution at hand, you will remain on my Open Access email list and continue receiving dope musings a couple times/month.

Free Membership

A Melanated Kin-centered multidimensional writing experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become.

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